Dordogne Travel Guide

For busy town residents, Dordogne’s rustic and natural excellence is absolute heaven. A radiant, peaceful, and welcomingly sluggish corner of the country, specked with chateaux and beautiful bastides. Visiting Dordogne is like a charming fantasy. Nothing important might be going on, yet you don’t want it to ever end. There lies its allure. Enhancing experience at Dordogne includes the commendable suppers, made with duck, dark truffle, walnut and goat’s cheddar with tasty local wines (try just outside St Emilion, where you get more taste for less money).

This article will give you some pointers on how to get the best out of your stay in the Dordogne department and region.

The Typical Sights

    • Lascaux Caves & Cave Paintings – World famous Paleolithic cave painting.
    • Chateau de Hautefort –Roam the grounds of this rich invigorated château.
    • Dordogne River – Hike on the banks, kayak, swim or ride along this peaceful stream.
    • Gardens of Marqueyssac – Play hide and seek in the maze of faultlessly etched fences.
    • Saint-Front Cathedral – Appreciate this multi-domed Byzantine church and the largest edifice of its sort in Aquitaine.
    • La RoqueGagnac – Visit this beautiful village and one of the most beautiful in France, dropped between the cliff and the river.
    • Grotte de Rouffignac & Padirac – Astonishing tri-level gigantic caverns to view the ancient graffiti, stalactites and stalagmites.

Best time to visit?

There is no particular time to visit Dordogne. Most people visit around July and August when the climate is at its best. Summer is likewise the liveliest time in Dordogne. There is a high possibility you’ll discover a festival, fair, or event, or even one of the occasional night markets, where you can relish in the open-air dinners with local people.

Visiting the Dordogne in summer usually means that streets, café, and famous attractions will be busier. Late spring and early autumn are calmer periods to visit but the climate these times might be more changeable.

During the colder months, the summer groups will have well and dispersed, uncovering a side of the Dordogne unusually observed by tourists. There is frequently fog, ice, and even rare snow in the valleys, a stunning elegance of the frosted chill on the trees. Consider Christmas in the Dordogne.  For fervent gourmets and foodies, there is one more motivation to visit from December to March during the dark-truffle season.

Renting French Gites in Dordogne

Gites are self-catering holiday cottages or houses in the countryside of France. It is an appealing alternative to camping in tents or a mobile home. It is less expensive and more convenient than hotels, and with greater freedom.

French gites are appropriate for larger groups from 5 to 15 people, whether it is your family, maybe a group of families, or a group of friends on holiday together.

Gites usually have an independent kitchen for self-catering meals, so you can prepare some family nutrition or maybe get adventurous with some French cuisine.  Your gite should have many bedrooms so everyone sleeps comfortably, with plenty of bathrooms.  Ideally you want a nice big dining table and eating area for social get togethers, whether for festivities like Christmas, Easter or summer holidays.

Such French gites with pools Dordogne are a great fun spot for children.   With the right private pool for your group, you can enjoy splashing about or relaxing on an inflatable in the swimming pool.

Choosing your French gites is the best way to enjoy your holiday in Dordogne. Many of the French gites are owned by English speakers, and you can often make reservations in sterling or euros. By going direct with the owner you suffer no organization charges or commissions, which you would if you find your gites via agencies like or TripAdvisor.  Some of the owners of gites live around the town or close by, some leave you entirely to the peace of your own personal kingdom!   Gite owners are usually passionately interested in offering a great service and an individual welcome.

How to book French Gites

Most French gites with pools Dordogne are open for holidays earlier in July and August. You can usually book all year round for your summer holidays, but it just depends on availability.  You can also visit in September when there is still good weather and fewer crowds.

French gites are less expensive in other seasons. It is a more affordable and comfortable accommodation than hotels and gives your friends and family time and space to relax together.

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