Is Synthetic Oil Good for Motorcycles?

Motorcycles come with manuals that specify to use a specific oil for your engine. The manual also clarifies to adhere strictly to use the oil. But the manufacturer of your motorcycle company just tells you the viscosity or weight of the motorcycle specification. The manual never suggests you use a particular company’s oil for your motorcycle.

There are two types of oil you can use for your motorcycle- synthetic motorcycle oil and mineral motorcycle oil. The main difference between the two is their making process.

Synthetic motorcycle oil

Synthetic motorcycle oil is handmade, and it has little to no contaminants. Though it is handmade, there are other materials in it, including adhesive, additive, and so on. When you use synthetic motorcycle oil for your motorcycle’s engine, it makes a film around the bore. It never seals the bore entirely and results in slippage.

Cost-effective but long-lasting

Synthetic motorcycle oil may be cost-effective but ideal for your motorcycle. It lasts longer than mineral motorcycle oil. It prevents to develop a thick and black sludge due to oxidation. When you go to drain your motorcycle oil for the next service time, you will see that there is no black sludge in the oil. But it does not mean that you have to stick to synthetic motorcycle oil.

Drained oil may be dirty

If you are a new motorcyclist, you may be alarmed when you see dirty oil comes out. Actually, you should not worry about seeing black and dirty oil. Instead of worrying, you should be glad because the oil you gave into your motorcycle’s engine worked. And this is the result that the oil worked.

You need to worry if you see the same oil has come out as you poured it while changing the oil. You have to change motorcycle oil after a certain period of time. In this time, the oil works in the engine, making it more effective and powerful.

If you do not change the oil regularly after a specific period of time, your motorcycle’s engine will not work correctly, resulting from producing harsh sound.

Synthetic oil reduces frictions

To avoid internal friction, you have to use a lower viscosity of handmade oil. It increases the performance and efficiency of your motorcycle. It is also fuel economy. So, make sure you have used lower viscosity synthetic oil for your motorcycle for better performance and fuel economy at the same time.

You pay for the betterment of your motorcycle

Changing the engine oil regularly and consistently keeps your motorcycle energetic and live. It increases the performance of your motorcycle’s engine. If you change your motorcycle oil after a long period of time thinking to save your money, you will experience the bad performance of your motorcycle in the long run. So, it is not a good practice to change your motorcycle oil after a long period of time. Yes, it is true that you have to spend money and you will be benefitted in return.

Mineral motorcycle oil

Mineral motorcycle oil comes from the ground. So, it needs more modification to make it suitable to use in the motorcycle engine as engine oil. Mineral motorcycle oil has to go through a thorough process, leaving some minuscule contaminants in it.

Mineral motorcycle oil is also suitable for your motorcycle. Synthetic motorcycle oil creates a film around the bore, while mineral motorcycle oil does not create any. Instead, being thicker and heavier, it does not allow to leak.

It is cheaper than synthetic motorcycle oil

Mineral motorcycle oil is cheaper than a synthetic one. As it comes from the ground, it should be reasonable. Mineral motorcycle oil does not require to produce. It needs to modify and refine to use as motorcycle oil. So, all the money spent here is to refine the oil thoroughly.

Many minuscules comes with the oil, which you have to separate through some processes. After completing all the means of refining the mineral oil, there leave some contaminants. They are inseparable and almost not harmful for your motorcycle.

Great for older motorcycle

Using synthetic motorcycle oil in your old motorcycle is not beneficial. It will not serve you the best due to your old motorcycle. But if you can modify your motorcycle’s engine again, it should require good quality motorcycle oil.

In this case, mineral motorcycle oil should be your good option to go because it is cheap. It does not mean that mineral motorcycle oil does excellent harm to your motorcycle. Instead, it can save your wallet.

Not suitable for extreme use

Mineral motorcycle oil breaks down if you use your motorcycle extremely. The additive and adhesive power of mineral oil are not higher than synthetic motorcycle oil. So, if you are an extreme motorcycle user, you should avoid using mineral motorcycle oil for the best performance.

Still, you can use mineral oil for your motorcycle. In this case, you have to change the engine oil after a shorter period of time. Otherwise, you have to face some technical issues related to your motorcycle’s engine. You can start looking online for a motorcycle that will be a better fit.

Final Thought

Though synthetic motorcycle oil is pricey, I recommend you to use it for your motorcycle. It has many benefits. It is able to lubricate and tolerate the extreme use of your motorcycle properly. It is suitable for modern high-revving engines. It does not matter in which weather you are driving. You have to spend a little bit on synthetic motorcycle oil than mineral one for the best performance of your favorite motorcycle. And, your beloved motorcycle deserves it too.

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