Top 5 Slot Symbols You Can Use as Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have gone from being a subculture practice that is looked down upon to highlighting a mainstream part of modern society. Tattoos have taken over the pop culture scene after shedding off the taboo image that surrounded them. The acceptance of body art is going so well around the world that the tattoo sector is among the fastest-growing retail industries in the world. Today, it is nearly impossible to stroll through the streets on a warm day without seeing one or several people adorning body art.

The reasons for getting inked vary from one person to the other. In the early 1800s, tattoos were a huge part of the criminal and deviant members of society. Today, on the other hand, people get tattooed as an artistic way of self-expression to represent things that are significant in their life journey. For others, they are simply a representation of what they like. With slot machine games being as popular as they are around the world, it is no surprise that a handful of people get ink in the form of something linked to the games. Slot machines like Texas Tea Slots are hallmark games in casinos and a huge part of the entertainment industry. If you are looking to join this cluster, here are some symbols linked to the free slot game that you can get as a tattoo.

One-armed Bandit

The origins of slot games trace back to the one-armed bandit machines that were used in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The importance they hold in the slots industry makes them an ideal tattoo to lean towards for any lover of not only slot games, but the casino industry as a whole.

One-armed bandit slots first came to rise somewhere between 1887 and 1895. They gained the name from the fact that the reels were spun by pulling a lever sitting to one side of the machine. The game was designed by Charles Fey and was the first gaming machine that provided automatic payouts. The games featured a clanky design that makes them look almost like traditional ovens. They had five drums and three reels, which featured the poker suites hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds along with a horseshoe. This machine was still in production even after the ban on real money slots in 1902. Instead of real money wins and poker suit symbols, the game awarded in candy and the fruits corresponding to their flavours were displayed on the reels. The number of rows also grew from one to three.

Even in the next generation of electromechanical slots that started in 1964, one-arm bandits were still in use. The reels depended entirely on an electric system to spin, but the removal of the lever would remove the most familiar element of the game. The gear was maintained even when video slots were introduced in 1976. Slot manufacturers abandoned the feature in the early nineties and adopted the use of buttons instead.

There are so many artistic approaches to adorning a one-armed bandit tattoo. For example:

  • The piece can be a simple drawing of the machine with symbols that were common at the time or some that are relevant to the story you want to portray.

  • You can also make it complex by adding other elements that are common in the gambling world, such as dice, beer, roulette wheels, and playing chips.

  • The large and rigid shape of the machine makes it ideal for an area of skin that suits its appearance, such as on the forearm, calf, or bicep.

Playing Card Symbols

Playing Card Symbols

Playing cards are mostly associated with table and card games like blackjack and poker, but they are also popular with video slots as well. These symbols primarily represent the low playing characters, and they include A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. Having these icons drawn on you is more like having an ace up your sleeve, which is a fashionable statement. Even though they are not highly valued in pokies, they still possess a lot of decorative value. The art can be of a winning combination, especially that of five A’s that usually offered the most massive win.

Poker face cards are the ideal slot symbols to use as a tattoo since they feature in nearly all slot games. Therefore, when they are spotted on the body, they are easily linked to the slots and gambling world without having to reference a specific title. Spice things up by adding alluring visual elements such as skills, crows, and crowns.

The composition and execution of the tattoo can range from reasonably simple designs to intricate artworks. These elements depend on how much space is dedicated to the piece and your pain limit. Simple black tattoos that involve only lines and a little shading are simple to execute and do not require too much artistry. Sophisticated options that use different colours, a lot of shading, and cover a large area, on the other hand, require more attention to detail and high pain tolerance. For instance, playing cards being drawn as they are do not demand as much as those that include faces and additional items like skulls.

Cherry Symbol

Cherry Slot Symbol

The cherry is among the most versatile of all slot symbols as a tattoo. As a gambling character, this icon is a representation of the fruit machines’ age that lasted between 1902 and 1908. During this time, a ban was applied to the provision of real money payouts. Instead of facing out the games, slot companies replaced cash wins with gum and candy. The poker suits and horseshoe were also replaced by different fruits that represented the flavours of the candy. When a three-symbol combination was won, gum of a similar flavour was awarded. The cherry was among the low-value symbols, which also meant is one of the most common. The logo resonated more than any other to represent this classic era. It still appears in numerous slot machines today, and it is almost always displayed as a pair, just like it grows in real life.

The symbolism of the cherry goes beyond an iconic era of slot machines and is also a prominent symbol for fertility, virginity (or the loss of it), immortality, and longevity. Therefore, it is a common tattoo even with people that do not know about its slot affiliation. The small nature of the icon allows it to be placed anywhere from behind the ears to the calves.


Cleopatra is a name that resonates with Egyptian royalty more than any other. Since the Egyptian theme is so prevalent in slots, you can imagine the array of choices laid out. You can choose to take the classic root with a traditional title like Cleopatra by IGT, which is among the most famous of all. Even though it is an old game, this Egyptian queen is depicted on the logo as a colourful and powerful pharaoh with her eyes being the centre of attraction.

Angel and Demon

Angel and Demon Slots

In most cultures, gambling is associated with evil, and the devil is a frequent visitor in a lot of slot machines. Considering the theme’s basis on something we struggle with from personal to global levels, the angel and demon hovering on each side of the grid serve as a good tattoo option to represent it. Make it unique by drawing the angel one shoulder, arm, wrist, or calf while the demon sits on the other side. This showcases the rift between good and evil and the choices we have to make every waking moment of our lives.

Closing Thoughts

Slot tattoos are not the most popular things to adorn, but they have intense artistry behind them, nonetheless. Ensure that the artist you turn to has enough experience to bring your vision to life before the pricking begins.

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