Traveling with Kratom? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Are you setting off for a blissful holiday or on a business trip? Want to visit a friend living abroad? Wish to carry your favorite HGL Sumatra Kratom products with you, but apprehensive about legal complications?

“Will the cops detain me for drug possession?” “Is it legal and safe to travel with Kratom?” These are some questions that trouble kratom users, especially when they travel.

Let’s face it – kratom is often misunderstood and there are inhibitions to use it. Therefore, it is not surprising to feel hesitant when you carry kratom during your journey. But trust us, you can legally and safely travel with your favorite Bali Gold Kratom without any legal hassles. Simply follow this guideline for everything you need to know before traveling with kratom.

Is it Legal & Safe to Travel with Kratom?

To be honest, it is legal to carry kratom when you travel. But this is true as long as you follow the laws and regulations of the country or state you are visiting. At the same time, it is important to ensure that any region where you have a layover permits travelers to posses and use kratom.

Till date, there is no such federal aviation norm that states you cannot carry the substance as long as it is considered legal in the jurisdiction where you travel. Here is a list of certain localities in the U.S. where kratom is banned and you cannot bring it with you if you travel to any of these places:

      • Alabama
      • Indiana
      • Wisconsin
      • Rhode Island
      • Vermont
      • Arkansas
      • Tennessee
      • Washington DC
      • San Diego, California
      • Alton, Illinois
      • Union County, Mississippi
      • Northern Mississippi
      • Jerseyville, Illinois
      • Oceanside, California
      • Sarasota County, Florida

Not sure whether you can travel abroad with kratom? While it is legal in many countries, you should double-check the regulations in the country you wish to visit. Here is a list of countries that do not allow possession and use of this kratom and so, you should be careful:

    • Germany              – Australia                               – Brunei                       – Italy
    • Colombia              – Finland                                  – Cambodia                – Latvia
    • Philippines           – Jordan                                   – Ireland                      – Japan
    • Denmark                – Israel                                    – Laos                            – Sweden
    • Lithuania               – Italy                                       – Russia                        – Poland
    • Saudi Arabia        – Myanmar                             – Sweden                     – Russia
    • Turkey                    – United Kingdom              – South Korea              – UAE
    • Singapore             – Thailand

Valuable Tips to Follow When You Travel with Kratom

Check out these tips that will help you carry kratom legally and safely when you travel:

1. Know the local laws

Before you travel, you must do little research about the place you plan to visit and kratom-related regulations there. When you know the local laws, it will help you prepare for any question you might come across and ensure a stress-free experience.

2. Keep the original packaging 

When you travel, try to keep the original packaging intact. It shares a lot of information about what it is, the manufacturer, type of regulations the kratom is under, etc. The labels in the packaging may help validate legality of the product.

3. Do not try to hide it

When packing the kratom, pack it casually as you would do for any medication. Never try to disguise the substance as anything it is not or hide it in the luggage. This would make it look like something suspicious and illegal.

Ideally, you should carry it in your checked-luggage.

4. Prepare answers that the aviation authority will trust 

In most cases, you will not be questioned when you carry kratom on your trip. However, it is better to keep yourself prepared for any question you might come across.


Traveling with kratom is legal until you follow the laws and regulations of the country or state you plan to visit. Hopefully, this article will help with all information you need to travel safely and legally with kratom.

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