7 Important Tips for Holiday Prep

It takes a lot of preparation to arrange a holiday and there’s so many different things you need to keep track of, so it’s very easy to miss a step or leave something behind while you’re rushing to get ready. Experts from the travel site Compare and Choose have helped create this quick checklist 7 important tips for holiday prep that you should look over before you leave.

Bring a spare bag for non-essential things

If you a have the room for an extra bag, try to fill one with the non-essentials that you might only use once or twice during the trip. This stops them from cluttering up your main bag and making it harder to pull out what you need: things like sun screen, hairbrushes, swimming goggles and disposable products.

Leave room for souvenirs

Having to leave something behind because it won’t fit in your bag, car or suitcase can be a horrible feeling, especially if it’s something you already paid for. Make sure you have spare bags and/or room to bring things with you, especially if you’re planning to visit a convention, show or market event.

Exchange money

Make sure you’ve exchanged enough money to pay for the basics – getting it changed abroad or at an airport could cost extra, so try and find a cheaper deal from a smaller service. If you’re exchanging a lot, make sure that you know how the exchange rate might rise or fall: try to hit a high point so that you get slightly more spending money abroad.

Arrange rentals

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find what you need when you arrive at your destination, so try and arrange any rentals or leases beforehand. It can be difficult to compare campervan hire prices or arrange to stay in a hotel on short notice, which could end up leaving you stranded for a day until you’re able to get everything sorted out.

Clean out your food

Leaving easily-spoiled food in your home will end badly during longer holidays, and you’ll probably need to throw all of it away when you get back. Clear it out early to save yourself the hassle and make room for anything you’re bringing home from your holiday.

Think about what you’re wearing

It makes sense to wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable in when you get to your holiday destination, but remember that you also have to consider what you’re wearing while you travel. Long drives and flights can get really hot or cold depending on the weather, and not having suitable clothing will make the trip far less comfortable.

Back everything up

You can lose anything on holiday if you’re not careful, and some of them are more important than others. Make sure you have a spare copy of everything vital back home – passports, booking information and house keys can all take a while to replace if they go missing, so keeping some at home or giving them to a trusted friend can keep you reassured if things go wrong.

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