Top Gadgets you need when traveling the World

More and more people engage into the adventure of a lifetime: traveling the world and visiting inspirational sites all around the globe. Still, even as a globetrotter, you need some gadgets to keep you company like communication gear or equipment that assists in extreme weather. That’s why we want to discuss the top gadgets you need when traveling the world so you’ll fully enjoy this amazing adventure.

Satellite phone

We recommend getting this, plus a charger. Don’t forget to have its battery loaded when you leave home and a couple of spare ones. A smartphone is better because of all its apps, but a reliable satellite phone can be indispensable in emergencies.


Even if you’re sure you know the way, don’t neglect a GPS. You might get new directions in case the track you knew is blocked, or if you need to search for a hostel when taking a detour.

Fitness Tracker

Finding the right Fitness Watch is important. Of course it will keep track of your steps, but it could also play music, keep you from getting lost with a GPS map, and keep you in touch with Bluetooth calling and text messenger.


This can help you stay in touch with local authorities if it’s a two-way radio. You can emit an emergency signal so you’re found in case you get lost. But the best thing about a portable radio is getting all these important weather and disaster alerts, in case your phone battery dies.

And the best thing is that some radios can be recharged by rotating a side-handle. SO you don’t necessarily need a wall socket or spare batteries, which is great in survival conditions.

Power supply

You need the best portable power supply to make sure you can keep the above gadgets charged and ready to go. These things operate using solar energy, so check if there’s plenty of that where you’re going. That’s because some more inexpensive power supplies can’t help you out in overcast weather or when the night runs long.

Water purifier

This is a definite must. If we’re to choose one item from this list to truly recommend, it’s this one. Whether you pick a water purifier that uses tablets, or one that looks like a straw, it will clean out your water. And that’s always important when you run out of clean water sources.

It can even be vital when traveling abroad to prevent bacterial infections or parasites. Although you’re staying in a fancy 5-star hotel, the water might still not be clean in certain countries.

Fancy flashlight

There are some flashlights on the market that use IR emitters. That helps because you can see when it’s pitch dark, and they aren’t that expensive. We recommend a flashlight that can be recharged fast, maybe by using a side-handle. We also recommend an item that has other included extras, like a hidden compartment for waterproof matches.

Waterproof matches

Don’t forget these little things. You can’t go wrong with them when it’s raining and you really need to get a fire going. Some can work after you drop them in a small puddle, but most of them are windproof too.


Having a multi-tool will help with on-the-go repairs or clearing brush. It’s important to have a knife, a screwdriver, and a can opener all in one, in a compact, easy-to-carry gadget. Just make sure it’s legal to have one of these if you’re flying. Finding the right tool is easy by checking sites such as The Healthy Handyman or Consumer Reports.

For those with a love of woodworking, has ideas, Techniques, Tips, and Advice available any time, anywhere.

Smart camera

How else would you immortalize your favorite moments? Some cameras allow a Bluetooth or wireless connection with your phone or laptop. That means you can upload the things you see on various social networks almost instantly, so everyone can see what you’re up to.

Digital luggage scale

With the airport rules being so strict, you might need one of these before taking a flight back home. That’s after you’ve bought all the cool things you can get in a duty-free. You might not be able to take all those things in your carry-on bag, plus you should be prepared for any additional fee.

Pocket Router

What if you’re traveling somewhere with no Internet? That would really mean the end of the world for some people. But a user-friendly, and portable pocket router can easily save the day. Just remember the internet speed is not as fast with one of these gadgets, but you can send e-mails problem-free.

Wall plate with USB

Need to get your phone recharged, and the wall socket in your hotel room doesn’t do the trick? That’s because some countries have different shapes for their sockets. That’s when your portable wall plate really comes in handy.

Fitness watch

Want to know how much you’ve exercised and how many calories you’ve burnt? Don’t forget your fitness watch at home. It’s really cool to have one especially when you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

Waterproof phone case

You have to protect your phone from water, rain, or possible accidents when you drop it into a puddle. This isn’t just for fishing trips, you know. It’s a good insurance that your means of communication is safe and sound.

Wash bag

How else can you do your laundry fast and clean without a washing machine? You don’t want to carry your own basin, do you? Plus, this is mimicking a classic washboard, but with internal nodules that help scrub efficiently.

Not to mention some of the best wash bags are bacteria-resistant and can be used as dry-bags. AND they’re so small they can fit in your back pocket!

Inflatable tent

A bubble tent made from PVC that can be carried in your pocket? That’s really great if you don’t want to improvise an emergency shelter with fallen logs and tarp. You just inflate it, and a family of four can easily snuggle inside.


This is amazing for iOS and Android phones when you’ve lost coverage and you don’t have WiFi. You can send texts, make calls, group chats, and broadcast your location. And all that, thanks to a little gadget that makes its own network between you and people using similar devices.

So that’s it! That’s what we recommend since some of these gadgets really saved our behinds in times of need. We hope they will serve you well in your world adventure!

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