Positive Aspects of Regular Dental Care

Many people go to the doctor every year for a checkup but put off a visit to the dentist as long as possible. Oral health is critical to overall health, and any problems with the mouth can manifest themselves in other parts of the body. What are some positive aspects of regular dental care that should encourage every person to make an appointment with their dentist today?

Early Detection of Problems

When you visit Merion Village Dental, the dentist does more than work on the teeth. They also examine the mouth to spot any potential problems that could escalate if not addressed. For instance, they may see a small cavity that can be treated without a filling. If the cavity is left untouched, more dental work will be needed in the future.

Plaque buildup and gum disease are two things dentists look for at every visit. If the problem has advanced, more intensive treatment methods are needed. This can be costly, and any plaque buildup in the mouth can lead to other health issues. Regular dental visits reduce the risk of these problems becoming more severe.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

At every visit, the dentist checks the oral hygiene of the patient. If they see areas that are being missed or other concerns when it comes to this hygiene, they discuss them with the patient. A person might think they are brushing their teeth properly, for example, only to learn they are missing a few spots and cavities are forming. The dentist doesn’t want to see this happen, so they work with patients to improve their oral hygiene at each visit.

Cancer Screenings

Most people don’t know their dentist is the one who will probably detect oral cancer first. Approximately 54,000 individuals learn each year they have oral cancer, and over 11,000 individuals lose their lives to this disease yearly. While this disease is most common in individuals over 63 and men are more likely to receive this diagnosis, every person needs to be checked annually to spot the signs of oral cancer early. Surgery is the preferred treatment if the cancer is caught early, and doctors may recommend radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment plan varies by the patient.

Help With Bad Breath

No person wants to walk around with bad breath. Other people will avoid them so they don’t have to deal with the foul smell. A person might try to blame it on something they ate or the fact that they just woke up, but chronic bad breath is a sign of a more serious problem. Poor oral health can lead to halitosis if not addressed. A visit to the dentist can determine the source of the bad breath and how best to treat it.

Cosmetic Treatment Options

A visit to the dentist will also provide an opportunity for an individual to discuss cosmetic dental treatment options. Every person should have a smile they love and want to share, and the dentist can make this happen. With regular care, a person can keep their new smile looking its best. The dentist will work with them to ensure this is the case.

Make an appointment with the dentist today. People with good oral health are more confident and their overall health improves. This is one visit no person should put off, as the benefits are amazing. Make the call today.

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