5 Awesome Things to Do in Perth this December

Perth, Western Australia is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer visitors and locals alike. If you’re lucky enough to be in the City of Light during the month of December, you’ll have no shortage of fun and interesting things to see and do.

1. Go to a Thrilling Horse Racing Event

If you want to enjoy an adrenaline rush that’s like no other, then you can head to the Kingston Town Classic. This is a thoroughbred horse race that’s been a tradition in the area since all the way back in the seventies. It draws in enthusiastic spectators from all different parts of Australia as well. “Kingston Town” is the big race’s namesake. He happens to be the big winner from 1982.

2. Feel the Holiday Cheer at 140

This city is a bustling destination that can give anyone a feeling of the holiday spirit in December. 140 is brimming with three in-depth markets that make shopping for holiday gifts, souvenirs, decorations and beyond a lot more rewarding. It’s also a haven for superb dining establishments of all kinds. If you wish to shop and indulge in tasty seasonal treats at the same exact time, you can’t go wrong at 140.

3. Head Straight to Hillarys Boat Harbour

This scenic marina is a paradise for tourists who visit the city. If you’re lucky enough to visit it in December, you’ll get access to all sorts of action-packed markets that are open all day long. It will feature a minimum of stalls that sell all sorts of charming and memorable gifts for the season and beyond. If you browse these stalls for a couple of hours, you’ll be able to check out everything from art pieces and accessories to apparel and even toys. Note, too, that Hillarys Boat Harbour is merely a few steps away from a gorgeous, spacious park.

4. Go for a Feast at Taste of WA

What good is a holiday season that’s devoid of amazing food? Luckily for you, this metropolis is a sanctuary for incredible food options in December. You can always take the time to check out the wonders of Taste of WA. It has stalls that are ideal for people who want to nosh on some of the finest local delights. If you want to kick off the holiday season with fresh vegetables, artisanal cheeses and anything else, then you won’t be able to resist a Taste of WA visit.

5. Hang Out at the Christmas Twilight Festival

You can relish the marvels of the holidays by hanging out at the famed Christmas Twilight Festival. It can be a pleasure for people who are big fans of Christmas songs of all sorts. It can be just as big a pleasure for folks who adore nothing more than checking out fascinating and intricate arts and crafts. It makes a fine spot for hanging out with family and friends.

Do you want your December to be memorable? Make a point to explore all of these first-class options. Holiday fun in the city is never hard to find.

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