Sending Your Kids to College in Indianapolis

Going to college is an exciting experience for kids. To them, this represents independence, growing up, freedom, the ability to make their own decisions, and so on. It is a long-waited achievement for both the parent and their child.

However, parents additionally experience worry and anxiety. You have stayed with your child for most of their lives and now you have to let them go. A parent might feel anxious and worry whether their kid will do fine in college, especially if it is far away from home.

Nearly all college entrants are at least 18 years old. As a parent, this means that you have limited rights to decide on their behalf, including on critical issues, like health and academics, unless they have signed a power of attorney.

Popularly known as Indy, Indianapolis is the capital city of the state of Indiana. It houses 40 institutions of higher learning including universities, colleges, and virtual colleges. If your kid has been accepted to a college in Indiana, they are in the right hands because the city’s lawmakers are keen on ensuring college completion. Even so, there are various things that you are bound to worry about when sending your kids to college in Indianapolis.

Auto Liability

As your child turns 18, they are old enough to be held liable for any accidents they might cause. If you are planning on buying your child a car as they go to college, it is important to educate them on auto liability and related issues.

Indianapolis hosts one of the biggest motor racing events in the country known as the Indianapolis 500. Around this time, tensions might run high and young people are likely to speed in excitement.

Additionally, there are six interstate highways crossing through and several dangerous intersections in Indy. Remind them to take extra caution while driving in such areas.

Social Activities

At their age, college-going students are eager to explore a myriad of social activities. This is facilitated by the fact that the kids are now independent to do anything without their parents’ or guardians’ interference.

Due to this, some students might fall prey to destructive social activities that are prevalent in colleges. These include drug abuse and truancy. Besides school, there are numerous positive social activities that your kid can take part in Indy.


The health of our children is a constant worry for parents. It is even worse when your kid goes to college far away from home. What are they going to do when they fall seriously sick? Where will they get help before you arrive?

Similarly, mental health issues among college students are at an all-time high. If you live far away from Indianapolis, it would be normal to feel concerned about your child’s well-being and how they are coping with academics and making friends.


Even though your college-going kid is over 18, they still have a lot to learn about financial management. Things like opening and modifying accounts, income tax returns, and tuition payment arrangements might still be new to them.

While some students take part-time jobs to improve their resume, some have to work to get by and pay the bills. In this case, take time to teach your kid about managing their finances properly in a big city like Indianapolis.

General Guidance

As you send your kids to college in Indianapolis, remember that this does not mean they are fully grown adults. Even at 18, a college-going teenager’s brain is not developed completely and there’s so much to learn. Similarly, their decision-making skills might not be reliable in every situation.

Let your child know that they can always talk to you or another adult in school or at home when faced with such problems.

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