The Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Marriage isn’t always smooth sailing like it’s advertised in every corny Hallmark movie, it’s hard work. Being committed to the good, the bad and the in-betweens is major and you shouldn’t miss out on the yearly opportunity to celebrate this on your anniversary! After all, love needs to be celebrated.

Are you feeling the pressure of buying your partner the perfect wedding anniversary present? Gift-giving is always a struggle and it doesn’t get easier when you have to find one thing to represent your all-encompassing love. You may be wanting to find the best gift that will bring back the best memories of you getting married. Something that is more personalized or one that best describes your partner. This is the gift guide for the lost souls looking for the ultimate wedding anniversary gift.

Budget options

Adventure Map

Do you love travelling with your partner? A canvas world map is a great option to encapsulate all your adventures together. You can scratch every city you visit around the world on the map. It’s a wonderful way to keep a record of your globe-trotting adventures.

Personalised Pillowcases

Even a very simple thing such as a pillowcase becomes extremely special when it’s personalised. And who doesn’t adore personalised things? A pair of soft, personalised pillowcases is an affordable gift option.

You can also get luxurious bathrobes monogrammed with your and your partner’s initials.

Wedding Date Keychain

The date of the wedding holds a special place in most people’s hearts. Remind your spouse of that memorable day with a wedding date keychain. Keychains come in a wide range of materials, which makes them suitable for various anniversary years. For instance, traditionally wood is gifted on the fifth wedding anniversary, so a wood keychain will make the perfect present.

Five-Year Journal

If your partner is into journaling or venturing into mindfulness, you should get them a five-year journal. This journal asks a set of questions every day over the course of five years. It encourages self-reflection, tracks progress and patterns.

Mid-range options

Instant Polaroid Camera

With the era of social media, hardly anyone ever prints photos anymore. But there is something so charming about having a printed photo. Give your better half a chance to recreate this charm with an instant polaroid camera.

If your partner is someone who takes several photos before finding one they like, get them a polaroid printer. It can be connected to a smartphone and prints any photos you want.

Monogrammed Glasses

Are you planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a cosy night in? Make the night extra special with a nice bottle of bubbly and monogrammed champagne glasses.

Bonsai Fruit Tree

A fruit-laden bonsai tree represents a fruitful relationship. Apart from being incredibly thoughtful, it’s so darn cute!


Not everyone desires all things fancy. If that’s the case, get your spouse something that’s practical and useful. Subscriptions make a great present and are always appreciated. From meal subscription to streaming subscriptions, there are several options available.

Luxury options

 A holiday

If it’s a milestone wedding anniversary, then why not go all out? Salamander Voyages operates private charters between Turkey, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia. Take your partner to enjoy these magnificent coastlines and get a chance to reconnect with each other.


Whether you’re looking for a gift for your wife or husband, jewellery always works. From matching platinum bands to birthstone necklace, get a piece of lovely jewellery to leave your spouse speechless.

Renewal Ceremony

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate with your friends and family, how about a renewal ceremony? A vow renewal ceremony is a great way to reaffirm your commitment to each other and let the world know of your eternal love.

Concert Tickets

Whether your spouse is a die-hard Taylor Swift fan or you both bonded over Stevie Nicks’ poetic lyrics, getting concert tickets is an excellent idea. Nothing beats a night of listening to your favourite artist play live and singing along on the top of your lungs.

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