How To Calm Down

There are easy ways to control yourself and calm down right now as recommended by professional psychiatry.

If you need an escape from your work schedule or even your children that could be hyperactive, there need to be things that you can do that will control your state almost instantly.

1. Start Taking Deep Breaths

If you start taking shallow breaths, it is likely the result of experiencing stress. Your breathing, if it is deep, can help you stay calm. There are many different types of breathing exercises from Breathwrk that you can use, ones that are recommended by the NHS, that can assist you in calming back down.

2. Take A Break

Another way to calm down is to simply step aside from the situation you are facing. You can go to a different location away from what is causing your stress – even if this means placing yourself in a room for several minutes in order to regain your composure.

3. Let Your Muscles Untense

Most people are not going to be aware of the fact that their muscles are very tense when they are going through a bout with stress. If you notice this, you can reverse the situation – this may begin with lowering your shoulders or unclenching your fists. If you take a little bit of time, you could also use a progressive technique, such as the Jacobson relaxation technique, that will help you achieve this goal.

Calming down in less than 15 minutes

By taking a break, you can use the following techniques to calm down quickly.

4. Stretch Your Body

Another way that you can begin to relax and calm your mind is to stretch. You could do this for about five minutes, and if you do this before you start your day, it’s going to be very helpful.

5. Use Your Nose Effectively

If you are aware of aromatherapy, you know that certain aromas can help you calm down very quickly. One of the best is lavender which has a very calming effect, but you may also want to try jasmine or even vanilla to achieve the same results.

6. Talk To Somebody

If you have friends that you trust, you can have a talk with them to get back to a normal emotional state. You can also instant message them, talk with them on a video, or meet with them which might not be possible depending upon where you are.

7. Watch Something That Will Make You Laugh

If you are feeling anxious, you need to start laughing. You can start by looking at home movies of your children, or a comedian that you enjoy, or perhaps watching people do funny things so that your endorphins can increase, your attention can reduce, and you can begin to become much calmer.

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