Jordan B. Peterson Quotes About Divorce and Relationships

While many people claim that the modern attitude to marriage and relationships grants the freedom of choice and possibility to leave, a famous Canadian psychologist dwells on the opposite. Jordan Peterson divorce and marriage visions revolutionize the approach to ups and downs in relationships. Learn more about the author of bestselling non-fiction in Georgia and all around the world and get inspired by Peterson’s quotes to change your marital life for the better.

A Few Facts About Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a practicing psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto. His famous books on relationships 12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos and the sequel Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life have been sold in million copies worldwide. 12 Rules for Life quotes are recognized to be a guide for young couples in Georgia and inspired the repairing of lasting marriages in other states as well. Family counselors as well as spouses themselves have been using Peterson’s works as handbooks for maintaining steady and long-living relationships.

‘Truth is the handmaiden of love’

According to Peterson, the cornerstone of every working marriage and relationship, in general, is truth. As long as you are open to each other and can tell your true opinion, beliefs, and issues, your relationships will live.

Peterson uses his 50-year-long as an example. He reveals that his marriage was never cloudless. There were plenty of arguments and heated discussions between him and his wife. But it was only because they never hold secrets and were open to each other. As a result, they manage to discover what bothers their partners and solve it together. So there are never any hidden offenses, burdening thoughts, or poisoning suspicions. This is the secret of happy Peterson’s marriage that can be applied by any other couple.

‘To be married means you’ll have someone there when you’re not well, and so will your partner.’

The Jordan Peterson quote was tweeted by practicing psychologist, Debora Marrow, from Georgia. She uses it for self-inspiration in her own marriage and to guide her clients out of family troubles.

The truth is that it isn’t about how difficult your life is, what ghost of the past is bothering you, what obstacles you face every day, you have a great person to lean on, your spouse. Your marriage isn’t a burden or extra life complication as many may see it. It is a gift in form of the closest human, who you can fully trust, who will support and inspire you, and you will do the same in return. This is what we should treasure in modern marital partnership but not the possibility to quit whenever we wish.

‘You’re on the same team.’

In accordance with informal stats, jealousy makes spouses search for online divorce in Georgia with high frequency. And it’s not only about being jealous that your soulmate is attracted to someone else. More often, people are envious that their beloved achieve more than they themselves.

In similar cases, Jordan Peterson advises looking at the situation from a different side. In marriage, there are no separate winners or losers. Spouses play on the same team. So if one of the partners succeeds more at work, another one should share the happiness and success of their beloved. This will nurture your marriage but not break apart like jealousy will surely do.

‘You can be a slave or a tyrant or you can negotiate.’

There is no law in Georgia or any other state that can prescribe your role in marriage. Partners select their positions themselves. Some think that sacrificing their career to look after the household is common. Others choose to have one and the same unliked work for the whole life to support their family. The thing is that no one makes them become tyrants or slaves, but it can ruin their marriages one day.

The key point that can resolve a similar situation is negotiation. Peterson doesn’t see the point in holding the unsatisfaction to yourself or sacrificing your happiness with no payback. You can discuss everything that eats and displeases you with your spouse, negotiate the alternatives, and pick the best suitable solution together. It should happen again and again. We are alive, our preferences and necessities change, so the marriage and relationships should also evolve to remain relevant and firm for long years.

Jordan Peterson divorce and marriage quotes are here to inspire you to change your relationships for the better. Review your attitude to your marital life, assess your relationships, acknowledge your mistakes, learn the lessons together with Jordan B. Peterson to fix your family troubles, but not run away from your problem through the divorce.

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