How to Plan your Visit to Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) Like a Pro

A trip to Barcelona might not be on everybody’s bucket list, but we think it should be.

The city is sometimes overlooked by travelers, but is unique in so many ways with a culture, cuisine, art, architecture, and even a language all it’s own.

On our first visit we took off to explore in our usual fashion, without any set plans, and discovered that this amazing metropolis has so many intriguing attractions that it was hard to find time to properly see and enjoy them all. We should have done a little more planning.

We also found the incredible La Sagrada Familia to be the most impressive stop of our visit. It is also one of the most popular. So on our next visit to Barcelona we knew that it was a good idea to plan ahead and maximize our time by booking a Sagrada Familia tour.

Visiting the church with a knowledgeable, professional tour guide can add so much to the experience of seeing this magnificent structure and help to understand the construction that is still continuing now

Seeing a landmark like this being created was certainly one of the highlights for us because even though we have visited many of the great churches of Europe, we had never been able to observe the actual building of one.

Plus, with our own private guide we learned so much about the actual process of the designing and the history of the structure.

Even better, by booking one of these Sagrada Familia tours there is no waiting in line. That’s right, these are “skip the line” tours which means the time that would have been wasted standing in line can be spent enjoying even more of the church and museum.

Honestly, it is hard to say just how much we love the “skip the line” aspect of these tours. And we have a couple more ideas that might be helpful. Make sure to buy tickets ahead of time because they are no longer available at the church.

Also, be sure to arrive a little before the scheduled time to allow for finding your tour guide and starting promptly. That should be simple because Sagrada Familia is served by 2 subway lines, L2 and L5, or it is just a short walk from the harbor, or an even shorter cab ride. No worries either, cabs in Barcelona are safe and very reasonable. Just look for the black and yellow cars.

Once the tour has begun, your private tour guide can tailor the experience to you and your traveling companions by answering questions and showing unexpected details to bring the answers to life. This means that each and every tour is personalized for your interests.

I have to admit, we used to never go on tours, preferring to explore on our own, and missed so much along the way. But now we have found that we learn so much more with a good guide and end up enjoying ourselves much more. It also helps us make sure not to miss any important facts or quirks that we easily could overlook on our own.

A licensed tour guide can also provide access to places the public might not be allowed to go or be able to see because of the crowds. That is one reason why the Sagrada Familia tour with towers is such a good idea. Skip all the lines, take an elevator to the top, and then don’t miss out on the experience of walking the stairs, but do it the easy way, by going down.

Sounds just about perfect to us!

Then after the tour there is plenty of time to explore the basilica independently or enjoy some of the restaurants along the pedestrian walkway on Avinguda de Gaudi.

And while enjoying the tapas, be sure to take one last look at the most amazing church we have ever seen, Sagrada Familia.

Can’t wait to see it again!

David & Veronica,

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