Super Automatic Coffee Machines: Jura Z6

Making coffee at home is the type of luxury that most of us crave. In the last 10 years it’s become more and more possible to make these brews!

The Jura Z6 goes one step further! It’s a Super Automatic Coffee Machine, so even those with no knowledge whatsoever can join in on our coffee journey.

Classic Automation And Why The Jura Z6 Is Different

When you think of an automatic coffee machine, two things come to mind.

The first is a Hospital style machine that makes bitter brew, which you only tolerate because of the circumstances you’re in. This doctor’s appointment, or hairdressers isn’t an actual coffee shop, so you know their drinks aren’t a top priority.

The second is a type of filter coffee machine. They can make lovely drinks but are limited to the classic filter taste. You can’t make a Latte or a Cappuccino, or even a Flat White with a machine like that.

The Jura Z6’s ability to make a fluffy foth is the reason why we call it Super.

What Parts Are Automatic?

So many parts of the Z6 are automated that you only need to press a button, and you’re off. The machine will make you a coffee and even clean itself afterwards.

The first thing you need to know is that you can make a Cappuccino or other Barista style coffees without using a wand. You simply press a button and it goes.

The machine also knows which type of milk to use, so it will flip between milk and foam without needing any encouragement.

The next automated addition is the Z6’s ability to clean itself.

Lastly, you can even connect the Z6 to your smart devices like Alexa, asking them to make you a coffee as you wake up in the morning.

Now to get into the details.

Automated Barista Drinks

One of the best parts of a Barista coffee is the ability to be personalized. That element isn’t removed when you’re using the Z6, as you can tell the machine how you like your coffee. It will remember and store that data, so when you ask for a Cappuccino, it won’t just make the standard version; it will recreate your preferred style.

You can add in your own names for the drinks too. For example, you can have John’s Latte, Mo’s Latte, & Classic Latte all stored so everyone in your home can get their drink their way.

Milk Switching

Some semi-automatic coffee machines require you to manually switch between milk and foam, which means you still need to sit by the machine as it makes your coffee. However, the Z6 is intelligent enough to switch milk types without anyone interfering.

This means you can casually leave the machine unattended while you go about your day. You will be truly saving time instead of waiting by the machine until it beeps at you to change its mechanics.


Everyone who has used an espresso or coffee machine has dealt with the dreaded job of cleaning up after usage. The cleaning element can be so difficult that some people stop using the machine entirely!

The ground beans get everywhere, and the milk deposits just won’t budge. After a while of avoiding the cleaning, your machine will end up breaking.

This isn’t a problem with the Z6, though, as every element is self-cleaning. You don’t have to open up the inside and scoop out the ground remains, and you don’t have to pull apart the tubes to get the calcium out.

The Z6 cleans out everything. From the milk tubes to the ground beans. It is a super hygienic machine.

Even the calcium deposits are thoroughly washed away. All you need to do is press a button to start the job.

Smart House Ready

The Z6 is powered by artificial intelligence, which means that it will perfectly sync with your smart devices. The setting up process is just as easy with a walk-through manual to help guide you.

If you don’t have a smart device but do have a smartphone, you can replicate the same “Alexa, make me a Latte” request.

Jura Integrate Experience (J.O.E) is a free application by Jura which allows you to make a coffee using your smartphone.


Everything about the Z6 is designed to make your coffee experience easy without reducing the coffee flavor.

If you want to see a detailed Jura Z6 automatic coffee machine review, click on that link.

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