Tips for Soy Sauce You Don’t Know

Soy sauce is a kitchen condiment made with soybeans, salt, wheat, and water. There are different types of soy sauce in the market, but the three main ones are light, dark, and thick soy sauce. This kitchen ingredient is multifaceted and versatile and can be used as a table condiment. It lends sweet, acidic, and savory depth to any dish it is used in. you can use this sauce in meats, vegetables, soups, or stews.

This article discusses all you need to know about soy sauce. We answer questions on whether this condiment is vegan, healthy, and how long it lasts. We also give you an insight into the best soy sauce manufacturer.

Is soy sauce vegan

Yes, Soy sauce is a plant-based ingredient with no animal products used. It is based on four primary ingredients, which are all vegan. They use wheat, soybeans, water, and salt to make this vegan-friendly sauce. After the ingredients are made, they go through a fermentation process for some months before packaging.

Despite the label on the bottles having the key ingredients used listed, there is still some misconception on whether this sauce is vegan. Many people mistakenly believe fish is used when manufacturing soy sauce. This is incorrect as the fishy flavor comes from the salty nature of the sauce and the production process.

Is soy sauce healthy?

There are some concerns when it comes to the consumption and use of soy sauce. Most clean eaters wonder whether this condiment is healthy and can be used every day in the kitchen. Most people worry about the high salt content despite it being tasty and convenient.

Fermentation allows soy’s natural health products to be absorbed easily by the body and improves digestion. Soy is a good source of nutrients, and fermented soy contains more vitamins. From carried lot research, fermented soy products reduce the impact of anti-nutrients found within soy, making it more viable for those with a healthy diet.

Moderation and balance are key when consuming soy sauce despite all the health benefits. Incorporating this sauce in your dishes is all right, but doing it every day is probably not healthy.

We know soy sauce has considerable amounts of acid. The PH value is about 4.8 to 5. Even though soy sauce is used in small amounts, it has some benefits. You can learn more from this article: Is Soy Sauce Acidic?

How long does soy sauce last?

Soy sauce does not spoil easily, but it does not retain its quality and original flavor forever. An unopened bottle will last for a couple of years past the best before the printed date.

How long soy sauce will last once opened depends on the storage conditions. If you want to increase the shelf life of an opened soy sauce bottle, refrigerate it and keep it tight. Refrigerated soy sauce can stay up to 6 months before it starts losing its flavor. 

An opened bottle will usually stay well for around two to six months when stored at room temperature. But in case you are not sure whether your sauce is still good, smell and look at its appearance. If it has developed an off odor, has mold, flavor, and appearance is off, it should be discarded.

Best soy sauce manufacturer

JOLION Foodstuffs Company Limited was founded in the 1980s in Zhongshan City. The company is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of oriental soy sauce and other types of Chinese foods.

Its main target market was the Asian continent, but recently, the company has operations in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. The company is committed to new challenges in the food industry and always aims to develop tastes that appeal to and satisfy customers’ demands. One of their hot products is soy sauce. They have a variety of soy sauces that come in different bottle sizes. You can get dark, light, mushroom, table, steamed fish, soy sauces, among others, from JOLION.

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