Safe Travels Require Some Advanced Planning

We have been very lucky in all of our travels as far as any medical incidents are concerned. That is not to say that we haven’t had any incidents, but the ones we have were minor and we were able to deal with then fairly quickly.

As I said, very lucky. But we also realize that our luck might run out at any time. Especially since we aren’t getting any younger. So that has us thinking about ways to protect against some of the inevitable emergencies that might pop up.

Sure, we carry bandages, pain reliever, antacid, and a few other basic medical supplies with us pretty much all of the time, and they have come in handy quite a few times. But there is one big thing missing from that list that on occasion we have wished we had, antibiotics.

Of course, we can’t just run out to the store and stock up on them, so that got us wondering if it was even possible. Plus, we wouldn’t know which antibiotics would be right for us to carry with us.

So, in our search for ways we might be able to add some antibiotics to our travel first aid supplies, we found out about JASE Medical. And when we did it was immediately one of those ideas that had us thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?”

JASE provides a kit that includes five types of antibiotics for treating common calamities including infected wounds, toothaches, ear infections, sinusitis, strep throat, and urinary tract infections. I can vividly remember a few adventures in foreign pharmacies when we struggled in attempting to find cures for several of these ailments.

One of these pharmaceutical fiascos ended up in a crazy game of international charades after all of my travel phrase and dictionary attempts at translations failed miserably.

The episode soon devolved into me trying to pantomime symptoms in order to bridge the vast language barrier that was preventing the non-English speaking Italian pharmacist from understanding my request.

And just in case that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the whole thing took place in front of a live audience of the other customers waiting in line. So, obviously we will be happy to avoid that scene again, and with JASE we can.

As much as nobody likes to be embarrassed, an even more important function of the JASE antibiotics is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if some more dire emergency were to occur way off the beaten path where there is no pharmacy, English speaking or otherwise, available we would have the proper medication.

That’s when these treatments for ailments such as pneumonia, diverticulitis, lyme disease, malaria, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, cholera, and salmonella could truly save a life.

Of course, our next question was, “How is this possible? Don’t we need a prescription for these medications?”

Well, not only was JASE Medical founded by a board-certified family physician, Shawn Rowland, M.D., but all of the medicines are prescribed by board certified doctors and every customer has a thorough consultation before the antibiotics are prescribed specifically for them.

We were also concerned with how long the antibiotics would last. It wouldn’t do us much good if by the time that we needed these medications they were no longer safe and effective.

So, even though most antibiotics come with a manufacturer’s expiration date of two to three years after the production date, they will remain potent for at least another five years if they are stored in air-tight containers and in a cool, dry place.

With the proper care they can even retain ninety percent of their potency for as long as twenty years. That certainly makes them an invaluable addition to our essential travel supplies.

Each order is delivered in a case, a JASE Case, that helps to maintain proper storage conditions and makes it easy to pack for travel.

A detailed Emergency Antibiotic Guide booklet written by board-certified physicians is also included, along with unlimited follow-ups with a physician to answer any questions about taking of any of the prescribed medications.

All of this made us much more comfortable and reinforced our original feeling of “Why didn’t we think of this?”

Ideally, we will never need to use any of these, but as the old saying goes, It’s better to be safe than sorry.

And proper planning makes that a whole lot more likely.

David & Veronica,

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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