There are endless options for enjoying your next tourist destination. If you plan to travel in Europe, though currently it’s necessary to apply some prevention guidelines due to Covid-19. During autumn and the colder months, it’s appealing to visit Mediterranean countries, as the climate is much more clement and the people are known for their friendliness and warmth.

One of the safest European countries with the most visitors is Malta, a beautiful archipelago located to the south of Italy and in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its gorgeous views, great architectural heritage, friendly people and delicious food. Plus, if you’re traveling alone, but you want to have a casual encounter with escorts in Malta, look for their services online during your stay to find the perfect companion for your adventures.

Since the world coronavirus crisis began, more and more people are afraid to travel as they don’t feel safe or they simply fear for their health. Over the last few months, it has been shown that the warmer places and islands with low population density are the perfect place to travel, since cases are lower there and they offer the chance to enjoy open spaces, go for walks and enjoy being in touch with nature.

If you’re in good health and you recently tested negative, you can easily travel. All you have to do is keep your social distancing, wash your hands often, always wear a face mask when necessary, and stay in good overall health.

As well as Malta, another destination currently booming is Greece. The island of Corfu, which offers the chance to enjoy safe holidays, has become an ideal option as it is another bubble free from the coronavirus.

Another attraction it shares with Malta is its prices, since hotel owners have had to lower them to attract tourists from abroad. The second most-visited city in Greece is Preveza, located between the Ambracian Gulf and the Ionian Sea, famous for its well-known yacht marina.

Croatia is another European country with very low cases of Covid-19, and the most visited cities there are currently Zagreb and Cavtat.

However, if you would rather go to the Atlantic than the Mediterranean, Portugal is also a safe European country. The Azores and Madeira have been, along with Alentejo, the most popular tourist destinations in recent times.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the cold but you still want to enjoy a safe European destination, the cities of Kotor in Montenegro, Bohinj in Slovenia or Sibiu in Romania may appeal to you. All these places stand out for being bubbles free from the coronavirus where you can walk around the streets, enjoy the cuisine or even perhaps have a fling before going back home.

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