How to Carry Luggage on Top of Car

Carrying luggage on the top of a car is the best way to save on space and avoid any hassle when traveling on a long journey with your bags. This works best when there is more space is required to carry the luggage comfortably on a trip. On how to carry luggage on top of the car, you need to ensure you use right tie-down cords rather than bungee cables. Set all luggage correctly on the roof, and then place the straps across the width of the luggage. Also, you need to take the end of the strap and then loop it under the top bar perpendicular to the car to fasten on top. You can bring the same end to one side of the bags and carry out the same process, though to the other side of a strap. After that, you can connect the two ends, and everything will be fine.

Here are different ways to store luggage on top of the car:

Roof bag

The use of a roof bag is the way to store luggage on top of the car. Most of them come with about eight safety straps, which are attached to the crossbars so that your luggage doesn’t fall in the traffic. Roof bags are generally waterproof and made of very durable and flexible material, and are protected by sleepers. Also, the roof bag is designed to make sure the air resistance is not an issue. It has a large storage capacity, and this means you should check how much space the bag is taking.

Roof boxes

You can use roof boxes, which are the best way when you want to store luggage on top of the car. They are storage media used by most outdoor enthusiasts. Because of having a strong hull and body, they can protect the items from snow, rain, and other natural calamities. The two best-known brands of roof boxes are Yakima and Thule, which are recommended as the store luggage on top of the car. Besides, roof boxes have secure locking systems to make sure no one can steal your property. Many roof boxes usually have a double-sided opening for loading and unloading property on both sides of the cars.

Roof basket

Roof basket connects well when you want to store luggage on top of the car. Most of the roof baskets are steel made, so they cannot break under the load. However, like other storage ways, check the load capacity of the roof baskets for you to be sure. The roof baskets leave the opening for the possibility of water, which can damage your property if you use the cargo net together. If you like to store items that do not resist rain, it is better to choose another storage medium. The roof baskets also have the front wind protector, which is streamlined. They are also available in different sizes to suit your needs and your car.

Ski or snowboard ranks

Ski or snowboard ranks are exclusively designed to store snowboards and skis which are mounted directly on the crossbar. They hold snowboards and skis securely and firmly with flexible rubber arms that hold the items without scratching the surface. The larger models can accommodate six pairs of skis or four snowboards. Many of these ranks have a locking and a key mechanism to make sure your items are not stolen.

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