How To Give Your Brain A Workout

The brain – much like any of the other organs and muscles of the body – needs to be worked out regularly to keep it thinking straight. Your brain is going to have a better recall, a better ability to think quickly and it’s going to have a good cognitive strength when you work it out. A brain needs exercise, and while you might not walk it or get it playing basketball, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give it one.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can work your brain out. From using the Word Unscrambler to help you while you play Scrabble, to taking on the masters of Chess and Sudoku, you can get your brain working out and feeling strong in no time at all. If you’re ever worried about your brain health, then check out the tips below to ensure that you give your brain the workout that it needs.

1. Stop using a calculator. The solutions to the questions that you have in math are in your head. The modern devices that we have these days are taking over many of the tasks that we used to do solely when we relied on our brains. You can ensure that you are using your brain simply by refusing to use a calculator. Work your memory the way that it was always supposed to be worked.

2. Learn to navigate. It used to be the case that people would use a map and a compass to get around, and then the experts created GPS, which most of us rely on today to get from A to B. The use of GPS is preventing us from using our spatial awareness skills that we once had, and instead of letting the GPS direct you where to go, it’s time to dust off those map reading skills you know are buried down deep.

3. Start learning a language. One of the best ways that you can give your brain a workout is to learn something new. It’s actually extremely difficult to get your head around a language that isn’t your native one, but all this means is that there is an achievement in there that you can learn. Learning a new language takes time and you can enlarge your hippocampus as a result. A foreign language is a challenge for your brain to take in, and it’s going to help you to improve your memory at the same time.

4. Learn to play chess. Did you know Chess is going to be one of the games that you play that builds your memory, improves your confidence and gives you a higher IQ? You can really enjoy gaming in a new way and it’s one of those games that requires you to put your mind to it.

5. Start solving puzzles. From jigsaws to word puzzles, you are going to do so much more with your brain when you learn to solve some puzzles. You can improve your brain function, improve your logical and lateral thinking, learn the powers of deduction, organize your thinking and more.

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