Let the Meat Sweats Begin!

At the Parrilla La Estancia in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the big Kahuna, an enormous platter sizzling on its very own bed of coals, lovingly presented in the center of our table. The dizzying array of chicken, carne asada, sweetbread, kidney, chorizo, veal tripe, blood sausage, and udder, plus the fact that this was Argentine Barbeque for 1, sent a shiver of impending meat sweats down our spines.

To see more about Parrillas in Argentina: https://www.gypsynester.com/parrilla.htm

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5 thoughts on “Let the Meat Sweats Begin!”

  1. David you are looking a little squeamish there. I too have cut down on eating meat, especially big portions and unidentified parts. But I am sure it was good as Argentina Steak Houses, at least the ones around here.

  2. ahhhh leaving for BA on Monday and can’t wait. While I can deal without a few of the meat parts, I am excited for some great steaks 🙂

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