The Top 10 Things to do in Nashville

There are plenty of fun things that you should do in Nashville, from bus tours to lunch and dinner cruises, and fascinating places like the famous country music hall of fame, just to mention a few. So if you are planning for a Nashville trip soon, below are some of the things to do you might want to consider.

Visit the First Art Museum

The First Art Museum holds a plethora of art pieces, both local and international. While the building was first used as a U.S Postal Service office, visitors from all over the world visit it to view art collections from local artists, Roman art, and Australian Aboriginal art. 

Go to soundwaves

If you want to enjoy waterslides and swim the afternoon away, then soundwaves is the perfect place to be. It is an indoor/outdoor waterpark with loads of fun activities you can indulge in. 

Watch performances at the Grand Ole Opry

If you choose to go for performances at the Grand Ole Opry, then stop by on Fridays and Saturdays, or optionally on Tuesday nights. You can expect jokey, gospel, bluegrass, country, and more performances. 

Go for a bus tour

There is no better way to experience different parts of the city than through a bus tour. One of the most common bus tours in the city is the Redneck Comedy tour.

Go for a lunch or dinner cruise

Another fun thing to do while in Nashville is cruise in the General Jackson showboat. While you devour a delicious dinner, you get nice views of the waterside of Nashville’s downtown and beautiful scenery through the Cumberland River.

The country music hall of fame and museum

If you love music and learning about history, then the country music hall of fame and museum is one of the best places to visit since it combines both. 

Adventure science center

If you have kids, then head over to the adventure science center, there is a lot for them to learn. The good thing is that it is not as boring, since the center aims at providing education in the most entertaining way possible.

Nashville zipline

Another thrilling activity to do in Nashville is ziplining. At Fontanel lies the ziplining forest where you and your family or friends can visit for a fun-filled day! 

Nashville ghost tour

You will not only be going for a walking tour but a haunted one. If you are looking for a thrilling kind of adventure, then you can also opt for the Nashville ghost tour. And apart from the thrill and excitement, you will be able to learn a few stories and legends about the city. For instance, you will learn about the underground tunnels, Nashville natural disasters, local tragedies, and Nashville’s music industry.

Listening rooms

You can also choose to drop by one of the listening rooms in Nashville for some cool music from local songwriters and performers. Bluebird Cafe and Listening Room Cafe are some of the listening rooms you can consider.

That said, you can check more 30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Nashville and lengthen your Nashville itinerary.

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