Guide To Commence Your Snorkeling Experience In Florida

Florida has various shades to show when it comes to underwater exploring. The Sunshine State is very famous for its glistening blue water and beaches with white sand, and towards further north, you can breathe in the freshness of cold springs.

The cleanest water in the world can be found in these areas of Florida. Miami is well-known for the submerged shipwrecks and coral reefs. All these factors make Florida full of favorable snorkeling destinations.

Santa Fe River

Noted as one of the most pristine waterways for tourists in Florida, Santa Fe River is excellent for snorkeling adventures. There are various launch points like US 27 Bridge and US 41/441 Bridge in an old town, High Springs.

This river is 75-mile long and is full of forests, as the population is scarce. The underwater aquatic life is full of vegetation, turtles, and wading birds. The water is ice-cold in contrast to the humid weather of Sunshine State.

Biscayne National Park

To witness the beautiful barrier reef Bach Shoal, Biscayne National Park is the launching point to be. It is located right outside Miami, and one of the easiest ways to explore hundreds of tropical fish.

The bright blue water holds a protected realm of marine wildlife, and the Miami Beach skyline is visible at a distance. The stories of underwater treasures are also quite prominent, making this is a very sought after point for snorkeling.

St. Andrews State Park

The Gulf of Mexico has clean water, which escalates the excitement of tourists. But right outside Panama City, St. Andrews State Park is a protected area of green waters. There are rock jetties that are most favorable for sighting coral reefs and tropical fish.

The marine life of sea animals and plants is so beautiful that you can be lost in the utopia. However, it is suggested not to touch any foreign animals or plants, to avoid damaging the fragile coral reefs.

Ginnie Springs

Located near the High Springs of North Central Florida, Ginnie Springs is a private park that boasts of its extremely clear water springs, full of freshwater. As the sun sets behind the Cyprus forest, the evening dive is spectacular in its own rights.

The seas are undisturbed, as there are only a few campers, and the water is full of reflecting limestone formations. Ginnie Springs is the best way to spend a hot summer afternoon in the freezing cold water.

According to Couple Travel the World, Ginnie Springs is one of the best springs to visit in Florida where you can snorkel, go stand up paddle boarding or enjoy a cold beer on a a world-class tube run. It is one of, if not the only spring in Florida where alcohol can be consumed while tubing.

Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas was named after the huge turtle population found in the waters around. It is considered to be the hub of magnificent coral reef, and the best sea turtles of Florida can be sighted here.

The white sand creates the perfect Key West snorkeling spot, which can be reached easily by ferry or private boat. All the snorkeling gear and equipment for other activities are available in the Dry Tortugas National Park, with the easy availability of open spots in the off-season.

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