Care for the Caribbean

Our beautiful island home before the storm.

The aftermath from the deadly duo of hurricanes Harvey and Irma has left us overwhelmed. With so much destruction in Texas and Florida, it is also easy to overlook the truly catastrophic damage left behind in the Caribbean.

Having lived on an island there for nearly a decade, we certainly feel for our former neighbors. We can hardly process the images of the devastation in the US Virgin Islands. 

Our home of St. Croix was fortunately mostly sparred, but St. Thomas and St. John were horribly ravaged and recovery is going to take months, if not years.

In light of this, NBA legend Tim Duncan, who is from St. Croix, has established the 21USVIHurricane Help Fund by personally donating a quarter of a million dollars and pledging to match donations up to one million.

He wrote an eloquent story about his experience of growing up in the islands and and what it was like after hurricane Hugo. That is why he feels so strongly about helping in this time of need.

Reading it really took us back to our old home. In fact, in a real blast of nostalgia, the neighborhood basketball hoop that they are playing at in the story is right across the street from our old house.

We understand that so many people are struggling right now, and we can’t possibly help everybody, but if you can please join us in extending a helping hand to America’s paradise, the US Virgin Islands.

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4 thoughts on “Care for the Caribbean”

  1. I wasn’t able to do the walking tour to carribean this time around, but I heard fantastic things about it before all the damage(

    1. Thanks Seana. We loved it there, luckily it was not hit too bad, but it is so sad to see how badly the other islands were damaged.

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