Top Tips For Getting A New Tattoo While Travelling

Tattoos are extremely awesome when done right. Traveling is among the factors that can influence the kind of tattoo you’ll get and how successful you will be in caring for it. Time may limit the size or complexity of the tattoo. When not done right, a new tattoo while traveling can turn out to be your biggest nightmare. Well, it doesn’t have to be, as there is a review below, on the best tips for getting a new tattoo while traveling.

1. Plan your time well during the travel

Time management is going to be an essential skill if you are planning on getting a new tattoo while traveling. This will help you come up with the perfect moment to get your first tattoo during the trip. If your trip is going to involve leisure activities such as swimming and sunbathing, you might want to consider getting your tattoo at a different period. For party guys, plan on what time of the day you are going to get drunk and try to avoid getting a tattoo during such periods.

2. Make sound decisions

A tattoo is something that is going to be a permanent symbol embedded in your skin. Because of this, you should avoid rush decisions at all costs. During your travel, you might notice a certain eye-catching figure, sign, or language symbol. The excitement may drive you to want to get a tattoo based on the stuff you saw, an idea that isn’t prudent at all. You shouldn’t be pushed by short-term excitement. Moreover, it’s unwise to get a tattoo just because your travel mates have decided to get one. Think it through first. After all, you don’t want to get your first tattoo removed in painful laser surgery, do you? Getting a tattoo is a choice, not like removing pesky hair by laser which you would be forced to undergo, worst case scenario.

3. Ensure sobriety while getting a tattoo

You should avoid drugs and substance abuse moments before you get your tattoo. If you are feeling nervous, perhaps because this is your first experience, you better talk to your physician. Your doctor may prescribe proper anti-anxiety medication or offer you better alternatives than drug abuse. Drugs impair judgment and you may end up getting a poor quality tattoo, only to discover when it’s already late. Besides, drugs like alcohol have a blood thinning effect. What does this mean? It means more bleeding and eventually an ugly tattoo.

While it’s crucial to avoid drugs and substance abuse before getting a tattoo for a quality result, if you’ve made that mistake in the past and find yourself stuck with a less-than-ideal tattoo, seeking assistance from tattoo removal services in Atlanta could be a viable solution.

4. Have something in mind about your new tattoo

Getting a tattoo is something you should have thought about even before the travel. This entails carrying out thorough research on the tattoo design that interests you. Don’t come up with vague ideas and present them to your tattoo artist expecting something magnificent. After all, they are artists, not magicians. A tattoo idea needs to be unique, from deep down your heart. It should be something you should have thought through for a long time, translated it into an image and analyzed the image properly.

5. You should be careful while choosing an artist

Proper selection of a professional tattoo artist is crucial in getting the tattoo of your dreams on your body. This entails background research on the places you hope to get a tattoo done. It involves dedicating a portion of your time during the travel to check out various tattoo shops. You should try to interact with the artists, watch them attend to their clients and appreciate their work. What is of great importance is to look at the care and precision with which the artist is working on a client, and the level of cleanliness observed. You will then be able to make a proper choice when it comes to tattoo artists.

6. Do some research on the kind of tattoo you’ve settled on

If during your travel you’ve decided to get a cultural tattoo, a religious tattoo of a tattoo related to a foreign language, you need adequate information on what you are getting. Due to cultural diversity in various regions of the world, you shouldn’t be quick to embrace ideas and values that you lack sufficient information about. A tattoo is something permanent. You don’t have to mess around with cultural or religious symbols that you are not conversant with. If you are having a foreign language for your tattoo, make sure you know what it means.

7. On your big day

The day you are going to get a tattoo, is definitely one of the most important days of your life. Once you’ve identified the appropriate place to get a tattoo done, you need to answer the questions below.

Questions to answer on your big day

Does the place entertain walk-ins or you have to book an appointment?
If you have to book an appointment, do they require a deposit?
If they require a deposit, is it refundable?
How will you make the payments?
Do they have contact details, in case you change your plans?

Answering the above questions properly will help you avoid any awkward situations on your great day.

8. Safety first!

Who wants to contract some blood-borne diseases and infections just because the tattoo artist wasn’t aware of the safety regulations? To avoid such incidents, you need to keep your tattoo artist in check. Ensure they are updated on the basic safety measures which entail new equipment being used on each client. In addition, you have to ensure the reusable equipment is properly sanitized in an autoclave machine. Usage of disposable product and equipment is something that should inform you that you are in the right place.

9. You’ve got your tattoo, what next?

Proper tattoo aftercare will determine how long the tattoo is going to last in your body and still look conspicuous. How are you going to achieve this? You need to ensure the tattoo wound is kept moisturized by use of lotions, creams and over the counter ointments. Your tattoo artist can give you more advice on the same. As if that is not all, you need to avoid getting your tattoos exposed to sun and water. You should know that caring for your new tattoo is extremely important and is something you shouldn’t take for granted. If you have to go swimming during the travel, cover the tattoo with a plastic bag, will you?

Final Say

The tips above are some of the best if you are aiming to get a new tattoo during your travel. If you follow them to the latter, you will be good to go. Getting a tattoo is something that is going to define the rest of your life. You should ensure you make the right choices and decisions in your venture for a new travel tattoo.

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