How We Pampered Ourselves with Arabian Luxury in Muscat

The land of Arabia is mysterious. When one thinks of the Arab lands, they think of exotic places, striking sandy deserts, rare wildlife and above all, luxury. All of this was what we had in mind when we decided on our excursion to the Middle East and boy, we were not disappointed.

My husband and I have been on many adventures around the world; from icy glaciers to vast grassy plains and from high mountain sides to the lively cityscapes, we have experienced it all. This time, we were in the mood for indulgence, so we chose our next vacation spot to be Muscat, Oman. Oman is an Arab country famous for its scenic tourist spots and luxurious resorts, with the hub of activity being Muscat, the capital city. While researching for luxury hotels in Muscat,  which could give us the fullest feel of city life and arabian hospitality, we came across recommendations for Mysk hotels by Shaza. The essence of the word Mysk caught our eye; in Arabic, Mysk is a form of fragrance. This looked reflective of Arabian mysticism to us, with both the name and the positive reviews convincing us to book our stay there. Safe to say, it was an excellent choice.

On reaching Muscat, we were greeted at the airport by Mysk’s representative, who whisked us off to the hotel. One phrase for our first impression of the hotel: overwhelming treat for the eyes. The exterior of the hotel screamed ‘Arabian luxury’ from the rooftops; just getting from the front entrance to the lobby was an experience in itself, with marvellously designed exteriors to keep your interest the whole way; the lobby itself was nothing short of the entrance to an Arabian palace. We were checked in with minimal effort on our part and then it was off to our room for some much-needed rest. In all honesty, I had made up an image in my mind of the kind of extravagance which was to come our way from our first encounter with the hotel, but boy had I underestimated the Arabian hospitality: opening the door of the room and taking the first step in, we were transported into another world. According to Mysk, they pride themselves on their interior design, focusing on raha (comfort) and tasmim (styling) in particular to truly immerse the guests in the Mysk experience. Safe to say, this completely worked for us; for the duration of our stay, the time spent in that room was the most pampered I felt, even with all the other pampering we experienced in Muscat.

After our brief nap, we woke up feeling refreshed, thanks majorly due to the extremely comfortable bedding. Since it was nearly time for lunch, we decided to eat at a hotel restaurant before venturing out into the city. The food was on par with any top-notch hotel in the world with the Arabic touch making it a sensory delight in all terms. After lunch, it was time for sightseeing, for which we felt it was best to get recommendations from locals. Even here, Mysk came to our rescue with its services: their staff extended its generous and knowledgeable help to arrange tours to Pebble Beach, the historical and ancient city of Nizwa, snorkeling at Bandar Khiran and a desert safari in the Wahiba Sands desert. With 3 days out of our 4 day trip sorted, we were truly amazed at the ease with which this trip was progressing!

We decided to spend the rest of the day at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, an amazing Islamic structure in the city which is an ode to the region’s Islamic roots and heritage. It is a beautiful piece of architecture made even more beautiful by the night-time artistic lighting: a must see for all visitors to Muscat. After the tour, it was time for another scrumptious dinner at Mysk and off to a comfortable night in our home away from home.

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the main Mosque in the Sultanate of Oman.

Since we had the next day free, we decided to explore more around the hotel and avail some of its many pampering services for guests. The husband and I booked ourselves a spot at the in-house spa after lunch, and headed to the pool for some sun-bathing. It was a very relaxing experience, with the poolside being fully equipped with comfortable deck-chairs for lounging and drinks being delivered promptly; I might have even fallen asleep there for a little bit (but please don’t tell the husband!). Our spa appointment was every bit as expected: relaxing and soothing to the core. The expert attendants there made sure that the husband and I forgot all about the day-to-day issues awaiting us back home and just lived in that moment to emerge completely rejuvenated. We will be hard-pressed to find a spa with such excellent services back home, that’s for sure!

The next three days passed by in a whirlwind of sightseeing and experiencing true Arabian lifestyle, with the beach, the exotic and unbelievable marine life underwater and the completely out of this world desert safari experience. However, out of all the excursions we made on this trip, our hotel stay was the most memorable, and I think that alone speaks volumes about the hospitality and welcome one can get at Mysk.

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