Planning Your First Snowboarding Trip- Here’s The Ultimate Packing List!

Your first ski trip is sure to be an enthralling experience, and you would want it to be the best. The thought of snowy slopes and open sky, along with the feel of fresh, mountain air makes you want to be there right away. But right preparation is a must as it can make all the difference. After all, you would want to be well-equipped when you hit the slopes. Having a checklist of essentials makes things easier for an enthusiastic first-timer who is likely to skip a thing or more amid the excitement. Here is one that seasoned ski-enthusiasts follow every time they embark on a trip to the snow-capped mountains.

Warm clothing

It’s going to be cold up there, so you will need to pack lots of warm clothing. You will require waterproof pants, a lightweight snow jacket, and a couple of sweaters. Don’t forget warm innerwear, as you will need to layer up for extra warmth. Snow boots are a must as well. Accessories like caps, mufflers, socks, and mittens keep you safe from the wind and snow. Even as you carry warm cloth, ensure that they are not heavy or oversized enough to restrict movement.


Even if there is snow all around on the slopes, you may expect the sun to shine brightly on high altitudes. It is best to carry your sunglasses to see the best views of the landscape without worrying about the harsh glare of the sun. You will probably want a pair to pose for some nice pictures as well. After all, you would love to flaunt the memories of your first snowboarding trip all over social media!


You don’t even need to mention this one because you cannot go snowboarding without a snowboard. Investing in an all mountain snowboard is a good idea if you plan to take the sport seriously in the long run. Look for one that is sturdy yet easy to use as a beginner. Go through the reviews of the board before you pick one and get some advice from a seasoned skier as well.

You can use this online tool from Snowboard Selector on Snowboard Selector for choosing the perfect snowboard for you. Also, be sure to bring along a snowboard lock and bag to keep it secure throughout the trip.

Safety helmet

It may be easy to overlook safety when going for your first snowboarding trip, but remember that it matters more than anything else. First things first, you need to pack a helmet because the right headgear can save your life if a mishap occurs. Also, pack along a first-aid kit and a multi-tool pack for handling minor problems with your equipment.

Portable charger

Since you will be up in the mountains most of the time, it is important to stay connected. A lipstick-sized portable charger can be your best companion. You can choose to charge your phone in the middle of nowhere, even when there’s no way to plug it around. After all, it would be hard to survive without your smartphone as you will need it for navigation, calling, listening to music, and taking photos.

Apart from packing these essentials, carry along lots of common sense and clear thinking because they will keep you safe. Ideally, you should plan your first trip with experienced friends and have a guide to instruct you all along.

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