How To Make Your Hotel Mattress More Cozy For Better Night Sleep

Have you ever slept on an awful hotel mattress? If you have, then you know the kind of harm it can cause to your body. It can quickly destroy an awesome day! Sleep is essential in any circumstances. If you’re traveling with a partner and need to ensure you get an uninterrupted nights sleep, request a hotel room with beds that have adult twin mattresses.

Even if the mattress needs replacing, a night in your own space will ensure you are not disrupted. If you came across a lousy hotel mattress, don’t request for another one just yet.

First, visit to learn how to make it more comfortable by following some basic tips.

So, if your mattress is too hard, lumpy or bouncy, then you’ll need to do something about it. Here are some of the basic tips that can make your hotel mattress a haven of comfort!

Put Some Cozy Objects Underneath Your Mattress

A sagging hotel mattress may cause muscle and back pains. Of course, you wouldn’t want to take your body through such an ordeal especially if you’re on a holiday vacation.

Here, you’ll have to be a bit creative. You can add some extra pillows and hotel blankets under the mattress for additional support. I would also advise you to add a ‘personal’ touch to the bed by using clothes from your bag or suitcase!

Adding Some Extra Comforters

If your hotel mattress is too hard, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra comforters from the housekeeping service. I love taking a foldable memory foam mattress with me whenever I go traveling. In this way, I ensure that I have the comfort of my home mattress with me wherever I go.

Visit The Big Box Store

If you can’t take your mattress topper with you on a journey, the local big box store is a good option. Here, you can buy a cheap “egg carton” foam topper, and you can leave it in the room after your trip. It plays a huge part in giving you additional comfort for restful sleep. It also eliminates hard sports that are common in a lousy hotel mattress.

How About a Memory Foam Pillow

You can also ease the tension by using a memory foam pillow. I love the fact that it can take the shape of your head to give you only the right kind of support. It’s filled with pieces of memory foam and cradles to your head, eliminating the need to keep tossing and turning. You can even find some with a soft bamboo and super breathable pillowcases.

You Can Use A Body Pillow!

Are you a side sleeper? Well, body pillows are a great way for side-sleepers to feel a bit cozier at night. If your hotel mattress does not give you the level of support that you need, then this is a fantastic choice. Just place your body pillow in the area between your legs to relieve pressure and to properly align your spine.

It reduces tossing and turning which often happens if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. It also straightens your entire body to give you just the type of sleep you need while taking a vacation.

If the situation is unbearable and you just can’t improve the comfort of your mattress, then you should ask for another room. If you decide to do this, make sure that you know the place you’re moving to. Remember to give your tastes priority and don’t settle for less!

Even so, the above tips are all that you’ll need to provide that old and cramped up hotel mattress better comfort throughout the night. They are simple processes that only require your style and creativity. So, when faced with such a situation, how would you improve your hotel mattress?

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