How to Keep Kids Entertained When You Go on Holiday

A holiday is an excellent way to reconnect with family. If you’ve not spent much time together recently, perhaps due to the stresses of work and school, then taking a holiday allows you to get some quality time in together. However, when you travel with kids, you do have to make sure you keep your children entertained, and it’s not always easy, so here are some tips.

Book some amazing experiences

If you travel with kids, you don’t really have the luxury of wandering around and sightseeing at a leisurely pace. It’s much easier if you research and book stuff in advance, so you can be sure it’s age appropriate and they’re excited about it. For example, you could take them whale watching in Sydney, which gives them a chance to see these amazing animals up close, plus enjoy the thrill of a boat ride. Experiences usually go down better than things like historic sites or museums, although you may want to do a mixture of both.

Look out for kid-friendly tours

Tours aren’t just for backpackers and adult tourists. Some tours are suitable for the younger generation and will keep them entertained as well as being educational.

Some advantages of organised tours include:

    • The ability to skip the line at big tourist attractions
    • Being able to see things off the beaten track
    • Seeing the main attractions in one day, or even a half day in smaller cities
    • Learning things and seeing small details you might not otherwise notice

Tours are a great idea for families who are stuck for time, and they mean you don’t wander aimlessly around a new city.

Find kid-friendly hotels

Some hotels are designed specifically for families, and they tend to offer a lot to keep kids entertained. For example, there may be kids play areas, or in-room entertainment such as kids TV channels. Having these sort of facilities means you can be sure the hotel is child friendly, which makes for a much more relaxing stay if you’re a parent. It means if you have a free afternoon, you can find something for your kids to do.

It isn’t always easy to keep young kids entertained when you travel. Kids tend to be quite picky about what they do, so some research and organisation is key. This saves you a lot of stress and means you can enjoy your holiday too and start making those important family memories.

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