Tour China: 5 Best China Tours for Adventure Seekers

Next, 2020 can be the best time to visit part of the world’s oldest civilizations and the country with the most significant number of sites listed in UNESCO. Visit this wondrous land that offers stunning scenery, but also a country that has the most amazing places and attractions for the most excellent adventure seekers.

Pack your bags. We are going to China!

To reduce your time and energy searching for the best China tour, we do the research instead of you, and in this post we give you the five best China Tours for you. All you need to do is to choose some of these amazing China tours and apply for a Chinese visa and to enjoy your China vacation.

Before you book a tour to China, you first must consider how you like to travel, with a private tour or group tour.

If you haven’t decided yet, this small review of the advantages and disadvantages of tours will help you to book the best tour for you.

Why private China tours are better than Group tours

It is essential to know how to travel to China: on a private China tour or a group tour. We make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of tours.

We do prefer a private tour instead of a group tour, and now we will give you all the benefits of traveling in China on a private tour.

Advantages of China private tours

1. Customized tour for your needs

Many of the Chinese tour agencies offer tailor-made tours, which allows you to choose what sites you want to visit on your journey in China. Also, if you decided to have a private tour, you will not have a pre-prepared route. Instead, you will prefer what kind of itinerary will be.

2. Date and time flexibility

Another advantage of a private tour is that you will set up the date and time of the journey that is most convenient for you. First, the date of the trip can be according to your planning days for vacation. And secondly, the time schedule is made by you. Your tour guide will adjust to your time. Also, you can decide how long to stay at some attractions.

3. Private transportation

If you don’t want to drive around with large buses full of lots of people, then you should choose a private tour in China. On a private tour, you will have private transportation, which is very beneficial in China.

4. Smooth communication with your tour guide

China has many historical and ancient attractions that are worth visiting and learning more about it. But, when you are with a group, it is challenging to hear the tour guide, and even more difficult to ask what interests you. However, when you are on a private tour, a situation like this will never happen.

The disadvantage of a private tour

1. Costs

There is just one disadvantage that we can think about it when traveling on a private tour- Costs. Yes, a private tour can be a little more expensive than a group tour, but not always. You can find a deal in China tour agency that is very cost-effective and reasonable.

Advantage of a group tour

1. Lower prices

Usually, group tours have lower rates than private ones. The accommodation can be a little less money, but you will have to share a room with a person that you don’t know.

2. Meeting new people

Meeting new people on a trip can be the best positive thing when you are traveling with a group tour. I know some travelers who remained in contact after the tour, while some of them continue to travel together.

The disadvantage of a group tour

1. Fixed dates and time

We all know that traveling with a group of people comes typically with a fixed date and time, and travelers don’t have much choice with that.

2. Delay

If you’ve been on a group tour, you probably know this part, where someone in the group is always late. Either they are late for visiting an attraction, or they are late to return to the hotel, and you must stick together. Since you are a group, you always have to move along, and the late one has to wait for what is really not desirable when you are touring your favorite destination.

3. Fixed transportation

Another disadvantage when traveling on a group tour is fixed transport. As I already mentioned, when you are with a group, you have to move all along. That is why, for you as a group, bus transportation will be organized, but departure and arrival times are also planned ahead of time.

These are some of the reasons that we prefer organizing private instead of group tours in China. And from our experience, travelers are much satisfied when traveling with a private tour.

Tour China with these 5 best Tours

Chinese travel agencies have so many tours in China for your vacation days. There are too many China vacation packages that you can stay on the internet for days, and yet not have chosen any tour to China.

That is the reason that we made this article to help you to choose the best tour China experience and not to lose any of your precious time.

Few Days Zhangjiajie Natural Beauty Tours

One of the shortest tours in China, but with very natural beauties included. This China tour is only in Zhangjiajie, a city in the northwest of Hunan province.

If you choose this tour, you’ll visit the most beautiful scenic spots in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

First to visit on this three days tour is Huangshi Village, the most significant sightseeing platform to view astonishing scenery in the national park.

The same day, you will explore the Golden Whip Brook, which is famous for its natural water, its grassy mountains, its cliffs, and it’s a peaceful valley.

The next day, you will visit the Yuanjiajie scenic area situated in the north of Zhangjiajie National Park. When you get there, you will see why it is so popular. The mountains were an inspiration for the floating mountains for the movie Avatar.

Later, head to Tianzi Mountain, where you can see the four wonders: the Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine, and the Snow in winter.

Two Week Classic China tours to Beijing – Xi’an – Guilin – Shanghai

In our opinion, this one of the best of all Chinese tours, because it includes visiting the major cities and attractions, for optimum days and money. Besides the greatest adventurers, this tour China is best for first-time travel to China.

This China travel tour includes exploring Beijing and all its historical attractions, such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven. Also, if you choose this China tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Mutianyu Great Wall, one of the best sections to explore the Great Wall of China.

However, this tour China continues to Xi’an. You will visit the most significant archaeological discovery- The Terracotta Warriors.

Then, you’ll need to prepare your camera because your route continues visiting Dazhai Jinkeng Rice Terraces, but also cruising along the Li River, the most beautiful river in China.

Next stop- Shanghai. After the city tour, you will have an excursion to Tongli Water Town. And of course, shopping in Shanghai is a must.

Hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu, a Great Wall Day Tour

If you are already on tour China, but that tour doesn’t have adventure character, and if you have one extra day, you should book this tour with hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall.

This tour is about 9 hours long, and you will have 8km to hike. The total time on the wall is 4-5 hours.

Jiankou Great Wall is the wild section and not restored at all, but it is the greatest and the most photogenic section of the Great Wall around Beijing.

The hiking tour starts climbing the mountain and gets to Zhengbeilou Tower. The one-hour ascent to Zhengbeilou Tower from Team 2 Xizhazi Village is the most challenging part of this hiking tour.

Your tour guide will lead you to eastward ups and downs on the rugged wall snaking along the mountain ridge, passing through the wild and crumbling towers at Jiankou, and reach the restored and magnificent Mutianyu Great Wall.

Few Days Trekking in the Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains and climbing Huangshan are on most Chinese people’s bucket lists. Well, there is a reason why. The Yellow Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains in China, and with this tour China, you will have the opportunity to visit them.

The trek starts from the Yungu Temple, and you will have to trek about 10.5 kilometers, nearly 5 hours.

This China tour will offer you all-inclusive beauty of the mountains and the stunning rock peaks. During your trekking, you will have an amazing view of the sunset and sunrise from the best spots in the mountains. Also, you can explore the West Sea Grand Canyon.

This China tour is an excellent choice for those who want to see the natural beauty in China, but also to have the most adventurous trip in this country.

Another Longer Group Tours: Beijing -Xian -Guilin -Yangshuo -Shanghai

If you are a first time tourist in this amazing country, this tour China will be ideal for you. In this China tour, you will visit the most popular three destinations and five World Heritage sites in China. This trip covers the historical, natural, and modern places worth visiting.

The tour begins in Beijing with a visit to the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, and Beijing Hutong. You will have four days to explore Beijing. After that, you will visit Xian and the famous Terracotta Army. Also, in Xian, you’ll visit The Ancient City Wall and Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

The tour continued to Guilin, where you take a cruise on the Li River down to Yangshuo. Prepare your cameras for shooting the most amazing photos in Reed Flute Cave.

From Guilin, you will take a flight to Shanghai. In Shanghai, you will visit the Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden, and The Bund.

You will spend a fabulous eleven days filled with impressions and pleasant memories if you choose this tour China.

Last thoughts

We do hope that with these China travel tours, we made your choice much easier. However, before you choose these tours of China, it is for the best to find China tour guides, where you can read all the necessary things about traveling in China.

You can find China travel tours and accommodation on many online travel agencies, but be careful which one you choose. Our advice is to tour China with a licensed and reliable Chinese travel agency. Chinese travel agencies have more experience and knowledge about their country more than any foreign travel agency.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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