The Most Popular Massages you can get at a Spa

If you want to get a massage at a spa centre such as the Lake District’s luxurious The Falls and you’re unsure which one to go for, continue reading to find out what the most popular types of massages are. 


This is definitely the most common type of massage, as its only purpose is to help you unwind and feel good throughout the session. The relaxation massage is certainly the most indulgent type you could get. 

The therapist is going to use several massage techniques like the rolling of both muscles and skin, long strokes, and gentle kneading. Even so, it might not sound particularly effective, but it’s really good for relaxing you and encouraging blood flow. You would definitely love the experience, so much so that you might even fall asleep during the massage. 


A typical Swedish massage includes five techniques. These are stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, and vibration. Harsh and scary as that may sound, this type of massage is definitely not meant to punish you in any way. On the contrary, these massages are designed to help you relax, soothe any muscle tension, and improve your circulation. If you decide to go for this one, know you’ll feel incredibly refreshed after your session with the therapist. 

Hot stone

Hot stone massages use heated basalt stones that are strategically rolled and laid on certain body parts. This treatment is considered more intense and, as a result, more efficient. Exposure to direct heat will help relax your muscles. Hot stones used on your body will expand your blood vessels, which calms your entire nervous system. 

Cool stones, on the other hand, restrict your circulation in order to wake up your nervous system in a gentle manner. The therapist will use both kinds of stones – hot and cold. This combination of warmth followed by coolness is designed to heal the body properly. You will feel rejuvenated after your massage. 

Lymphatic drainage 

Lymphatic drainages are therapeutic treatments which make use of long rhythmic strokes and gentle motions. The therapist will start with your feet and make their way up your body, following the lymph nodes’ direction. This type of treatment is meant to boost your lymph flow throughout your body, refresh your entire immune system, and energize you. It’s also known to fight infection and speed up the healing process, in order to help you recover faster from any type of illness. 


If you’re an athlete and you’re going on a holiday to the Lake District, you might want to get a massage at a beautiful spa centre during your stay. Depending on the sport you practice, your body uses certain muscle groups. Trained and qualified sports massage therapist have a vast knowledge of both skeletal and muscular systems, in order to adapt to every single athlete. An efficient sports massage treatment is going to increase your circulation, relax your muscles, decrease joint swelling, and reduce fatigue. 

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