Best Beaches for Swimming in Lanzarote

We love the beach, and the island of Lanzarote is without a doubt a beach lover’s paradise. Of course the year round sunshine and warm temperatures don’t hurt, but there is more to it than that. So let’s take a look at some of the unique places to swim and sunbathe on this gem in the Canary Islands.

The islands are a part of Spain, even though they are just over sixty miles off the northwest coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lanzarote is the forth largest island in the Canaries and the closest to the mainland. This means that it is easy to get to, and once you arrive it is simple to get to and from your accommodations using Lanzarote transfers.

This is by far the easiest way to get from the airport to your hotel and back again. Also, you can choose from either a shuttle bus or a private transfer in a new, clean, and reliable car, both for reasonable rates.

Once you are settled in, it is time to explore and enjoy some beautiful beaches, some of which are unlike anywhere else in the world. Others may not be too surprising, other than their pristine beauty and nearly perfect setting, and these are best for a typical day at the beach.

Playa del Jablillo is a great example of this. Calm, clear water beckons swimmers, and snorkelers will be thrilled by the amazing amount of colorful fish. Another fantastic choice is Playa Flamingo, which has all of the amenities that anyone could want for an afternoon at the beach with restaurants, shops, and several seaside bars relax and sip a cold beer.

For the more adventurous swimmers and explorers, there are a few more unusual beaches on the island that strike us as almost out of this world.

By that we mean that they look like they might belong on some alien planet. The volcanic history of these islands has made for some almost unbelievable scenery that also happens to be right on the edge of the water.

Perhaps the most striking of these is Playa del Charco de los Clicos, with its black sand and moon like landscape surrounding a bright green pool of water. It may not be all that much for swimming, but wow, what a view!

Another extraordinary spot is Playa de Papagayo. We think this looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Stark volcanic rocks surround gorgeous fine sand and crystal clear water. And, as an added bonus, the locals say that Papagayo has the best weather on the island.

If you are like us, even though we are beach bums at heart, we want to explore everything when we visit a new place, especially an island as interesting as Lanzarote. So we definitely want to check out Timanfaya National Park and the camels.

Wait, what? There are camels? Yes, well, technically they are dromedaries, but a dromedary is also known as a one-humped camel.

They were originally brought to the island to work in agriculture, but as tourism became more and more popular they adapted to a new line of work and now are a major tourist attraction.

They are available for sightseeing rides across the incredible volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park. The camels will carry you for a short half hour ride into the park and its lunar-like surroundings, making for an experience that is beyond unique. It is truly only possible on Lanzarote.

And after riding a camel, we think that it must be traditional to find another beach for a quick dip before dinner.

So off we go!

David & Veronica,

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