How To Get Plenty Of Downtime Year Round

Leisure activities are not just for the summer; they are for all year round. We all lead busy lifestyles, and it is important to recognize that you deserve and need breaks from time to time. You will experience burnout and fatigue if you push through your hectic lifestyle without breaks and rest. 

If you are someone that is quite hard on yourself and rarely gives yourself time to rest and unwind, you have come to the right place. This guide will share excellent ways to ensure you get plenty of downtimes and give yourself some much-needed TLC throughout the year.

Do the things you love on a regular basis

We often allow our lives and busy schedules to get the better of us. It is common for busy people to commit their time and energy to tasks that drain them. You do still need to commit and finish work tasks. However, committing your energy to switch off is just as important. 

If there is something you know you love to do, ensure to make time for it regularly. You will know how good it makes to feel to achieve and do these things, so making time will guarantee to increase your happiness and self-love.

For example, you might enjoy going for long walks or using THC products to help you wind down. If so, make time for these things throughout the week to get to do something that makes you feel your best.

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Make time for it and write it down

Another great way to ensure you get enough rest is to make time for it. We can easily let our lives get busy and too hectic for downtime. We might sometimes forget we need a break because we have so much to do. Therefore, to ensure you get plenty of rest year round and not be go, go, go, you must make time for your relaxation.

The best way to achieve this and guarantee you do not miss out on your breaks is to schedule in downtime. For instance, you might have a work planner often filled with tasks and commitments. Here, you will not necessarily think to schedule breaks. However, what you write down is what you set out to achieve. Therefore, if you write down to have a break at 10 am and 2 pm, you will likely commit to the task and, as a result, get plenty of rest throughout the day. 

The same can go for other types of breaks, such as switching off at the weekend, taking a holiday from work, or having a break from your exercise routine. Schedule whatever break you feel you want or need, and make time for it, so you do not forget or lack care.

Take deep breaths

Sometimes, the best way to know if you need a break or time to switch off is to practice deep breathing. We might feel like we are moving at a million miles an hour, and you won’t recognize how stressed or tired you are until we slow down and breathe. 

Deep breathing has amazing benefits for unwinding and de-stressing. It is a great way to slow down our heartbeat and tune into our bodies. 

Sitting for 5 minutes during your lunch break at work and breathing slowly will help you unwind and notice what it is you need to relax. 

Deep breathing is a great exercise to practice when you wake up and go to sleep. It allows the brain and body to slow down and recognize it is time to take a break. You should also consider practicing deep breaths before you partake in a mindful activity, such as yoga or meditation, so your body can prepare for rest and relaxation. 

Move more

Moving more might sound counterproductive for getting enough rest. However, it is a smart way to tune into your body, loosen any tension, and help you rest better at night. 

If you do not get enough movement, you might find yourself fidgeting while working (which is a huge distraction) or not being able to sleep. Getting 30 minutes of exercise daily is enough to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and attain relaxation benefits. 

Some movements can be considered relaxing. For instance, it is common to practice yoga, pilates, or walking to switch off and relax. The slow and gentle movements are mindful enough to ensure your body and mind slow down so you can switch off from a busy schedule and into your body. 

Long and short breaks

Throughout the year, you should ensure a healthy mixture of long and short breaks. There is no use going full steam ahead every day for 4 months before you can take time off for a holiday. By the time you reach the holiday, you will be so exhausted that you might not be able to enjoy it properly. 

Therefore, making time for long and short breaks throughout the year is helpful to help you wind down and maintain focus. 

A short break could be considered a regular 10-minute break during your workday. Instead of sitting in front of your computer for 9 hours a day, getting up, walking around, and going outside for fresh air will help to reset your mind and allow you to avoid burnout. 

Whether or not you have the time or money to take a long break, you should always do so. If you continue to work throughout the year without a few days off, you might get easily frustrated, lose motivation, and lack the energy for your lifestyle. A few days away from your commitments could be all it takes to keep you inspired and energized, which is the recipe for success.

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