The Role of MAT in Overcoming the Challenges in Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Drug abuse and addiction to alcohol is a topic that needs a lot of attention. Forget about the third-world countries; even a lot of developed countries fail to understand the need for awareness of addiction to substances and alcohol. They fail to recognize the various treatment options and their impact on one’s life. So, in this article, we will discuss in detail one of the recovery methods called MAT and benefits in substance use disorder recovery. Let us begin by understanding what MAT is.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT in the world of drug addiction recovery refers to medication-assisted treatment. This is done to help the victims recover without much difficulty. In general, doctors and medical practitioners are involved in the process of addiction recovery. Medical assistance is required to prescribe these victims medicine that can ease the process of rehabilitation, avoid the side effects of the drug, and remove the effects of the drug in the body.

It further helps the patient gain control over their withdrawal symptoms, feel less anxious, and prevent them from the physical and psychological cravings for substances and alcohol. Also, these drugs have to be prescribed in limited ratios as per the needs of the person. Such medication-assisted treatment, along with other physical and behavioral therapy, can be immensely helpful in the speedy recovery of the addicted individual. An advanced approach to deaddiction treatment in NYC has paved the way for facilities like MAT in Miami, a relatively smaller city.

Benefits of MAT

The Recovery Process Isn’t Cold Turkey

One of the inherent myths about rehabilitation is that it is cold turkey. The patients stop their addiction all of a sudden and succumb to depression and anxiety. This is a complete humbug. In reality, deaddiction centers do make the patient stop everything in a go, but not without MAT. The medication-assisted treatment methods enable the person not to realize the difficulties of quitting and ease the recovery. The medicines reduce the craving and help the patient gain control.

Increases Retention

Rehabilitation centers are the only ray of hope for people who have walked too deep into the path of addiction. However, if centers do not find an effective way to retain them, all hope is lost. That is why most rehabs, like WhiteSands Treatment Center, effectively use MAT to help their patients recover at the earliest.

Prevents Relapse

Medication-assisted treatment slowly but steadily navigates the patient through their deaddiction journey. The withdrawal symptoms are monitored closely, and treatment plans and dosage change accordingly. Sustained recovery methods help patients overcome their addiction resolutely, preventing them from falling back into the pit of addiction. When addiction relapses, the aftermath could be unimaginably adverse. That is why MAT is pretty much preferred globally.

Reduces Death Rate

The practice of MAT highly reduces the death rate caused by overdose in drug abuse and alcohol addiction cases. The cause of such death is OUD, which is Opioid Use Disorder. Even medical researchers affirm the significance of MAT in fighting OUD and how it is under-utilized in a lot of places. The commonly suggested medicines for OUD recovery are methadone and buprenorphine as a part of the medication-assisted treatments.


This article clearly explains the importance, merits, and demerits of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as a part of the rehabilitation that patients go through. A planned MAT can help the person easily get through the difficulties that are a part of the deaddiction journey and walk out sober.

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