Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

Join of the most iconic and popular activities in Pamukkale and set yourself free to enjoy every minute while flying above the area’s most spectacular places of interest. Our Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon gives you the opportunity to unfold Pamukkale’s beauty with an alternative and thrilling way. Witness an unforgettable sunrise, spot the main sites, capture beautiful pictures, and get to experience how it feels to be flying.

This activity is available on a daily basis and takes place during the morning, before dawn. Upon booking, you will receive details about the pick-up time. A modern, and fully air conditioned car will drive you from your hotel in Pamukkale to the area where the hot air balloons are.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flight is a safe and joyful experience. This is what the pilots are going to explain during the introductory meeting. For the purposes of this activity, you are going to fly with professional, trained, and experienced pilots. When you arrive there, you can see them preparing the hot air balloon, so feel free to snap some photos during the process. The pilots are in charge to explain to you important details about the flight and your safety.

The true experience begins once you enter the basket, and the balloon starts to rise above the ground. Expect to feel the first adrenaline boosts, as well as an ample sense of romance. Flying around other colourful hot air balloons gives you the impression that you are in a fairy tale! During the flight, you can look down and observe the main attractions of the area. For example, you can spot the Cotton Castle and the thermal water running into its balconies. The ancient city of Hierapolis is another site you can observe. The most interesting highlight of the experience is the sunrise. As the sun starts to rise get ready to feel an ample magical atmosphere!

After spending some time in the air, the balloon starts to follow a landing mode, until you reach the ground. It is a tradition that after a hot air balloon flight, the participants should enjoy a glass of champagne. For this reason, a small celebration follows, during which you will receive flight certificates. Enjoy this time and take some photos with your group!

By the end of the activity, a comfortable and modern car will drive you back at your place of accommodation in Pamukkale, full of emotions and great images!

Tour itinerary

Be part of this thrilling experience and enjoy sightseeing in Pamukkale with a hot air balloon flight. This activity is ideal for people of all ages, wishing to fly above Pamukkale’s most beautiful and famous sites. The flight enables you to witness an incredible sunrise, see the colours and the reflections over the Cotton Castle, and snap some impressive photos. Be part of our Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flight, and make memories that will last for a long time.

Pick up

During the early morning hours, a comfortable vehicle will transfer you from your hotel in Pamukkale to the area where the flight takes place.


Before entering the hot air balloon, professional instructors and pilots will provide important and interesting information about the flight. Please note that, all pilots are fully certified and experienced in flying with hot air balloons. After a short briefing, you will have the chance to watch the pilots getting the balloon ready. The process is quite interesting, so grab the chance to take some photos.

Hot air balloons

For the purposes of this activity, you will fly with a colourful hot air balloon. The basket is spacious enough to accommodate large groups and to make you feel comfortable during the flight. In addition, the hot air balloons comply with all safety regulations set by the competent authorities.

Flying above Pamukkale

The flight itself is a true magical experience. At different levels of altitude you will be able to observe different views. From above, you can admire the imposing Cotton Castle with its infamous travertines. Furthermore, you will observe the ancient city of Hierapolis as the sun starts to rise. The backdrop creating the other hot air balloons is another scene that charms and lures participants. The flight offers an amazing variety of emotions, as well as adrenaline boosts.

Small celebration

Upon landing a small celebration follows. According to the tradition, participants should toast a glass of champagne in order to celebrate their achievement. Enjoy your drink and feel proud for participating into a lifetime experience! In an effort to make your experience precious, you will also receive a flight certificate to take back home!


According to the schedule, when the champagne toast and celebration is over, our driver will transfer you back at your hotel. This unforgettable hot air balloon flight finishes during the morning.

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