Going on a Vacation? Keep your House Safe with These Tips

A break-in or an intrusion will likely occur when your home is empty. While the thought of this can be scary, you can do a few things to keep your home safe even while you are many continents away.

From installing security cameras and closing all entry points to removing spare keys from hiding spots and keeping your absence off social media, these tricks will ward off potential intruders and burglars, thus keeping your home and its properties safe.

1. Don’t just lock sliding doors.

While locking your sliding doors may seem like the best thing to do when traveling, you should also try to reinforce its base. You can do this with a broom, yardstick, or other blocks.

Do you have sliding windows as well? Do the same. Reinforce their base to protect your home from possible intruders.

2. Ask a neighbor to collect mail and packages.

Most break-ins happen when homeowners aren’t at home. To determine whether you are indoors, potential intruders often search for signs like an overflowing mailbox or package-littered front porch.

We recommend asking a trusted friend to pick up and hold your mail and packages until your return to conceal the fact that you aren’t home.

3. Check doors and windows.

You must carry out comprehensive checks to ensure that all entry points are locked before leaving. Check the doors and out-of-the-way windows before traveling. Your kid may have opened the basement window and forgotten to lock it a few weeks back.

Checking all entry points in your home will make it hard for burglars to access your apartment. Plus, it’ll also keep the pests away, thus ensuring you don’t return to a home messed up by all sorts of pests.

However, if you do, don’t hesitate to contact expert pest control services. The expert pest control services from Terminix can help inspect your home for pests and eliminate any if they exist. They deal in all kinds of pests from roaches to spiders, rats, mice, etc.

4. Make it appear like someone is indoors.

As we mentioned, burglars are less likely to invade an occupied home. To make it seem like you are indoors, set timers to switch on and off your lights throughout the day and night.

You can also choose to leave one or two visible lights on when leaving. Plus, leave a car parked in a driveway to make it appear like someone is inside.

5. Don’t announce your absence.

Before traveling on a vacation, business trip, or a mere visit, try to keep your intention to a few trusted friends and family members. Don’t announce your absence to your neighbors, the stranger by the walkway, the plumber who came to fix your leaking faucet, etc.

By announcing your departure or absence, you inform potential trespassers exactly when your home will be empty. Don’t post about your absence until you return home.

6. Remove your spare key.

Is there a special place where you hide your spare key to give visitors or other occupants access? If so, you may want to remove it before traveling.

Whether under a flowerpot, above a door frame, or underneath a foot mat, keeping your spare keys in these areas while traveling isn’t safe. Imagine what happens if a criminal finds it. What would be of your possessions?

To avoid giving intruders free access to your home, we recommend removing spare keys before leaving. You can keep it with a trusted neighbor if you expect a visitor.

7. Unplug all appliances.

Since you are away, it makes sense to unplug all appliances, especially non-timed ones like TVs, coffee makers, lamps, etc. Plus, ensure that your smoke alarm is in good condition. And have a fire extinguisher available should a house sitter needs to put off a blaze.

Unplugging all appliances before traveling will reduce the chances of electrical fires or power surges. However, disasters tend to occur regardless of how one prepares, so you may want to consider buying homeowners’ or renters’ insurance.

8. Reach out to your alarm company.

One of the best ways to protect your home in your absence is by installing smart alarm systems in your home. Doing this won’t only protect your home from break-ins, but it’ll also give you peace of mind. Plus, with this security gadget installed in your home, you could qualify for an additional discount on homeowners insurance.

If you don’t have an alarm system, you can fool burglars by hanging dummy security company signs. And if you want to scare burglars more, install dummy security cameras. But, whatever you do, ensure you have something that helps ward off burglars, regardless of if it’s real or not.


Break-ins, burglaries, and all sorts of home invasions can be prevented if you stay cautious and take the proper steps. While these tips are effective in protecting your home, don’t hesitate to contact the police if you notice any strange signs when you return from your vacation.

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