The Connection Between Anxiety and Substance Addiction

Anxiety is a word used to define a wide range of mental health conditions that affect millions of patients. While you may understand that general concept of anxiety, you may be surprised by its countless implications, and in addition, its connection with substance abuse. As for many other mental health issues, recovery is possible, but it’s essential to understand what factors unearth addiction and how mental health triggers substance abuse.

A patient is diagnosed with anxiety when they experience feelings of dread or worry regarding an imminent event or an event with an uncertain outcome. But in terms of medical diagnosis, anxiety is just a general term used to point to several different mental health issues that all gather under the same name. While different forms of anxiety have various symptoms, they all negatively impact the patient’s mental health, who often feels powerless and uses substances to control their feelings and emotions.

Anxiety symptoms can compromise the patient’s life because they disrupt their everyday activities (academic, familial, social, or professional obligations). Expecting for anxiety symptoms to pass away isn’t a solution, professional help is required to improve the symptoms.

Common signs of an anxiety attack

But how can you tell if you suffer from anxiety? Are there specific symptoms to look out for? Here is a list of signs that point out to a mental health condition.

– You’re feeling on edge, irritable, or nervous

– You have a constant sense of doom, panic, or impending danger even if most times you have no reason to experience it

– You have an increased heart rate or tachycardia

– You often find your hands and legs trembling

– You’re sweating for no reason and breathe rapidly

– You’re frequently tired and feeling weak

– You lack concentration

– You struggle with insomnia

– You deal with gastrointestinal problems

Are anxiety and substance abuse connected?

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America released a study that reveals that social anxiety conditions often travel in the company of substance abuse because people struggling with mental health often use drugs or alcohol to feel more comfortable or less inhibited in situations they would otherwise find stressful. Anxiety prevents them from determining when they abuse a substance or use drugs or alcohol in an amount dangerous for their health. Most don’t even know they suffer from an anxiety disorder that requires professional treatment like the one offered at Malibu Rehab. They don’t realize how much substance abuse and mental health conditions take from them until they lose their loved ones. The fear of talking to someone else about their emotions isolates themselves from everyone.

The first step to get help when experiencing these associated conditions is to recognize the problem’s warning symptoms. Losing interest in hobbies, personality changes, or substance abuse are always red flags. The only way to relieve a significant substance dependence is to get professional help in a center specialized in medical detox and recovery.

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