Hiking Through Australia’s Blue Mountains: A Guide

The Blue Mountains are located in New South Wales and offer many sights and iconic places to visit. Maybe you’ve visited the ranges before, or it is your first time…

Starting Up

The 11,400 km2 range located in New South Wales offers many sights and iconic places to visit. Maybe you’ve visited the ranges before, or it is your first time. The climate in the Blue Mountains varies, with evening temperatures getting down to -30C, and getting upwards of the mid-20s during the day in summer. Packing warm, moisture-wicking clothing will leave you feeling fresh in these conditions.

A Classic Torch

Most people realise at some point they’re going to need LED torches whilst escaping on an outdoors adventure, whether you’re an avid camper or a weekend warrior. A Fenix torch for hiking will differ from generic torches in that it will be more durable and ideally have extended battery life and brightness. These features will be useful in low light conditions away from camp. You may want a head torch when exploring the Red Hands caves (found in the Lower Blue Mountains), as it gets quite dark in there!


Seasoned hikers will understand the importance of sun care. A good investment for any is a good sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved clothing. Check out the UV index, to assess the risk for UV damage. Select a broad-spectrum sunscreen (UV-A and UV-B coverage) as well as one that is cosmetically elegant. Invest a bit more in a good one! You’ll be more likely to use it when it sits well on your skin. Also, don’t forget to reapply, you won’t want to be getting burnt whilst photographing the three sisters.

Pack a Nutritious Lunch

Remember to keep spare water handy! Even in the cold conditions of the Blue Mountains, you will still sweat. If you feel dehydrated, it’s already too late! Calorie dense snacks such as trail mix or energy bars can help provide a quick fix of energy without adding too much weight to the pack. Formulated bars are also great to replenish lost nutrients during the vigorous hike. After breaking a sweat hiking all day, you’re going to want some replenishing food back at home base. A common misconception is that hiking food is bland and average tasting. Wrong! Spice it up and remember to pack a little extra. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can pop into the Blue Mountains Buttery, a home for delicious baked goods. Not to mention their famous Bee Sting Cakes!

Other Essentials

For winding down after a long day or night of trekking, you’ll most likely want some lighting handy at home base. Other items that are sometimes overlooked include a first aid kit, a good pair of hiking boots, a multi-tool, spare toiletries, polarised sunglasses, and a mirror (to keep you looking beautiful, of course).

Further Exploring

If you wish to plan your trip a bit better, you may want to understand the terrain and conditions beforehand to help prepare for the hike. Understanding the location and carrying an updated map of the various walks and zones you can explore will keep you from feeling lost! Most smartphones will have an accurate GPS however you may want a hard copy of the maps for the out of range areas. A common hike is to follow the smaller ranges including the Bell Range, the Explorer Range, the Mount Hay Range, and the Woodford Range. These vary in height, all roughly about 1,000 metres tall! After a long couple of days hiking, you might feel you need a night in away from the camping. A stay at the iconic The Man from Snowy River Hotel will leave you feeling settled and at home.

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Where to Go in France for Your First Time

France is a must-see country on everyone’s bucket list. There are just so many places to see in this country, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the must-sees because this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip! Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the top five places… CONTINUE READING >> 

France is a must-see country on everyone’s bucket list. Ask anyone which country they want to visit next, and you’re sure to get France out of the majority of the answers. This quaint yet extravagant country nestled in Europe has a little bit of something for everybody, may it be the food, culture, or fashion that will enchant you.

If you’ve finally made time out of your busy calendar and bought those tickets to France, then the whole planning process can get a bit overwhelming. There are just so many places to see in this country, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the must-sees because this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the top five places you definitely have to include in your itinerary. Read on to find out France’s finest destinations!

1.  Paris

Well, of course, Paris has to take the first spot in this one. Paris has been the word of mouth for French tourists spots but trust us: there is a reason why it has remained so popular all these years. We won’t delve too much into it because we want you to have the full experience but, here’s a quick tip: check out the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre right away. After that, you can go and experience the daily French life and fall in love with it.

2.  Versailles Palace

If you want to feel like you have just stepped out of your own French fairy tale, then the Palace of Versailles is the perfect destination for you. Visitors of all ages are always left enchanted by this magical place, and you might even end up never wanting to leave!

This palace has a long history, with its construction and ownership being passed down from monarch to monarch. You can take a tour in which you will get to know the intricate background of this place as you get to walk along its history-laden walls.

After you have dropped by the palace, we recommend that you take a stroll along the Versailles. This city is full of little trinkets and nuances that will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a different era.

3.  Saint-Tropez

Hailed as one of the most famous cities, Saint-Tropez’ claim to fame is based on its movie-star history. This place was home to many famous actors, as well as being one of the most famously shot places in France.

If you want a taste of French chic, then this city is going to give you that and more. Get ready to fall in love with the charm of this area through a unique tour in France!

4.  Cliffs of Etretat or Normandy

If you think France is all about culture in cities, then you definitely will have Normandy prove you wrong. The stunning white chalk cliffs in the north of France are enough to leave any visitor awe-struck at first sight.

You can actually make your way up the cliffs by walking to admire its picturesque views. Some of the most celebrated artists such as Falubert, Monet, Muapasssant, and others have taken inspiration from these cliffs and you can actually live in them!

5.  French Riviera or Old Nice

You’ve probably heard of Nice, France, but it’s counterpart Old Nice deserves the spotlight as well. This quaint little town is like a pocket of history frozen in time and nestled in the middle of the hustle and bustle of other cities.

If you’ve had your fill of France’s busy streets, then consider dropping by the French Riviera to get a break from the city life.

France is an eclectic country that houses the best of art, culture, food, and history. Feel free to check out any other spots that you think are worthy of being in the top spot!

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Moving to the City, How to Adjust to City Life

Whatever the reason, relocation is a big deal. There can be a lot to adjust to. The cost of living, rules and regulations, taxes, and making new friends. Here are some tips for making the most of your relocation… CONTINUE READING >> 

You might be moving because of career issues, or perhaps you feel like you are ready for a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, relocation is a big deal. There can be a lot to adjust to. The cost of living, rules and regulations, taxes, and making new friends. Here are some tips for making the most of your relocation.

Adventure Time

There will be days when you don’t want to head out and explore. But, if you generally try to keep a positive attitude, and treat the whole move like a big adventure, you’re more likely to enjoy it. The chances are there are museums, landmarks, cuisine and other activities that you can check out. This will help you get a grasp on the culture of the place. If you have always lived inland, but now have access to the beach – then make as much use of it as you can. Remember what has enticed you into this area, and build it into your lifestyle.


Finding your local supermarket is, the best deli, the most delicious coffee and your perfect Friday night takeaway comes with time and exploration. Google Maps can locate most of the essentials for you, but there will be hidden treats that only a local will know about.

Stay a While

Before you choose your new area, you should consider booking an apartment with a company like Blueground for a month or so. Moving into a furnished home from day one will give you time to search for the perfect place to live. You will be able to get into the ebb and flow of the city without being held down with initial errands like setting up the internet or arranging furniture delivery.

Say Hello

If you have moved somewhere with a new language, it can be challenging to integrate yourself as quickly as you might like. One of the best ways to begin to build your social circle is by attending language classes. You will meet a wide range of people all in the same position as you are. From there, you can flex your language skills in small ways by ordering a coffee or lunch. Over time your grasp of the language will become brilliant, and you will find speaking to the locals much easier.

Take It Slow

Many people might ask you how much of the language you can speak, or often ask how you’re settling in and have you done X, Y, Z yet. It is essential for you to take it at your own pace. There might be times you will get lost, forget the bus number, or be unsure what to do in certain situations. That is part of getting used to your new surroundings. Adjusting to a new space, in the same city takes time. So when you combine a more significant move and a new city (or country) – it might just take a little longer.

A Little Old

Homesickness can be really difficult to deal with. You might miss a specific smell or food item after a few weeks in your new location. Something you can do to ease the initial transition is to bring a few things from your former city. Getting your old newspaper or magazine delivered is an excellent way to keep yourself informed – without being too much of a reminder. The trick is to have a few things that comfort you and remind you of home, but not over-do it and have a shrine.

You 2.0

Moving countries or even one city over gives you an excellent opportunity. You can give yourself a fresh start. It is the perfect time to build things into your lifestyle that you didn’t have space for before. If you have moved from a smaller coastal town to a city – you’re going to find so much more to do or on the other hand, moving from inland to somewhere with beachfront access and views. Take your fresh start and run with it.

Involve Yourself

This isn’t just about meeting people. This is about making sure you get out of the house and doing something outside of work and home. It is very easy to feel isolated if you don’t get involved quickly. Check out volunteering options, classes, sports teams or anything that is related to hobbies that you currently enjoy.

Cities are vibrant, busy, exciting – and the hub of much of what drives creative industries forward. They have more to do, more to see, and many more people for you to meet. So, take your time, find your own routine, take part and give yourself space to enjoy and explore.

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Get Remarked With Print Direct for Less at Affordable Full-Color Posters

For fast, quality publication printing, you’ve picked the perfect spot. Need Design comfort? They have a whole team committed to making the design you want… CONTINUE READING >> 

Full-color poster printing from print direct for less is an old style and reasonable approach to establish a long term connection.

Perfect for enlightening, convincing, or rousing purposes, full-color printed advertisements are created on gleam content or sparkles spread for enduring solidity.

The great classic poster makes custom- specific overwhelming full-color posters. To publicize a time, advancing a business, or showing a craftsman inside you, print direct for less unites both content and realistic components in an unrivaled manner.

For fast, quality publication printing, you’ve picked the perfect spot. Need Design comfort? They have a whole team committed to making the design you want.

On the other hand, if you want to do a project yourself then you will need a printer cartridge supplier.

About Print Direct for Less Full-color Posters

At the point when you need the most excellent limited time materials, print direct for less conveys. The posters engrave on reflexive covered 100 lb. Content stock with thin covering for additional strength.

They look and feel incredible. However, the entirety of the bundles prints utilizing just non-harmful, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a vibrant, dynamic look that gives a high-quality impression in the business.

These all include 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and you have publications that ensure to dazzle.

Why print direct for less is the only choice for your posters

* Posters engraved on reflexive covered 100 lb. Content stock with fluid covering for additional solidness.

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*  All packages are supported with 100% satisfaction.

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* You get all the above mentioned, in addition to the friendliest client care anyplace.

Super-fast and reasonably priced Full-color poster printing!

Full-color poster printing is an extraordinary method to promote pieces and management. Maybe you need to announce a philanthropy capacity, celebration, or show; you need speedy administrations of a blurb printing organization!

Print direct for less is an online custom poster printing business focused on quality help and on-time conveyance.

Their skill joins with the correct sort of innovation is a specific method for giving you flawless custom publication printing. At the point when you utilize the full poster publication printing your promoting materials will be the very pinnacle of value.

Posters can likewise be sent monetarily and contact you inside the stipulated time. By fulfilling the needs of large configuration printing with our custom notices, they have just made the portfolio significant in their contributions. Print direct for less publicizes your unique structure with quality publication prints.

Extensive Color Printing Format

In case you’re searching for a primary method to have a tremendous effect, a comprehensive organization shading print may be the ideal choice. With dynamic varieties and impressive pictures, the full-color poster is an incredible method to advance your business at a moderate cost.

Print Direct for Less endeavored to sharpen their art, and comprehensive configuration shading specialists prepare to assist you with catching the eye of your crowd.

They accomplish something beyond make prints. With regards to large formats of printing, they deal a full scope of supervisions that start with an innovative plan and completing answer for your designs on a collection of materials.

The objective with few motivations to an elite publication printing organization

* Full-color, quality, poster safe inks make you notice your poster prints lively bits of promoting.

* Healthy media choices guarantee enormous configuration publications with phenomenal symbolism contrasted with other notice printing organizations.

* Enduring showcase capacities ensure an ageless publication printing business piece.

* Vivid notices are amazing, showcasing instruments for your business.

Colorful posters are powerful marketing tools for your business. By making the most of Print Direct for Less custom poster printing, you will have your materials quicker, enabling you to focus on your market rapidly and peacefully.

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The Magic of Music

Even in the modern world, you can surely say that where would be the so-called modern western civilizations if there were no music at all…

Music is a cultural art organized by sound, tempo, chorus, Rhythm, lyrics, instruments go sometimes dancing activities as well. Musical pitch dominates, Harmony, Melody or aggressions like Metal Freaks, articulation, Metering, Dynamic, etc.

Performing on different types of instruments, vocals, symphonies, it is something that endures us, influences us, lifts up our spirits and quality and Rhythm of life, etc.

The history behind the music:

Ancient Egyptians are credited are the creator of Music. What they been used a norm of obeying and worship their, several Gods and Goddesses what eventually turned out as one of the well-known, worldly accepted modern forms of music eventually as days go by!

There are several forms of music, let’s take a brief look towards them:


Different Periods of Music:

Middle Ages
20th and 21st century Music
Oral and Aural

Several Psychological aspects of Music:

Cognitive Neuroscience of Music
Cognitive Musicology
Evolutionary Musicology
Cultural Music.

Our Sociological aspects of Music:

Role of Feminism
Technology and Media
Laws of intellectual property
Music Theory
Zoom musicology
Music Therapy

Why does music get stuck on our heads?

Sometimes, your favorite song gets stuck on your head by accompanying with your day to day activities. It doesn’t really matter much if it’s a jingle or a Radio hit or even from your modern-day playlist!

According to some scientists, this is what they call Earworm! And still, even in this 21st century, they don’t know much about it!

Why do our voice changes?

There is a reason behind changing your voice on a sound recording device! What scientist believes that that happens because of the mechanisms of our ear!

Through a recording device, you don’t listen to your voice by a low frequency! But this is what you hear while you listen to your own voice when you are speaking!

Why Public singing is not for everyone

Vocal pitch plays a vital role while you sing publicly or give your speech at last! You got to be trained enough to sing in public,

And that is the moral of the story or your shameful activities! Some people call it to Tone Deaf, but I don’t think so, this I the actual answer to it.

Someone might have the inability to keep the accurate Rhythm at all. Lack of ability to hold a tune in the first place!

What do we mean by Beat Deaf?

Some people call it a Beat Deaf, but Researchers have found out that they are Rhythmically challenged.

A question may arise, why do you get chill to listen specifically to some certain genre of music? And in that particular cause, science has evolved some particular Dopamine released of it.

Why does Music bring back the past?

In the area of question, there’s an important one, such as why does some particular song bring back the old memory?!

This is what your Neuron cells have stored some old memories on their cells, and this is what it’s releasing after getting influenced again by listening to the music once again!

Importance of music on a physical workout?

Our music serves some more logical, and important physical distractions that is why listening to music while you are exercising is really helpful and important as well.

This is also triggering your spontaneous responses that actually drive your physical responses. That might be an important question like why the hell are you love to listen to sad songs?

Why do sad songs have influences upon us?

These are all because of the hormones like Oxytocin, and another one like Prolactin, which eventually deals with your romantic attachments.

What do we really mean by the music of itself?

Music is something, that is by magic by itself! This is what makes us relaxed, through sensual refreshments. That is quite natural and enthusiastic a spontaneous overflow of our own powerful feelings through recollecting tranquilities!

Creating the connections of music!

Enjoying is has the cosmic connections between has nature and our own-self! This is what released our tensions through the beats of it,

laugh and even cry through it! It has to age, religion, culture etc. even in the 21st century, I still love to listen to the music of the ’80s!! If you’re interested in creating music, check out Musicaroo for a guide To Music Production.

The utmost Usefulness of music:

Music is what helps us to get the grip of life, focused, want up to have a positive interface of life. And in the end to make love with someone!

Music as a Therapy, or the Musical Therapy by itself?!

Because this is what something helps us to release mental stress and pressure as well. Music re-sets our mind, mood, recharges and refreshed at all.

Music, for the sake of the country!

Music even can be as patriotic as hell. What eventually uplifts the spirits of the soldiers even to die for his nation as well. Music is something that can’t be said and can’t even keep it quite even if you try!

Music is really what happens by accident! You have to make it create it, build it, composed it through your creativities!

Music as for the living!

This is something maybe what you want to do for the rest of your life, even by taking is as your income source, you can surely make a living especially in the western part of the world!

Music is something that makes you feel safe! Through its lyrics, by beat, dance, Bass, Rhythm, humor, etc.

Even in the modern world, you can surely say that where would be the so-called modern western civilizations if there were no music at all?!

In the end, we can surely say that as a conclusion, MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE!!

Above all discussions, we can surely get the ideas of what is the magic of music, their perspectives, influences upon us,

And by clicking the above links of the website, we can surely get the ton of ideas of a particular genre like the A-Z of the  Heavy Metal music!!

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Tips for Traveling With Prescription Medication

Having a daily medication regimen should not exclude you from traveling, but you will need to take your prescriptions with you. This isn’t a major hurdle, but understanding the rules for traveling with medication is a must…

If you take daily medication, then you’ll need to bring it with you on any vacations that you decide to go on.

This is particularly relevant for older folks because 39% of seniors are on 5 or more prescription drugs. Having a daily medication regimen should not exclude you from traveling, but you will need to take your prescriptions with you.

This isn’t a major hurdle, but understanding the rules for traveling with medication is a must. Knowing this will make it easier for you to get through TSA and on the plane without a hassle.

Let’s take a look at some advice for traveling with prescription medication to make packing for your next trip simple.

Understand Restrictions

The first thing you need to understand is the restrictions regarding prescription medication. There are a few different elements to this.

For starters, you should understand what is and what isn’t allowed on an airplane. Just about any federally legal medication is fair game, but something like medical marijuana is not.

This means that you can bring any prescription pills and liquids, even those bigger than 3.4oz, with you. If you do bring liquid with you, then you’ll need to disclose this to a TSA officer.

The big exception to this is if you’re traveling internationally to a location where a specific medication is illegal. For example, Adderall is illegal in Japan and cannot be brought there.

Because of this, you need to also consider the local laws of wherever you’re traveling so that you aren’t unknowingly violating them. Do some research before you fly to save yourself from the hassle.

Store Medication in Original Containers

Another useful tip is to keep your prescriptions in their original container.

This isn’t a downright requirement, but it will make things easier should any questions arise. If you’re asked to prove that you have a prescription for your medication, a bottle with your name on it will simplify the process.

Usually, this won’t be an issue, but it’s smarter to be prepared just in case. It’s unlikely to have your medication confiscated, but you’ll at least save time should anyone ask you questions.

Again, if you have medication in liquid form, you’ll need to show it to a TSA officer if it’s over 3.4oz. Anything else is fine and doesn’t need to be expressly declared. Your medication will be screened via x-ray unless you ask for a physical examination instead.

Use Your Carry-On

You should also store your medication in your carry-on bag. There are two important reasons for this; easy access and preventing loss.

If you’re storing your medication in a carry-on, this means that you can use it whenever you need it. This is helpful for longer flights where you’ll likely need to use it mid-flight. On the other hand, if you stashed your medication in a checked bag, you won’t be able to use it.

The other problem with this is that you can’t watch your prescriptions during the flight. Airplane luggage is often lost or delayed and this can ruin your trip if your medication is with it. It’s extremely unlikely that you lose your carry-on bag, which makes it a much safer storage choice.

Bring Extra Dosages

The final tip to keep in mind is to bring extra dosages with you.

Even if there is a set end date for your vacation, you never know what will happen during the trip. There is a possibility that your flights are delayed or you may choose to stay longer.

Alternatively, if you use medication on a by-need basis, then having extras is almost a requirement. For instance, you may need medication for allergies. If you have a flare-up, then you might need more than your routine calls for.

Because of this, you’ll certainly want to have extras with you rather than running out mid-trip. It’s difficult to find a prescription when you’re away from home and it will likely be expensive when you find it.

There’s no harm in bringing along a few extra pills and it’s much better to be over-prepared than stranded in need.

Closing Thoughts

Traveling with medication may be a necessity for you but fortunately, it’s easy to bring along. With careful preparation, you can breeze through TSA and have what you need for your whole trip.

Before you leave, make a point of learning about any medication restrictions for the location that you’re traveling to. When you’re packing, keep all medication in their original containers, store it in your carry-on bag, and remember to bring extra dosages with you.

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed, but you shouldn’t neglect to take your medication! Be prepared for your trip by properly packing any prescription pills and liquids that you’ll need during your stay.

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Organizing a party is not just a snap of the fingers. The plan is to research about the party and the people you are expecting, the organization itself then execution…

There are two ways to a party. Either you are the attendee who shows up, eats and drinks to satisfaction, and make all the fun, then leave and the organizer. Organizing a party is not just a snap of the fingers. It’s a beast that drains you if you did not have a concrete plan before the organization itself. Hence, the reason for this article is to give you that concrete guideline on how best to approach this issue of organizing a party. The plan is to research about the party and the people you are expecting, the organization itself then execution. These three steps are further broken down below.

Discover the party you want to throw

There’s a long list of parties that are frequently organized. Every party has its requirements according to the tradition behind it. Therefore you might want to be informed about what party you are going to organize. Some of the commonly hosted parties include; birthday, engagement, housewarming, graduation, farewell, pool, surprise, get well soon, bridal, baby shower, block party, among others.

Prepare a budget

As you already know, parties involve a range of aspects such as entertainment, food, drinks, decorations, caterers, invitations, security, etc. therefore, you need to divide these aspects and decide how much you are willing to spend on the individual aspect. If you have a tight budget, then group those important and highly prioritized execute them then focus on the rest. You don’t have to take care of everything simultaneously. learn more about this from Evengo.

Select the venue and the date

You need to take care of the venue and time and date early on since all other preceding events depend on these three specifics. For instance, the food you will serve will depend on the time, either lunch or dinner. The date will affect attendance, and of course, the venue needs to be decorated before the party, and most importantly, you need to book it. If a license is required, you need to get it in advance.

Send invitations

After discovering who your guests are, send out the invitations with encouragement to confirm attendance. This helps you to plan and budget for those who will honor the invitation. While preparing the invitations, don’t forget to include the date, time, and location of the event. You may also include the directions.

Take care of the other aspects

As highlighted, other aspects of the party need to be looked at in equal measure. At this point, you want to make sure you have the music, the decorations, the party theme, and the theme decorations along with linen and tablecloths.

Also, it would be best if you had an MC. In this case, you can settle for the deejay. Furthermore, you can get a caterer depending on the party you are hosting.

Shop for food and refreshments

A party without food and refreshments isn’t a party. This is, in fact, the most critical aspect. By now, you would have already received the confirmation about party attendance. Use the numbers to make a budget on food and drinks and get them in plenty so that you can enjoy the discount.


This is the point where you put everything to act. People call it party time. This is where you get to welcome your guests and thank them for having made it and let them enjoy the good time. Remember to get your guests to give you feedback about the party. Maybe not all will do, but just a handful should act as a sample.

The bottom line

Well, right now, the feeling you are experiencing is of confidence that you can actually pull this off. Organizing a party is all about you know what you want and what is available to get you what you want. The rest will definitely fall in line.

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Searching for Serenity and Sunsets in Santorini

Santorini may well be the most famous of the Greek Isles. This is the home of the iconic whitewashed buildings and blue domed churches that we have seen gleaming in the sun against the backdrop of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea in every travelogue since we were kids.And lucky for us, the day we visited was like stepping into a postcard… CONTINUE READING >> 

Santorini may well be the most famous of the Greek Isles. This is the home of the iconic whitewashed buildings and blue domed churches that we have seen gleaming in the sun against the backdrop of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea in every travelogue since we were kids.

And lucky for us, the day we visited was like stepping into a postcard. Perfect sunny weather greeted us as we tendered ashore from our ship, the Aegean Odyssey. Even the short ride to the dock was awe inspiring because the trip was made in the caldera of an active volcano.

In fact, one of recorded history’s most violent volcanic eruptions created the unique crescent shape of the island when the bulk of the land here was blown away about four thousand years ago.

The explosion is thought to possibly be the inspiration for the legend of Atlantis and is also responsible for something about Santorini that we didn’t know until we arrived. An incredible archeological site, similar to Pompeii, was discovered when the town of Akrotiri was unearthed in the late eighteen hundreds.

The entire city was buried under layers of volcanic ash, therefore being almost perfectly preserved and providing a remarkable glimpse into everyday life from sixteen centuries before Christ.

Even though extensive excavations began in 1967, as we walked through the mammoth structure built to protect the findings scientists continued to carefully extract more artifacts. This way we could observe not only the past results, but how new finds are currently being preserved.

With the ash removed we could easily recognize the rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, along with beds, pottery, plumbing, and even artwork that have been uncovered nearly intact.

However, unlike its Italian counterpart, no people were caught up in the cataclysm, which leads researchers to surmise that they must have had some warning of the impending doom. Perhaps they had learned that earthquakes and smoke billowing from the summit were an indication of an imminent eruption and that evacuation was a very good idea.

The lack of victims frozen in time also led us to conclude that the overall experience was not nearly as disconcerting as when we visited Pompeii.

Still, it was something less than uplifting so we were ready for a bit of the scenery that has kept Santorini consistently named as one of the Top 20 Greek Islands.

So we made our way along the entire length of the island to the far northern tip and the town of Oia, home to all of those postcard pictures we were talking about.

This village is perched precariously on the very tip of the crescent shaped remainder of the caldera’s rim, so the buildings are packed tightly against each other. The blindingly bright whitewash is only broken up by splashes of blue on the domes of the churches.

Luckily, most of the roads within the town are closed to vehicles, but there was more than enough pedestrian traffic to make up for the loss.

After a few hours of wandering, and an ice cream to cool off, we were ready to make our way down the steep cliffs and back to our ship. Since this was not where we came ashore, we had to find a new way down to the sea.

This meant we needed to make our way toward the center of the isle and the current capital city, Firá. The name comes from the ancient name for the island, Thíra, being simply a variant of pronunciation.

Being the capital, this is also home to the main cathedral, the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. What the church lacks in name originality, it more than makes up for in unique whitewashed beauty.

So we lingered a while and moseyed around the myriad of shops along the tiny pathways nearby.

But we didn’t want to get left behind when the ship sailed, so we needed to hustle down to the docks. Unlike coming ashore in the morning, there is no road here.

For years, maybe centuries, donkeys carried folks up and down, but now there is a new cable car system to ferry us to the dock below.  There are still donkeys available, but locals tend to frown on using them anymore and no doubt their backs are thankful for the new found lack of customers.

Back onboard, the crew of the Aegean Odyssey knew that Santorini is also famous for one more thing, some of the world’s most vivid sunsets.

As our day came to a close the volcanic dust that still lingers in the air filtered the fading light into a masterpiece of colors across the western horizon while the disk of the sun settled into the sea.

It seemed only right to offer a toast to Helios and Apollo while we watched from the deck above the pool.

David & Veronica,

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