Spectacular Virtual Vacation Escapes You Can Take From Home

Taking a trip around the world is much more available, thanks to the latest tech advances. Your favourite and desired travel destinations are just one click away from you, thanks to the virtual experiences available on your computer and smart devices. Many online platforms have interactive experiences of famous landmarks, museums and squares. Google Earth even has a version of the well-known National Parks around the world.  Get comfortable and enjoy some of the most spectacular views from places around the world. Who knows, maybe this option might become handy next time you plan your vacation.

Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagasaki, Japan

Nothing beats the Japanese aesthetic, culture, lifestyle and cuisine that captures our imagination and senses. While the bright lights of Tokyo’s streets that represent a form of a labyrinth, creating an anime environment vibe, make sure you also take a look at the traditional architecture of Nagasaki’s port city in Kyushu or the vermillion gate of Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine.

And, if you want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan but never timed it right, you can witness them in a 360-degree angle at any season. If you plan a visit to Japan for real, make sure you have an aligned plan of the places you want to visit, since you can easily be dazed and confused by the greatness and vastness of Japan. It’s not unusual for you to travel more than 500 km from one place to another, so virtually exploring it first might be very helpful.

Bavarian Alps, Germany

This place is more than a fantastic ski resort and nature landscapes. Bavaria offers everything from breath-taking walking trails and churches. For many, the Bavarian Alps represent the picture book Germany of yore. It is a very rural area abundant with wildlife, glacier lakes and thick tree forests. The castles of Bavaria are must-see. If you’re interested in history, search the town of Füssen. It is located at the southern end of the Romantic Road near two magnificent castles of the Bavarian Alps. The first one is Hohenschwangau, a fortress build by a family of knights that was later the home of King Ludwig II. Whether you choose to explore the villages, castles or a bit from everything, you’ll surely fall in love with this region.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course, there must be something for everyone on this list, and it would be a crime not to mention Las Vegas. The Sin City welcomes visitors to check the coolest places and attractions behind their screen. The Neon Museum is not your typical venue, but instead a large outdoor yard with vintage neon casino signs. Talking about casinos, games and online experience, make sure you check the best online bingo sites for 2020 that will change your perspective about the game itself. The attractive offers, seamless gameplay and user experience changed the overall concept of these so-called land-based games. You can even be part of the Cirque du Soleil’s online performances, go behind the scenes and check how performers practice and do their makeup.

Lake Como, Italy

The familiar place from the smaller screens and scenes familiar from the famous movie blockbusters. This lake is known as the most “James Bond” out of all Italian lakes. Lake Como is where shiny red Ferraris weave through narrow lakeside towns and neoclassical villas that take you on a new level of sightseeing. We were not joking about the James Bond vibe, as many of the lakeside hotels have a 007 price tag. The sunrises and “lake of the day” images are featured on the accounts of a couple of luxury resorts. They are also featuring their staff with valets taking cooking lessons. The small towns of Bellagio, Menaggio and Varenna are situated at the intersection of the three branches of the Y-shaped lake. This place has been a popular escape destination for the aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times. Back in 2014, The Huffington Post called it the most beautiful lake in the world for its microclimate and environment, is the fifth deepest lake in Europe. We assure you’ll enjoy the exploration and vivid landscapes of this beautiful place.

Even if it can’t compare to a real-life experience, VR technology allows us to come closer to the world’s most beautiful destinations. As we mentioned earlier, these platforms can be of great help if you’re willing to plan your next holiday or city break.

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