Best Beach Destinations in South America

South America is known for its unique vibe that attracts people from all across the globe. The diverse people and unique culture are what makes the continent such a magnet for individuals. Another thing that it’s known for is its beaches! In this article, we list down some of South America’s best beaches that you should check out.

Cariló, Argentina

This once seaside desert dune has now become a prime destination for tourists. It’s once barren sand dunes are now replaced with a lush juvenile forest that took three decades to build. There are several shops, boutiques, and upscale residences with lots of greenery. Located just 300km outside of Buenos Aires, this is one of the best beaches to visit in Argentina.

During the summertime, tourists and locals flock to its cool waters and enjoy the warm sun. beach clubs are also quite popular because of the high-end experience they offer. During colder months, exploring the sand dunes and the forest on jeeps are the rave.

Montañita, Ecuador

This laid back beach town is popular amongst hippies and surfers. The cool island vibes and the amazing waves are what draws people in. What started out as a small fishing village in the ’60s has now become a hugely diverse community of ex-pats and locals alike. The streets are lined with bars and other food places that offer local and foreign cuisine

Over the years, Montañita has gained a reputation as a prime surf spot in South America. The waves are fairly consistent the whole year-round. Winter is the peak of the wave season in Montañita with heights reaching almost 2 meters.

Brava Beach, Uruguay

Together with Punta del Este, Brava Beach is one of the trendiest beaches in Uruguay. It has restaurants, art galleries, and even upscale houses yet it is still in touch with its laid-back past. This community was once a fishing village that grew in popularity because of its gorgeous beach and equally gorgeous waters. Perhaps the most popular sight is the hand sculpture. A set of 5 fingers jutting out of the sand like towards the sky.

The beach is almost always teeming with tourists and locals sunbathing, lounging, or just enjoying the sea breeze on a hot day. Its beaches are also popular among extreme water sports enthusiasts like kite surfers, windsurfers, and parasailers.

Ipanema, Brazil

This iconic beach in Brazil needs no introduction. Its name is popular all across the globe and is one of the best-known beaches worldwide. This scenic stretch of white sand in Rio de Janeiro is known not only for its pristine vistas but also for the diverse crowd that flock to its waters. The beach is divided into various sections called “postos” each with their own unique thing.

Ipanema is a great place to relax and enjoy the hot sun while swimming in the sea or sunbathing. The beach is also alive with many many beachgoers enjoying a game of beach volleyball or a variant called foot-volley.

Anakena Beach, Easter Island

This idyllic beach in Easter Island is not only known for its pristine beach but also its historical and cultural significance. Aside from its undeniably gorgeous azure waters and virgin coast, Anakena is also home to several moai statues. These and other archeological landmarks dotting the area harkens back to the native settlers if the island: the Rapa Nui.

These days, the beach sees a fairly consistent number of tourists that come in several guided tours. Despite this, it still sees fewer visitors, unlike most beaches. You can pretty much have the whole beach to yourself especially during low seasons.

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Next up, from one secluded beach to another we have Punta del DIablo. Unlike other more mainstream Uruguayan beaches, Punta del Diable offers a much more laid-back experience. Though tourists are still quite a common sight, it isn’t as crowded and still retains much of its pre-tourist charms. Despite this, there are still lots of things to do in and out of the water.

Playa de Los Pescadores is where you find many of the tourists in Punta del Diable. It’s got food stalls, souvenir shops, and other “touristy” amenities. Playa Grande is another great spot to hang out and spend the afternoon in. A more secluded option would be Playa de la Viuda which’s name means Window’s Beach.

El Esteron, El Salvador

Playa El Esteron is another unspoiled beauty, in El Salvador. Why it isn’t as popular as the rest of El Salvador’s beaches is anyone’s guess. Its wide stretch of soft sand beach is great for long leisurely walks as you watch the waves gently hitting the shore and feel the breezes on your face.

Because of its gentler waves, it is a great place to kayak and paddleboard. Standup paddleboarding has started to grow in popularity in El Esteron and the nearby beach of Intipuca – it’s also a great way to spend time with your dog. This laid-back and relaxing sport is a perfect fit for a laid-back and relaxing beach.

Los Roques, Venezuela

Technically, Los Roques is a collection of tiny islands. But this just means you have plenty of beaches to choose from. All of them are equally stunning and will surely make for a great tropical experience. Gran Roque is the only inhabited island and is where most of the activities are centered. But the other islands are also great escapes from the busy city life.

The waters in the archipelago are teeming with colorful marine life. In fact, the Los Roques Marine Park is one of the oldest marine parks in the Caribbean. Snorkeling is a great way to experience these natural wonders and to see the underwater beauty up close.

Palomino, Colombia

Finally, we have a Colombian gem: Palomino. This chill Caribbean beach town is a perfect getaway for people who want to have a relaxing vacation. The largely unspoiled beauty is truly a sight to behold. On clear days you can even see the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta right at the beach!

The most popular activity would be tubing down the Palomino River. Other tourists can also enjoy a relaxing dip in the sea and enjoy the various fauna and flora of the area. You can even go see flamingos just a short drive away. Truly nature at her finest.


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