Tech-Savvy Travel Or Back To The Simple Things?

Whether you want to explore the world, or whether you simply need a little break, your travel preferences will determine the kind of holiday you like. It’s not specifically a matter of destination, but it’s about finding out the best way for you to enjoy your travel. Every destination offers a wonderful adventure. But your travel, the way you approach a destination and the type of comfort you need to feel at home, plays an important role in your appreciation of a destination.

Let’s say you’re going to Venice, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. If you are used to the facilities of the urban life with its restaurants open until late at night and its coffees on the go, then you need to stay in the modern town. While the old, historic streets are charming, they don’t offer any of the facilities you need for your comfort. And it would be a pity to hate your stay in Venice, simply because you’ve chosen the wrong part of town! So, ask yourself, are you a tech-savvy traveler or do you love to go off-grid?

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The Millennial’s tech holiday

If you’re the kind of person who needs digital tech to feel safe and comfortable, then you need to pick the best gadgets for your holiday. A smartphone with the many apps is a given – is there still someone who doesn’t own one?  – but if you’ve decided to go on an adventure in a remote area, you might want to look for a satellite phone in case of emergency. Going abroad? A GPS is a great tool to find your way in unknown countries – and it’s by far the favorite tool of the modern generation. Besides, it means that you don’t need to bother with maps anymore! The GPS does the hard work for you. Finally, always pack a multitool with you; there’s nothing better than the famous Swiss army knife when you’re trying to fix your glasses arm on the go!

Transitional holiday between tech and nature

You may not need the level of tech of your everyday life when you’re on holiday. But you want a certain standard of comfort while appreciating a change of landscape. It might sound difficult to combine comfort and breathtaking landscapes at the same time, but that’s exactly what glamping is about. Picture the best of camping, but without the hassle; that’s exactly what you get with this kind of holiday. Besides, you’re in a glamping park, so if you need a hand with anything, there’s always someone to ask.

Going off-grid completely

How about going off-grid in a remote location with no modern facilities? If you like the idea of being cut off from the everyday stress and routine, then you’ll love spending time in old, isolated cottages that are still heated with a wood burning stove. Yes, it does sound pretty basic. But what a magical moment together around the fire, that is if you want to go back to a simple life!

Which travelers are you: a tech-savvy Millennial, a comfort and nature dreamer, or an off-grid enthusiast? Don’t let your travel preferences stop you from enjoying your holiday. Instead, listen to yourself and grab the chance to discover a new world.

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