A Group Tour of Boston’s Coolest Sites

Boston is a city in the State of Massachusetts with a lot of history as it dates as far back as 1630. Boston boasts of some unique and strange history. It is an important city in the United States as many events relevant in the American Revolution happened there. These events include The Boston Tea Party, The Siege of Boston, The Battle of Bunker Hill, and The Boston Massacre. There are plenty of weekend escapes or historically significant sites for students to visit in Boston. Whether a person is planning a campus tour for their class, sports team, church group, or friends, this post will outline what one needs to know to make sure their trip goes off without a hitch.

Choose Transportation

The mode of transportation around Boston will be determined by the size of the group. For a large group, it is better to get a Boston tour bus rental with driver. The group can bring their own driver or hire the bus with drivers. Smaller groups may opt to get a map, hire a car, and drive themselves around. The main thing is to consider options that could accommodate the group’s capacity.

Transport can also be determined by the group’s budget. They may have enough money to hire a bus but not enough to get a driver. The budget will also determine the type of bus they can rent such as a mini, school, or coach bus. The amount of time spent off the road can also determine the type of vehicle that the group chooses.

Pick some quintessential eerie sites to see

Boston has some eerie sites with a lot of history such as the site of the Boston massacre, Phineas Gage’s Skull, and the Trolley of the Doomed.

Another bizarre site the group can visit is the All Saints Way in Battery Street.

They can also get involved in a treasure hunt in a live-action urban interactive game in Harvard Square.

There is also the Museum of Bad Art of 1993 where audiences are treated to a series of terrible art.

Map Choice Destinations

Choose what other specialized sites the group might want to visit in the area. Tourist maps are especially important because they highlight the places that are must-sees for Boston visitors. The group can visit famous sites like the home of Paul Revere and the 2.5-mile freedom trail, the harbour where the Boston Tea Party was held, and important artefacts related to it. It is what most people believe to have started the revolutionary war that led to the independence of the United States.

Boston is also the home to the longest and most successful ship in US history called the USS Constitution or Old Ironsides.

There are the statues of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States.

There is also the prestigious Harvard University, the oldest higher learning institutions in the US.

Book Tours

Some sites require registration beforehand. Therefore, it is always good to plan ahead. Most of them offer private tours that can fill the group in on the specifics of the school. Ensure the group follows a strict itinerary so that they arrive at different sites on time. Make sure to book ahead and time the group’s arrival accordingly.

Plan Distractions

The person in charge of the group must find ways to keep the group entertained between sites.

Depending on its age group and the length of time it takes to travel between sites, a group can participate in so many activities.

Entertainment needs to be more than just looking down on mobile devices, listening to music, or chatting with a peer. The group leader can plan activities like singing or playing fun games like 21 questions, spotting games, trivia, or scavenger hunts between stops.

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