Suggestions for the Older Traveler

The older we get, the less serious we are about of some of the adventures we plan on taking. I have countless friends who have made plans for years only to back out at the last minute for various excuses. The weather, timing, money etc. What these are, are excuses so they don’t have to face their fears. These may be genuine fears such as a fear of flying or something more general such as a fear of the unknown or of different cultures.

A previous lack of experience is always a key factor to this. Over time these fears build and without any experience they can become pretty intimidating themselves, almost more of a struggle than then initial fear itself. I’ve decided to look at some of the more common fears or worries of older travelers and I have come up with a few suggestions or ideas for them. Perhaps they won’t belay your fears, but they might help with some planning or at least understanding.

Language barrier:

Definitely one of the most common misconceptions is a belief that there will be a huge language barrier. Although you may encounter places in which English isn’t widely spoken. Body language and gestures are almost universal and make communicating with others pretty simple. If it is a huge barrier for you a simple phrase book can help. Mark some important phrases so you can jump to the page quickly and you will have no problem making small talk in no time. Plus, many people love taking the opportunity to practice their English, so it is a great way to help others out also.


Always at the top of everyone’s list is safety. Of course, some places are more dangerous or prone to crime than others, but this is the same in your home country as it is in any other place. It’s always important to check out where you will be staying and travelling to before you depart. It’s quite easy to get all the information you need and make an informed decision on your trip. Other extra measures can be taken in the form of hotels safes a personal fanny pack. Always be wary of your surroundings as you would be at home and you will have very little to worry about.


The older we get the more concerned we become with our health and going abroad, depending on a new country can be a little daunting, that’s why it’s always important to take out health insurance. This will cover you for any unforeseen events and ensure that you receive the best care possible in whichever country you choose to travel to. Also, as before look into what adventures you plan on taking and ensure that they are suitable for your abilities and interests.
The most important thing to do is go on the trip that you are wanting to go on and enjoy yourself the other things can be worried about at a later stage when you have created more memories for yourself.

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