The Effingham Cross

The Effingham Cross

Driving down I-57 on a steel-grey Illinois afternoon, what to our wondering eyes should appear but the surreal sight of the biggest cross on the entire planet.

The 198 foot steel colossus stands ready to overwhelm truckers and tourists alike. With its 113 foot crossbar and 180 tons of steel, this modern day Tower of Babel offers a

“Beacon of Hope to the 50,000 travelers estimated to pass the site each day.”

At least that’s what The Cross Foundation expects after the five years and 1.1 million dollars it took to build.

The Foundation was not to be toyed with as they specifically set out to break the world record by insuring that it was eight feet taller than the world’s now 2nd largest cross in Groom, TX.

This grandiose shrine was built to withstand almost any act of God — including winds up to 145 mile per hour. For those times when God is not letting there be light, it is spectacularly illuminated with 4000 watts of divine power. As the “Beacon of Hope” faded in the rearview mirror, I couldn’t help but think, “It kind of makes you want to build one 200 feet high, now doesn’t it?”


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7 thoughts on “The Effingham Cross”

  1. why not just post a billboard with a cross, much less expensive and maybe the other millions could be used to set up programs for the needy. I dont get it. But then again, I dont get bible thumpers… Like they say on Sesame Street, “You do it your way, Ill do it mine, get the funky rhythm and we’ll both be fine.”

  2. @ Deborah: The people who spend “100s of millions” for the tallest casino in Vegas are capitalist looking to make money, as opposed to churches that are supposed to be benevolent and philanthropic and “feeding the many.” It’s like apples to a sandy beach, why would you make such a comparison?

  3. I do wonder why when a church builds something like this there is talk of feeding the hungry. But when 100s of millions are spent for the tallest casino in Vegas everyone just oos and has?

  4. Because nothing feeds the hungry or takes care of the sick like spending 1.1 million dollars to build a 198 foot steel cross.

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