4 of the Best North American Nature Reserves

President Theodore Roosevelt was a visionary leader, understanding the importance of preserving our natural resources, especially for wildlife conservation. Since the establishment of Florida’s Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge in 1903, the USFWS has continued on his legacy with the 560 units in the National Wildlife Refuge System. 

Across all 50 states, these refuges offer an incredible 150 million acres of essential habitat to thousands of species, many threatened or endangered. These lands not only protect and in some cases even restore biodiversity, but they are huge economic drivers that draw tens of millions of visitors each year and create billions of dollars across local communities- and 20 million acres are even designated as part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Always remember to take out International health insurance.

North America is a land of majestic beauty, its unique and diverse geography providing a breathtaking array of wildlife and nature reserves unrivaled by any other continent. Across the Atlantic lies a continent that offers an unparalleled range of natural sights – from the wildest rivers to enchanting deserts, to snow-capped mountains, lush forests and deep ravines. 

Every single one of these environmental offerings is spectacular in its own way, with its own special beauty to explore. North America’s natural resources are a gift, and they deserve to be taken advantage of; packing up your bags, get your walking shoes and taking a flight across the Atlantic is the perfect opportunity to experience this part of the world like never before. 


Yosemite National Park in California is a stunning display of natural beauty. With majestic mountains, mesmerizing glaciers, plummeting waterfalls and an endless variety of flora and fauna, it’s no wonder that Americans call this truly spectacular park “the jewel in the crown of all national parks”. 


Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming was the first of its kind to be established with protected status in 1872 and hosts a plethora of geysers and diverse wildlife. 


Olympic National Park in Washington boasts three distinct ecosystems: temperate rainforest, sub-alpine woodland full of wildflowers, and the rugged Pacific coast. A highlight includes the unique Kalaloch tree which grows horizontally rather than vertically amidst the coastal scenery. 


While Canada is an unparalleled destination for nature-lovers, Banff National Park in Alberta and Mount Revelstoke National Park in British Columbia offer unique experiences that shouldn’t be missed. In Banff, travelers will find plenty of paths and trails perfect for solitude. The sweeping vistas, alpine peaks, and abundant wildlife make exploring the park a treat. 


Meanwhile, seekers of stunning landscapes plus history and culture can look to Mt Revelstoke. Easy hikes take visitors through meadows blanketed by wildflowers, which promise the classic ‘Sound of Music’ feeling with postcard-worthy views of expansive mountains. Whether you’re seeking respite or breathtaking moments, Canada’s national parks will not disappoint.

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