From Camping To Glamping With These Luxe Tips

Sometimes you want to get away from it all, see the great outdoors, but enjoy a little creature comfort and easy living. To that end, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make your camping trips a little more luxe…

Many of you may very well love the experience of going rugged and wild out there in the great outdoors, living with as few luxuries and amenities as you can while getting back to basics. There’s certainly a lot to love about such rough living, but sometimes you want to get away from it all, see the great outdoors, but enjoy a little creature comfort and easy living. To that end, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make your camping trips a little more luxe.

All the tech you’ll need

Got a few podcasts saved and want to listen to them in the evenings? Or perhaps you would love to wake up the camp with some of your favorite songs. If you’re bringing all of your electronics with you, then you have to remember to not make the mistake of forgetting a suitable power source. Portable power stations and generators can keep you well supplied while you’re out there, and relying on the car’s battery alone often isn’t enough for those who like traveling with a lot of tech. Find out how much power you’re likely to need out on the road.

Don’t skimp on your sleep

Feel like a sleeping bag on a padded tent floor isn’t quite enough to lend the forest floor the kind of comfort that you need? When people think about glamping, a big part of the experience is getting a truly good night’s sleep with ease. It’s not too hard to arrange it for yourself, either, if you’re willing to bring a double-thick inflatable mattress with you. Yes, it will be a real chore to get inflated at the start and add a little more time to the initial set-up. However, the combination of support and comfort could see you sleeping much easier than you usually would on a camping trip. Just be sure to pay close attention to reviews to make sure your expectations aren’t let down by a deflating reality.

Keep it cool

If you want a true luxury trip, then you’re going to want to bring lots of high-quality food and drink with you. However, where there’s food, there’s the question of spoilage and people tend to pack more goods that could be considered “hardy” rather than “tasty.” Naturally, a good cooler is the appropriate solution for you here. A well-made cooling container will keep your food chilled for days and can even keep ice frozen solid, so you don’t have to worry about doing ice runs to make sure you’re stocked up. Do a little research and make sure the reviews are good on your cooler of choice. There’s nothing worse than reaching inside for a cold one only to find they’re all more like a lukewarm one, instead.

Eat well

So, you’ve brought a lot of food with you and a cooler to keep it nice and fresh for dinner, as well. How about when it actually comes time to cook it all? Are you going to squat over a campfire with a pan after spending all day chopping up wood? How about bringing a fully functional camp kitchen with you, instead? These setups are getting much more popular nowadays, and offer room for an outdoor grill, space to prepare the food, and even storage space for your forks, knives, and extra food that doesn’t need to be chilled. There are plenty of great portable BBQs, as well, if you want to keep things simple.

Bring more space with you

There is, naturally, a limit as to how large your camping vehicle or tent can be. For a tent, it’s usually determined by how much space you have to transport it and, for trailers and other vehicles, you need to make sure it’s easy enough to transport. However, if you want a little more livable and comfortable space out in the wild, you don’t need a huge trailer. Rear fold camper trailers work by extending outwards and upwards, giving you a lot more room to use with a comfy canopy keeping you protected. You can effectively double the usable space in your camping site, and it’s quite easy to pack it all away again when you’re done, too.

Keep it lit

It’s not the most fantastic notion out there, as most of us will bring lighting to make sure we can relax as the sun goes down and beyond. However, which lights you bring can make a real difference to the mood and the atmosphere. Regular fairy lights are popular for setting the mood, but they’re expensive and pretty wasteful when it comes to keeping them powered. The sun is here to say the day yet again, however, with solar-powered fairy lights being more affordable and accessible than they ever have been. They’re great for even lighting both inside and outside the tent, and they set a lovely atmosphere for the campsite, as well.

Get warm

A lot of people love the feeling of the brisk, cool air when camping in the autumn or the winter, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, those nights can get extraordinarily chilly and you don’t want to have to retreat into the tent on account of a little cold. Portable tent heaters are getting more affordable nowadays, with the most popular choices being propane and electric heaters. If you’re using them inside your tent or camper, then it’s essential you practice proper safety and make sure that the area is very well ventilated. However, a good space heater can help you stay comfy even when you’re outdoors and takes a lot less effort to get going than a campfire, that’s for sure.

There’s got to be a cleaner way

Naturally, taking care of your hygiene is a must when you’re out camping. But how do you usually do it? Wash from a nearby river? Make sure you’re close to a clean drinking water hose at a campsite? Rely solely on wet wipes? None of those solutions are perfect. Camping showers are a good deal better, that’s for certain. There are different kinds you can get, including those that are solar-powered, which tend to be easier to power and cheaper, and those that propane powered, that tend to offer quicker heating and better water pressure. Just unfold a privacy tent if you’re worried about the local birds getting an eyeful and you’re set.

When nature calls

Staying clean is one thing, but about when it’s time to deal with a little waste disposal? It might not be the most pleasant of topics to think about, but it can really be a bummer (forgive the pun) when it comes to your camping trip. A lot of people, women especially, find it tricky to go to the bathroom in the woods. It can feel pretty exposing and embarrassing, and never feels entirely clean or hygienic. However, there are portable toilets that you can take with you camping, as well. They come with different weight capacities, and many have biodegradable bags so you can dispose them in the wilderness without any guilt. As mentioned, privacy tents can be brought too, making the whole experience a lot less uncomfortable.

Sit back and relax

After a full day of setting up camp, exploring your surroundings, making dinner, and so on, then you’re naturally going to want to lounge around and take some time to chill. Good camping furniture is a must, and it’s so very often forgotten. You might be getting sick of inflating stuff if you brought an inflatable bed with you. However, it’s worth persevering for the kind of comfort that a pull-out inflatable sofa could offer you. It’s a super comfy place to sit back and admire the shifting sky out in the woods, and it can even work as a bed if push comes to shove. Though, it’s recommended you sleep under a roof, not under the night sky.

Wake up to a fresh brew

That thermos flask of coffee isn’t going to last very long. If you’re the kind of person who can’t function until they’ve had their first cup of coffee, then camping might be especially tough on you. For many people, boiling some water and adding some instant coffee simply isn’t going to do the trick. However, cafetieres are becoming smaller, more portable, and much easier to bring with you on a camping trip to make you some real quality coffee. They can be pretty expensive and they require a decent amount of power to keep going, but at least you can now feasibly bring them on the road with you and get the pep that you need at the start of the day.

There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy and making a more comfortable camping trip for yourself. Just as there’s nothing wrong with getting back to basics and living as close to nature as you can. There’s a different time for all kinds of trips, so consider the tips above if you want to make time for a much cozier camping trip.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

Hangin’ with FDR and Eleanor at Hyde Park

Sometimes in our travels we come upon connections across history — and miles — in coincidental and unpredictable ways.

Come along with us as we explore the Presidential Library and Museum (and yes, we found the weird stuff!), peek into the houses that the Roosevelts lived in — together and apart — and have the privilege to visit with a friend of Eleanor’s (seriously)… CONTINUE READING >>

Veronica hanging out with Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt at Hyde Park on Hudson, New York!

Sometimes in our travels we come upon connections across history — and miles — in coincidental and unpredictable ways.

On our recent exploration through Holland we encountered two important sites in the life of explorer Henry Hudson, the spot where he set sail from Amsterdam in the Half Moon and, Hoorn, where a replica of the ship is headed this summer.

The Roosevelt Ride - a great day trip from NYC!
The Roosevelt Ride picked us up at the Poughkeepsie train station.

Upon returning to the States we found ourselves once again in old Henry’s stomping grounds.

This time on the banks of the river that bears his name, as we were invited to take the Roosevelt Ride for a visit to the home and library of President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Hyde Park on Hudson in New York.

Exploring the Library and Museum

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

After a hop, skip, and a jump up the Hudson River from New York City on the Metro North train, and a short ride on The Ride from Poughkeepsie, we found ourselves at FDR’s Library & Museum.

Opened in 1940, this was the first US Presidential Library ever created. Before that, presidential papers were considered property of the outgoing executive, so they could do whatever they liked with them.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Some even chose to destroy them.

It was Roosevelt’s hope that by donating all of his papers, the library would become an important research center, as well as a preservation of the history of his time in office.

Both aims have been a resounding success.

Thousands of researchers use the archives, and even more visitors, like us, enjoy a firsthand look at one of America’s most influential presidencies.

Very cute letter from a child to Franklin D. Roosevelt
Our favorites were from kids!

In the entry hall to the museum, a wall is covered with letters sent to the president.

We spent some time perusing the correspondence and found that while most of it was complimentary, several held extremely harsh criticism as well.

Partisan politics is nothing new, but we were impressed that FDR not only kept these, but they are now proudly on display.

Click here to see more examples of our favorite letters sent to FDR.

Campaign button and flyer for FDR election at the Frankin D Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Campaign button (the donkey has mechanical legs!) and flyers

FDR's lucky campaign hat at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

We moved on along a timeline which begins with the Great Depression and FDR’s first campaign, and continues on with mementos from all four of his election victories.

We found a few choice items such as his lucky hat, which he wore in every campaign, and a giant paper mâché sphinx featuring the president’s head.

A giant sphinx head with FDR's face at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

The sphinx head came from the time when speculation was gathering about whether Roosevelt would run for an unprecedented third term.

For a long time the president remained stoically silent on the issue and the press started showing him as a sphinx in political cartoons.

The giant figure was the centerpiece at the annual Gridiron Club White House Correspondent’s Dinner in December of 1939. FDR liked it so much that he asked if he could keep it.

Recreating a fireside chat at the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York
Recreating a Fireside Chat
The Bell of Michele was given by the people of Capri in 1944 and rung to mark V-E and V-J Days in 1945 - at the FDR Presidential Library in New York
The Bell of Michele was given by the people of Capri in 1944 and rung to mark V-E and V-J Days in 1945.

A new temporary exhibit, running only until the end of 2015, features gifts Roosevelt received while in office.

Some fabulous fineries, such as jewel encrusted swords and magnificent china sets, were given by government dignitaries from around the world.

A cowboy lassos Hitler at the Roosevelt Libray and Museum

However, much of the more interesting items came from ordinary American citizens.

People sent the president all sorts of hand-made crafts, including a vest made of buttons, an amazing carved wooden bell tower, and figures of a cowboy lassoing Hitler.

The archives of the Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York

The basement serves as storage space, but cutaway windows were installed so visitors can still take a look at the rooms filled with letters, documents, and a massive collection of model ships.

Roosevelt had been a collector since childhood, mostly of stamps and naval memorabilia.

Franklin Roosevelt's car was outfitted so he could drive without the use of his legs. Displayed at the FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York

Two of the museum’s most popular exhibits are also down in the cellar, the 1936 Ford Phaeton that FDR had specially modified so that he could drive it only using his hands, and the desk he used in the Oval Office during his presidency.

Polio left Roosevelt without use of his legs after contracting the disease at 39 years old in 1921, so a series of knobs and levers were devised to control the brakes, accelerator, and clutch of his car.

A box attached to the steering column delivered a lit cigarette at the touch of a button.

FDR's desk at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York

The desk is known as the Hoover desk because it was given to FDR’s predecessor.

When Roosevelt took office in the depths of The Depression, he decided not to change any furniture.

He used this desk his entire time in the White House and the library has kept it just as he left it, with all of the knickknacks and books in place.

The gravesite of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt at the Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York

Leaving the museum we passed through a rose garden that was one of the president’s favorite spots on the property.

It is where he chose to be laid to rest, along with Eleanor.

FDR insisted that no large monument be erected, just a plain piece of marble no larger than his desk.

Springwood, where FDR was born, grew up, and used as the Summer White House

Springwood, where FDR was born, grew up, and used as the Summer White House in Hyde Park, New York

Inside Springwood, FDR's home

After building the library, he also chose to donate his home and the grounds to the people of the United States effective upon his death.

One year to the day after FDR passed away the home was opened to the public and the entire complex is administrated by the National Park system as a National Historic Site.

The dining room at Springwood, FDR's home, Hyde Park, New York

We were met on the driveway of the house by a ranger, Scott, who began by showing us how much the structure was changed from its original floorplan.

The estate, known as Springwood, was purchased by James Roosevelt, the president’s father, in 1866 for forty thousand dollars, which was a healthy chunk of change in those days.

The bedroom - and bed - that Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in at Hyde Park, New York
The bedroom – and bed – where FDR was born.

At the time it was a wood-framed house, but after his father’s death FDR’s political ambitions grew, and he thought that the house should too.

By 1916 he had more than doubled the size and completely enclosed the original building inside a new stone edifice he designed to be fitting for a governor of New York, or even to serve as the Summer White House for a president.

The elevator at Springwood, FDR's home. He pulled himself up with the ropes.
The elevator FDR used after he was unable to walk up the stairs due to polio. He pulled himself up with the ropes.

Even as both of those plans came to fruition, the interior remained fairly similar to its original.

There are no huge ballrooms or opulent entryways; in fact the inside is quite homey.

Scott showed us around the ground floor, where more of Roosevelt’s collections are kept.

In the front room, a showcase full of stuffed birds native to the Hudson Valley occupies one wall.

As a youngster the future president collected the specimens, and even performed the taxidermy on a few, until his very protective mother noticed the chemicals were turning his skin green.

Franklin Roosevelt's study at Springwood, Hyde Park, New York

In the study, the desk where FDR worked on his much less toxic stamp collection remains in one corner underneath a large bookshelf.

This room was one of the few in the house that he could call his own.

The home was rightfully his mother, Sara’s, and she continued to live in it until her death in 1941.

Sara Roosevelt's Snuggery at Springwood, home of FDR, in Hyde Park, New York

Her little office where she handled the household affairs, was known as the Snuggery because of its cramped quarters, was created by dividing the parlor during remodeling.

We were fascinated by the 1939 RCA television tucked away in a corner, a gift to the president, but can’t imagine that there was any signal to pick up out here in the relative wilderness.

Franklin Roosevelt's bedroom at Springwood, Hyde Park, New York
FDR’s bedroom

Of course this was also home for Eleanor Roosevelt, but there is ample evidence that she never really felt at home.

Mother-in-law Sara seemed to make certain that it was clear who served as the lady of the house.

There is only one room in the entire house that the First Lady had any impact on, a tiny former dressing room adjacent to the President’s bedroom.

Eleanor Roosevelt's bedroom at Springwood in Hyde Park, New York

Mrs. Roosevelt, Eleanor, not Sara, turned that little space into her own bedroom after Franklin contracted polio, so she could be nearby to help him.

After finding a packet of amorous letters from her former social secretary, Lucy Mercer, while unpacking FDR’s luggage, Eleanor began spending more and more of her time at Val-Kill Cottage. According to the Library the Roosevelts, “thereafter were more politicall partners than husband and wife.”

Eleanor’s digs, Val-Kill Cottage

Val-Kill Cottage, Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, New York

Val-Kill cottage is about two miles away from Springwood and part of the estate, but did not become the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site until 1977.

Mrs. Roosevelt stayed in the home from the time of the president’s death until she passed away in 1962. Then it was sold to developers, and finally a public campaign succeeded in preserving it.

Or guide at Val-Kill was Doris Mack, a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt's

Our guide for Val-Kill was a rare treat indeed, a friend of the First Lady.

Ms. Doris Mack first met Mrs. Roosevelt at an NAACP meeting, and both women were members of the nearby St. James Church.

Doris took us inside and explained that the building was originally used as Val-Kill Industries, a furniture factory that Eleanor Roosevelt established in 1927 with three friends, Nancy Cook, Marion Dickerman, and Caroline O’Day.

The living room at Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

Most of Val-Kill’s present furnishings were made in that factory and used by Mrs. Roosevelt when this became her residence.

The cottage is small, but packed with history, as the former first lady was very active in politics throughout her life.

The study at Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site
Mrs. Roosevelt’s office

Ms. Mack pointed out the chairs used when a young senator named Kennedy came to Val-Kill in hopes of getting Mrs. Roosevelt’s support as he ran for president in 1960.

The cottage was also a place for outdoor activities, with picnics and swimming being favorites. The President would regularly use the swimming pool as a favorite form of exercise after he had lost the use of his legs.

Today the pool is closed and covered, but plans are in place to refurbish it since it was an integral part of Val-Kill.

After spending an entire day exploring, we still didn’t come close to seeing everything that we would have liked to.

We most certainly need to make a return trip.

Now we know just a little of how FDR felt when he said, “All that is within me cries out to go back to my home on the Hudson River.”

David and Veronica,

Find out more about the Roosevelt Ride
Look through more of our favorite letters to FDR from Americans
See the Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC
See all of our adventures in New York!

A big thank you to Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, Dutchess County Tourism and for providing this enlightening adventure. As always, all opinions are our own.

Spotlight on Peace Education in the World

It is very crucial to achieve world peace and make peace in countries where conflicts happen.  Peace ambassadors such as Prem Rawat will tell you that peace is very important for the survival of mankind…

Why is world peace very important?

When you hear about war, you may think that it is overrated because you have never experienced it. But the truth is that war is real and it has many severe consequences. People lose their property, their families, and even their lives. Those people that get the chance to survive usually live in fear and suffering or they hope that they can move to another country.

That’s why it is very crucial to achieve world peace and make peace in countries where conflicts happen.  Peace ambassadors such as Prem Rawat will tell you that peace is very important for the survival of mankind. You can read more about Prem Rawat at We should work together to achieve it. One of the best ways to change the world and promote world peace is through education.

We should try and make education more accessible to every person in the world because it is the key to promoting the understanding of health issues, social justice, and eradicating global poverty. Education can enable us to meet our survival needs and benefit the economy.  It also has a humanitarian impact on us. We become better stewards of the globe, more tolerant of people’s opinions, and less likely to resort to acts of violence.

Actions that are being implemented to promote world peace

Some of the actions that are being implemented to promote world peace include:

1. Sharing out wealth fairly

According to studies, 40% of people who join rebel groups do so because of a lack of economic opportunities. Economic fairness when it comes to public resources is key. That’s why sharing out resources fairly can improve security for everyone.

2. Tackling climate change

Ecological stress as a result of global warming is proven to intensify conflicts over resources such as water and land, especially in some African countries. The United Nations climate agreement is evidence that the planet can tackle and eradicate crises by co-operation and not war. Dealing with climate change strategy will greatly promote peace.

3. Controlling arms sales

The promotion of arm sales has significantly heightened global tensions. The increase in the number of arms has also pushed for conflicts and makes violence more rampant. That’s why arms treaty signatories have come up with rules regarding arms possession. Some countries have banned nuclear weapons and made it illegal to possess or use them.

How can world peace be fostered through education?

Education has a significant impact when it comes to peace-building. Education has extremely fostered the concept of peace across the world.  Education offers learners the ability to make rational decisions. Some institutes have started teaching a unit called Critical thinking to learners. This helps the learners to think and offer a responsible approach and solutions whenever they are faced with crises. This promotes peace since people will look for better ways to solve disputes instead of resorting to violence.

Additionally, in schools, learners are guided under laws and regulations. This helps in ensuring that each learner does what is expected of them. This helps to build a sense of responsibility. If a learner does anything wrong, they will face the consequences of their actions, therefore shaping them to become responsible citizens who can fully follow the rules of a country.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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Traveling is Not a Competition, or is It?

We just heard about a new idea, Competitours.
The idea is to make each tour a competition, à la The Amazing Race, while discovering new places in a unique and exciting manner. Honestly, we can hardly think of anything more up our alley…


We’ve done our share of tours over the years and, while they do have advantages such as skipping long lines and reducing the hassles of booking hotels and finding restaurants, exciting is not usually a word that jumps to mind when we describe them.

Then we heard about a new idea, Competitours.  They bring a completely different concept to touring that could certainly change our outlook. I must say, our curiosity shot up to a inevitable feline fatality level.

Simply put, the idea is to make each tour a competition, à la The Amazing Race, while discovering new places in a unique and exciting manner. Honestly, we can hardly think of anything more up our alley.

The two of us are crazy competitive, to the point of jumping out of an airplane just because of a dare.

It started long ago, on the Christmas Eve before our oldest was born. On that not so silent night we spent hours timing each other to see who could solve her baby puzzle present the fastest.

We had bought her a learning toy that had shapes that fit into a cube and while attempting to wrap it made the big mistake of trying it out. Easy, peasy, just put the stars, circles, triangles, and rectangles into their corresponding holes.

Soon we were timing each other while madly stuffing plastic blocks into the shaped holes as fast as we possibly could… over and over and over again. This ridiculous display of insanity continued into the wee hours of Christmas morning until we finally collapsed, wild eyed and sweat drenched, under the tree.

Neither one of us can remember who emerged victorious, but the rivalry was burned into our memories so needless to say we will be taking winning a part of the $3,600 to be split by top 3 teams very seriously. We can also take comfort in some good news; even if we fail no one gets eliminated.

Even better, some challenges actually upend the normal ambition of seeking victory, instead committing to the intriguing goal of simply being the ‘least worst’! Now that sounds like something we might have a good shot at.

We also love to discover new destinations, especially those that are off the beaten path, and Competitours does just that as they zig zag through a secret ten day itinerary of nooks and crannies in Western Europe that will bypass most of the big cities and tourists meccas.

They have scoured the continent in search of iconic, pedestrian friendly medium sized cities, mountain hamlets, coastal enclaves, and medieval flavored villages to explore.

Along the way each two person team will earn points by completing fun, interactive challenge activities that take sightseeing to a new level. They call it sightDOING.

Previous challenges have included chocolate making in Switzerland, a scavenger hunt in Spain, indoor skydiving in Copenhagen, Kite fighting in Holland, an Iron Chef style dinner in Italy, and building and sailing a raft made of barrels, pieces of wood, and some twine in the shadow of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Other past Comptitours adventures took competitors down the longest alpine coaster in the world, which ironically is in one of the smallest countries in the world, Andorra. Another television style contest during a trek high in the Alps of Austria incorporated Tyrolian dance and musical instruments in a competition akin to Dancing With The Stars.

Of course these are just to get an idea of what to expect. The challenges change every year, so there is no telling what might be in store for this summer. We do know for sure that 2020 will feature at least three totally new contests that have never been attempted before.

With all that we have learned about this new travel concept, we can’t help but think that all of this really does sound just about perfect for us, with the possible exception being the fact that we are not spring chickens anymore.

No worries, all of the challenges are about being creative, resourceful, and spontaneous, so speed (yes, we have lost a step or two) or physical prowess are not the deciding factors. Anybody can play… and win!

Our competitive streak aside, ultimately Competitours is all about fun, with friendly rivalries made during the day and even more sociable revelry filling the nights.

Steve Belkin, the Evil Genius behind this great idea, and the fearless Trip Leader on the adventures, might just have us beat when it comes to competitive nature. How else could he possibly rack up over forty five million frequent flier miles?

That’s right, 45 million! From what we have learned this required some rather elaborate schemes involving Thai rice farmers, four thousand luggage tags, a couple of empty wings in budget hotels, and about nine thousand magazine subscriptions.

All we can say is holy crap!

An additional point in his favor, certainly with David, a life-long Packers fan, is that Steve is the self-proclaimed Ultimate Cheesehead.

He was also kind enough to put us in touch with several previous competitors, including his mother (who has participated six times and is a hoot) and all were more than happy to share some of their experiences with us.

Without fail they had a ball, but above and beyond their descriptions of the great time had by all, the thing that stood out to us was the bonding that occurred between contestants that was forged by the heat of the competition.

Each and every one of them agreed that this was an experience that made memories that will last a lifetime.

We think that’s what traveling is all about.

David & Veronica,

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

Ideas on How to Pick the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Having a heavy duty crate for your dog can be very convenient if you want to give your beloved pet his/her own private home or sanctuary. However, it is possible that you have been using the wrong one or will purchase one that is unfit for your hound… CONTINUE READING >> 

Why Should You Buy a Dog Crate – Who Needs It?

Having a heavy duty crate for your dog house can be very convenient if you want to give your beloved pet his/her own private home or sanctuary. It is also great for a dog that loves to destroy things when you are not home, or you do not need your pet bothering you while you have visitors. However, it is possible that you have been using the wrong one or will probably purchase one that is unfit for your hound. You can find a lot of dog crates on this website:

The reason is that dogs come in different shapes, sizes, behavioral traits, etc. You can put a pug or even a Lhasa dog breed in a regular crate because they are smaller, less destructive, and tend to be calmer. How about bigger, curious, and more destructive dogs like the rottweiler, American Pitbull Terrier, German Shepherd, etc.? Their inquisitive nature will always tug at them, making them want to sneak out of their crates.

All dogs are smart, but most of these big ones dislike being locked up in a crate, and if you put them in regular ones, they keep chewing it, scratching or hitting it until it gets destroyed. For this reason, you need to get a heavy duty dog kennel that your canine cannot destroy.

So, if you are disinterested in spending money almost all the time to change your dog’s crate, then you should read this to learn how to do it right.

Tips on Picking the Right Heavy Duty Dog Cage

So, you may have the money to get a crate for your destructive dog, but picking the right one seems like a problem for you. You can stop worrying now, the tips that would be listed below would help you make the best heavy duty crate purchase decision when you walk into that dog store.

How to Choose Your Dog Crate

• Lock should be sturdy

Years ago, my very smart German Shepherd dog who disliked being confined in a box would always use his paws to open the crate latch and run out. However, I learned that due to his size, this would continually happen until I get a crate that is heavy duty because they usually come with more secure locks that would be difficult for a dog to pick.

Never replace the secure lock with a padlock. The aim of getting a secure lock is to prevent the pet from running out of the heavy duty crate. It is also easy enough for you to open to let your pet out in case of an emergency.

Ease of Movement

Due to the nature and properties of heavy duty dog crates, they are usually very heavy to move. So, if you want to get one, invest in something that has wheels so that you can move your pup around at your convenience. Also, get a heavy duty crate that has detachable wheels, in case you need to travel with your dog in an airplane, ship, truck, etc.

• Pick a larger-than-life heavy duty crate

Most regular cages are made with mesh wire, which does not stand a chance if a big dog decides to set himself free from his cage. These big dogs simply look for the weak pot of their crate and tear into pieces just to get out. If you must go for a crate, buy the heavy duty dog cage that comes with thick bars that your dog cannot cut with his teeth. It should also be spacious enough to protect the dog very well.

Durable Crate

All heavy duty crates for dogs are made from iron bars for sturdiness and bite-resistant. However, ensure that these sturdy dog crates are not only resistant to dog bites but also corrosion-resistant. It needs to be that way because you would not want a crate that begins to rust away when you wash and disinfect it.

  • • Easy Cleaning

If only heavy duty crates for dogs came with a toilet, it would be a perfect home for your dog, but they do not. So, you may want to consider buying one that comes with a tray so that when your dog does its business, you can easily scoop it away. It may be easier to manage if your dog is potty trained and goes to poo or pee at certain times.

Materials for a Heavy Duty for Dogs

The following points form the list for the best and worst materials to use for a heavy duty large dog crate:

Aluminum (Great): This material is the best for building a tough crate for your dog. It is not only a light material but also will not rust, making it the perfect material for building the perfect home for your pup.

Steel (Great): This material is sturdy, too, especially for outdoor use. However, it is best if you invest in one that has been built with top quality steel material. Most of these steel heavy duty crates for dogs are powder-coated to withstand the harshest weather.

Plastic (Manageable): This kind of crate with mesh wires can work for very little dogs like a Lhasa Apso, but bigger dogs can chew through it.

Wood (Worse): Unless you want to waste your money, do not buy this because most large dogs and even small ones will chew wooden made crates like biscuits, just to get out.

Final Thoughts for Heavy Duty Crate for Dogs

Now that you have learned about heavy duty crate for your dog and their features, you can walk into any store and use the features listed as a benchmark for purchasing the best heavy duty crate you think is fit for your pet. Which heavy duty crate have you purchased?

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Family Trip to Florida? Five Experiences Not to Be Missed

Florida is famed for its fantastic beaches, enthralling theme parks and tempting temperatures all year round. If you fancy Florida for your next vacation destination, be sure to continue reading to avoid missing out on any amazing experiences… CONTINUE READING >> 

Florida is famed for its fantastic beaches, enthralling theme parks and tempting temperatures all year round. If you fancy Florida for your next vacation destination, be sure to continue reading to avoid missing out on any amazing experiences.

1. Walt Disney World Resort

No one is ever too young or too old to appreciate the magic of Disney. Walt Disney World comprises several theme parks and water parks with no one ever being able to complain of being bored. There is simply so much to do, which is why people visit time and time again. For others, this is a once in a lifetime experience and being why they opt for a 7- or 14-day pass, ensuring there is time to cover everything they want to. As well as meeting all your favorite Disney characters, perhaps even dining with one or two, and experiencing a wide range of rides, you can also go on the hunt for some superb Disney merchandise in one of many shops.

2. Kennedy Space Center

Whether you are a Space enthusiast or have zero knowledge of things beyond our earth, the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex in Orlando holds a lot of appeal for most, young or old, male or female. There are so many aspects to this wonderful experience, from exploring a genuine moon rocket to the astronaut hall of fame, and from an array of exceptional IMAX movies to live interactive theatrical performances. There are several bolt ons that you can add too, such as special tours and behind the scenes looks. You may even be able to time your visit perfectly and see an actual launch. Imagine being so close to something so remarkable. The complex itself is an enormous 140,000 acres, so a bus will allow you to take the weight off your feet for a little while, ensuring you do not miss out on anything from being unable to move.

3. Dolphin Cruises

Many people dream of seeing dolphins up close and personal, some even wishing to swim alongside them. However, a dolphin cruise is a safe way of witnessing these beautiful sea creatures in their natural habitat. Dolphin watching is a marvelous way to spend time. Be sure to take a camera along to capture the sights and make long lasting memories. Finding out about the history of the area as well as facts about these mammals can be fascinating. And who doesn’t love it when a boat ramps up the speed? Hold on to your hats and enjoy the waves crashing around you. Daytime cruises can be wonderful, but sunset ones magical and certainly more romantic. Watching the sun lower on the horizon while breathing in the salty air can be simply breathtaking.

4. Everglades National Park

Whenever anyone mentions Florida, the Everglades are one of the first things most people think about. This is the second largest national park in the country behind Yellowstone. Consisting of over one and a half million acres of subtropical marshes and swamps, it is definitely worth paying a visit. If you are keen to spot any of the exciting wildlife native to this area, a boat trip here could be absolute perfect for you. From crocodiles to otters, turtles to panthers, there are so many opportunities to capture a glimpse of these stunning creatures. There are many ranger-led trips you can take part in, and as this is one thing you certainly would regret not visiting, you are bound to find one perfect for you.

5. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens is an African themed safari animal theme park with a lot of appeal. With nine rollercoasters, two water rides and an array of others to test out, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to this theme park. In addition to the excellent rides for thrill seekers out there, those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground will still have plenty to see and do. From gorillas and chimpanzees to tigers and Komodo dragons, elephants and cheetahs to crocodiles and alligators, the animal enclosures offer an experience not to be missed. The fairly recent addition of the Animal Care Center gives visitors the chance to see the vital work of the Busch Garden veterinarians in the state-of-the-art animal hospital. As well as the usual day to day attractions, Busch Gardens also hosts many special events such as food and wine festivals, live music performances and specific shows for Hallowe’en and Christmas.

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Three Butterbeer Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Like Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans were first introduced to Butterbeer in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where students took trips to Hogsmeade and tasted the delicious beverage at the Three Broomsticks. According to Harry, it’s the ‘most delicious thing he’d ever tasted’. So how does it actually taste, and can you make your own Butterbeer? Let’s find out…. CONTINUE READING >> 

Harry Potter fans were first introduced to Butterbeer in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where students took trips to Hogsmeade and tasted the delicious beverage at the Three Broomsticks. According to Harry, it’s the ‘most delicious thing he’d ever tasted’.

So how does it actually taste, and can you make your own Butterbeer? Let’s find out.

Luckily, many Harry Potter fans are also awesome chefs, and Butterbeer definitely tops the list of Harry Potter food and drinks to try and recreate. It’s the symbol of Harry’s freedom and rebellion when he finally escaped to Hogsmeade and it signifies the thrill of exploring the magical wizarding world, plus the comfort of friendship with Hermoine and Ron.

Here are some enchanting Butterbeer recipes that are sure to warm your heart and stomach.

Classic Frozen Butterbeer:

You’ll need:

Cream soda

Heavy cream

Butterscotch sauce

This classic recipe takes like the Butterbeer you’ll find at the Harry Potter studios in Watford. Begin by placing the soda in a large, shallow dish and place it in the freezer for half an hour. Once it’s removed from the freezer, if it’s started to freeze around the edges, break it up and put it back in for another thirty minutes. Repeat the process until the soda becomes very slushy.

When the soda is almost ready, make the topping. Beat the heavy cream until it’s similar to the texture of beer foam. Then, whisk in enough of the butterscotch sauce to give the cream a strong butterscotch flavour.

To serve, pour or spoon the slushy soda into a clear cup or glass, and spoon the foamy topping on the top.

Butterbeer Milkshake:

You’ll need:

Cream soda

Vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream

Butterscotch syrup

Butterscotch chips

If you love the idea of frozen Butterbeer but want to turn it into a milkshake, this is the perfect recipe for you. It blends butterscotch and cream soda with ice cream for a perfect frozen beverage.

Start by placing your glass in the freezer to chill, and then combine half a cup of butterscotch syrup, cream soda, ice cream, and a pinch of salt in a blender until smooth. Remove your glass from the freezer and drizzle a generous helping of butterscotch syrup inside. Pour the milkshake into the glasses and decorate the top with whipped cream and butterscotch chips. Voila!

Vegan Butterbeer:

You’ll need:

Apple juice

Plant milk

Butterscotch syrup

Vegan ice cream

Pinch of cinnamon and ginger

If you’re looking for a plant-based version of Harry Potter’s favourite drink then look no further. All you need to do is swap out the ice cream for a plant-based version and you’ll have an alternative, vegan option that Harry would still describe as the best thing he ever tasted.

Mix the spices and plant milk in a small bowl, then pour apple juice into a mug or cup. Pour the spice mixture over the apple juice, then add a scoop of ice cream and top with some extra cinnamon. If you need to, you can add more apple juice to make the butterbeer rise more. Swap apple juice for cider if you want to make an alcoholic version.

Boozy Butterbeer:

You’ll need:

Butterscotch Schnapps

Whipped cream flavoured vodka

Cream soda

Marshmallow fluff

If you want to add an extra kick to your butterbeer, this sweet, boozy recipe is perfect. It’s bound to go down a treat at Halloween parties too. Mix together ice, schnapps, vodka, and cream soda in a blender and strain into a glass. Use a fork to whip marshmallow fluff and a little bit of butterscotch schnapps in a dish until it’s liquid, and use the mixture to top off the drink.

Which one of these will you try first?

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Tips for Protecting Your Body When Surfing

Surfing on the beach offers a thrilling experience but can also be a huge threat to the life of the surfer. Continue reading below to learn what you should do while surfing to protect your body…

Surfing on the beach offers a thrilling experience. For a start, you feel great after paddling out of a giant tide. Besides that, it helps you in burning calories while at the same time having fun. On the other hand, surfing on the ocean is a double edged sword. Apart from being an exciting experience, the activity can also be a huge threat to the life of the surfer. There are many cases of surfers who get injured on the beach. Then there are also those who don’t live to tell their story after being drowned by killer tides. Fortunately, there are ways of avoiding all these dangers and stay safe while enjoying your favorite pastime activity. Continue reading below to learn what you should do while surfing to protect your body.

1. Get Some Training First

Most novice surfers are attracted to the sport after watching professional surfers on TV. While surfing looks cool from whichever angle you choose to look at it, it’s not one of those things that you can wake up one day and start doing. The problem with beginning surfers is that they think they are good to go as long as they are able to cling on their surfing boards. Keep in mind that sometimes the impact of the waves is strong enough to crash a board. For the sake of being on the safe side, it’s recommended you first enroll for some surfing lessons that are offered by experienced surfing instructors so you can build good surfing foundations. Such lessons will equip you with skills that you can use to rescue yourself in case the unexpected happens.

2. Wear Protective Gear

 This one is a no brainer. There is no way of guaranteeing your safety when you show up at the beach without wearing protective gear. If you are a beginner, it’s recommended you wear a helmet. The gear is designed to protect your head in case you take a nosedive and land at the bottom of the sea or bump into some rocks. And that’s not all. The helmet can protect your head from being banged by a stray surfing board. Since falling off the board is inevitable, you want to be sure that it will not land on your head. It’s also important that you wear earplugs for surfing. These earplugs are designed to protect your ear canals from being exposed to extremely salty water and wind. You should also wear a fitting swim suit for the sake of protecting your skin from coming into direct contact with the cold water.

3. Maintain a Safe Distance

You certainly never thought that surfing close to other people could be dangerous. Surfing too close to others can actually result in fatal injuries. Picture this. If either of the surfers loses control of their board, they might fall and bump against you. The worst is that you might be hit by their board during a fall. That’s why it’s recommended you maintain some distance between yourself and other people that are also surfing. And you should not be too far because they are the ones that can come to your rescue in case you need help.

4. Avoid Clashing with the Board

Like mentioned earlier in the article, falling off the board is part and parcel of surfing. And since, your body is always tied to the board via a leash, you can be sure that it will follow you wherever you go. While this is done to minimize your chances of drowning, the board can still end up injuring you during such falls that come unexpected. By the rule of thumb, you should try your best to jump away from the board. This helps in ensuring that the board’s impact is absorbed by pressure of the water. In fact, you should make sure you dive with your feet first, especially when the water is shallow to avoid getting injured by rocks and other hard surfaces.

5. Avoid Rip waves

Rip waves are basically strong tides that move out of the sea. They are dangerous because they can drown you and or push you into the deep sea. The good thing is that there is a way of countering them while surfing. For a start, you should not panic when you see a rip wave coming. Trying to get back to the shore by surfing against such giant waves is always a recipe for disaster. In fact, they will overwhelm you and toss you around like a toy. The safest way of countering them is by swimming in a horizontal direction. Even if they are wide, you will still be able to avoid being swept away into deep waters. Just make sure you surf ahead of them on your way out.

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