How to Help Out your Elderly Loved Ones

Your elderly loved ones need you. They might not tell you, but you’re lucky if they do! But as their bodies age and they can’t do tasks they once could or things they once enjoyed, they will need help managing their lives. For most, this is the perfect time to spend with your elderly loved one, the time you may not have given to them in the past.

In this article, we will discuss ways to step up and help your elderly loved ones that will feel natural and easy.

Start Small

Your loved one who is entering their senior years might be used to helping everyone else. Likely, they have spent their whole lives serving others, raising children, and being an active part of their community and or workplace.

Accepting help might not come easy to your loved one at first. This is why small acts of service are important. Maybe you add another day for visitation each week, or if you don’t have a weekly visitation set up, now is the time to start. Prepare a meal together or bring a meal in. Sit down with your elderly loved one and simply spend more time together. This will also help you assess their needs as you will see the ways in which they struggle.

Step In and Offer Services

Once you know how your senior loved one is struggling, you can offer your services to them. For example, they may have trouble keeping up with yard work or forget what day the trash collector comes. Make a note of how your loved one needs help and step in and do it.

It’s important not to become complacent when caring for your elderly family and friends. Always show up when you say you will and let them know if you can’t make it. Loneliness is rampant among elderly people, and a simple phone call will ease their anxiety should your plans change.

Make Sure Your Loved One is Social

Older adults are much more isolated than others. Creating a community can take time and effort. Try to encourage your loved one to attend events, meetings, and groups that they enjoy or once enjoyed. In the beginning, it might be easier if you tag along with them. Help them dip their toes in the water and establish new friend groups and routines. Offer rides to their activities and, who knows, maybe you will find a new hobby, too! Sites like are great for finding groups of like-minded individuals.


If your loved one needs more assistance than you can continuously offer, consider senior caregivers. Many amazing professional caregivers offer services customized to fit your budget and needs. From at-home caregivers to senior living facilities, the options are endless for those who need them. Also, senior care facilities often hold community events for seniors, like Bingo nights and card games, and other socials. Whether you are looking for senior care in New Port Richey or on the other side of the United States, most communities have extensive caregiving options for local seniors.


You won’t regret helping your elderly loved one have a better quality of life. You don’t have to be a full-time caregiver to make a huge difference. Start small and simply spend more time together. Next, start serving in the ways you can and always show up to your commitments. Don’t let your loved one’s social life fade away. Finally, caregivers are great resources for those who need them, and there are many different senior care options.

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