Summer Party Tips

Being conscious of waste

More and more people are becoming more mindful of things like unnecessary waste and single-use plastics, and as you host a party, you should keep this in mind. You will be the one to take care of the cleanup.

You should consider biodegradable or recyclable paper plates. Another option is using your inside dishes or asking guests to bring their own. People won’t judge you because the place settings don’t much. Get a green, recycle, and garbage bin, and who says you just have to use single-use cutlery once? Collect the cutlery so you can use them the next time you have a party. Make sure they are clean before storing. You also shouldn’t use plastic straws. If you have to use straws, then it is better to go with the reusable ones. This means you can wash and store them and not have to spend the next time you have a party.

Having plenty of seating

Anything goes when dealing with seating, so get the patio set, ask the guest to come with folding chairs, make a perch out of stairs on your deck or porch, throw oversized pillows or pouf on the lawn, and have blankets so they can be used by people who want to seat on the ground.

Adding decorations to your place will ensure an unforgettable party for your guests. You can decorate your yard with flowers, lights, balloons, etc. If you have a huge garden, You can also add custom blow up inflatables such as tossing games, bounce houses, and waterslides to keep your little guests entertained for the whole evening. You can also add hammocks and loungers to your place to create more space for seating with your guests.

Keeping drinks cold in coolers and tubs

An ice-cold drink on a hot summer is one of the best things. No one wants to drink a hot drink when it is hot outside.

If you want your drinks to remain cold and refreshing, get a galvanized tub then fill it with ice and kept in a shady spot, and it is also easier for self-serve too. You can have some coolers with a wide range of drinks, from water, lemonade, soda, wine, beer, and cocktails in a can. The main job of the drink is to cool down when the temperatures increase.

This is also a good time to make a signature party drink when the guests arrive. There are many recipes online that you can check out and then give a try.

Creating a summer party playlist

Music is one of the best ways of setting the mood at a party. With music, you can have the right vibe and everyone will have a great time at the party. You don’t need much, just a Bluetooth speaker, your phone, and someone to make sure the music keeps going. You can make a playlist with songs spanning decades and different tastes so you can share it with your guests the next day to remind them how fun the party was. An easier option is streaming music from a music service like Spotify and Apple Music.

The volume should be at a good level where people can still have a conversation. You also have neighbors that you have to mind.

Keeping pests at bay using natural solutions

Bugs are one of the worst things that can happen to a party. You need to take care of them because they can easily mess up your party. There are many bugs like black flies, mosquitoes, etc. that are around and ready to feast on what they can find, especially when the sun sets at dusk. You should consider getting pots of plants like mint, lavender, tansy, and rue because they are natural insect repellants (these plants are also good for your décor). Another option to deal with bugs is bundling sage and then adding it to the fire pit because the smoke is going to help. For an extra layer of protection, circle the party area using Tiki torches burning citronella. You should also make sure the party has a couple of bottles of natural sprays that the guests can use. These options are going to help deal with those summer party spoilers and everyone at the party is going to have a great time.

If the food is in the open, then get a mosquito net or repurpose a household item to keep the bugs off your food.

Make sure you have activities for children

If the party is going to have younger guests, then make sure you have activities they are going to take part in to ease boredom. There are many activities out there to choose from, it is going to depend on what the kids like. Some good examples include a treasure hunt, summer-themed coloring pages and crafts, bubbles, hide and seek, water balloons, etc. Take a look at for light up accessories. When the kids are happy, you are going to be happy, and everyone at the party is going to be happy.

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