The Best Tours around Split, Croatia

With about 20,000 people living in the area, Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Only Zagreb, the capital city, is larger. It is a very commonly chosen attraction for many tourists and is said to have been founded sometime around the 3rd or 2nd century BC as a Greek Colony. It’s a fantastic place to be in because it has a great mix of modernity and a robust history with ruins in the city that date back to the old Roman Empire.

Some of the attractions of the city include museums, galleries, rich and noticeable culture, and its music. These are a few reasons why it would be great that on your next vacation time, you find tours around Split Croatia. The city also has a very vibrant sports culture as athletes and sportsmen, in general, are held in high esteem. Some of the most preferred sporting activities in the city includes water polo, sailing, rowing, tennis, soccer, basketball, and handball.

It’s a fantastic city to visit. And if you still aren’t considering visiting the city on your next vacation, the following are a few things may convince you.

Walking Tour to Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian was a Roman Emperor who built the palace in 305 AD. Even though the palace is now an official World Heritage Site for UNESCO and the rest of the city has developed around it, the Diocletian’s Palace still has many of its buildings in one piece. This walking tour lets you take in the city and its estimated 1,700 years of historical scenery and landmarks. Some of the famous buildings apart from the Diocletian’s Palace include the Golden Gate, the Statue of Gregory of Nin, the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Domnius, and the Peristil.

Blue Cave Tour

The Blue Cave, which is also known as the Blue Grotto, is one of Split’s most awesome features. It is a sea cave filled with water that is situated in Balun, a small bay in the city. The Blue Cave is one of the most preferred spots because, at certain times of the day, the cave shows a fine radiant blue light. It is accessible by boat after an artificial entry was created in 1884. Before then, it was only accessible by diving. It is said that the best time to visit the cave is between 11 AM and 12 noon because it is at this time that sunlight shines through the water, giving it the amazing blue glow, with items in the water looking silver.

The Five-Island Tour

Right after the Blue Cave Tour, a cruise through five islands in the city is highly recommended. This tour lasts between 8 to 12 hours but it is a fantastic trip to take. The islands include Hvar, Ravnik, Budikovac, Vis, and Biševo. This is a fantastic experience for a family trip or even a romantic getaway for lovers. You get to visit the fishing village of Komiža, take in a lot of the sights in the old and historic town of Hvar, and swim and snorkel at Stiniva Cove. Your tour guide will be able to explain all the history behind everything you see. It’s a beautiful tour because you move around by boat and see everything from a great vantage point.

Krka National Park – Waterfalls, Sibenik and Skradin Tour

Named after the Krka River that it surrounds, the Krka National Park is famous for its seven beautiful waterfalls. The National Park is still principally run for tourism as well as cultural, educational, and scientific purposes. The waterfalls are also noted to have a large number of wasps and bees. This is attributed to the fact that it has the second largest concentration of lavender in the whole of the European continent. This tour also involves walking in Sibernik and experiencing the St. James Cathedral. After experiencing (and swimming through the waterfalls), the town of Skradin awaits you. Skradin is very popular for wine and cheese tasting and you can partake in this, too.

Marjan Hill and Klis Fortress Tour

The Marjan Hill is another great place to visit. It is distinctive because it has a thick Mediterranean pine forest that looks out to the city and the sea. Standing at 178m, it gives you a fantastic view of the city of Split, the mountains, and other islands.

The Klis fortress is famous for being the grounds of many battles with the Knights Templar, Ottomans, and the Mongols. The ruins give a beautiful view of Split, just like the Marjan Hill does. It’s also the site for filming Mereen – a city from the popular TV Show, Game of Thrones.

If you have never visited Split, the above are some of the sights you need to see to have the perfect vacation. Feel free to plan a tour to the rich and historic Croatian city and have a feel of the sights, people, and culture.

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