Why is hockey the most interesting sport?

Hockey is an exhilarating game to watch and play. Surprisingly, most people do not find it like that because of several reasons. But hanging out with real hockey fans has changed most people who thought it is not the kind of sport they would enjoy.

But what makes hockey a favorite sport for most people?

Nonstop action

Unlike most sports that you have watched or played; hockey is the only sport that comes with nonstop action. Although the game stops at some points, it resumes quickly than most sports, and you won’t even have time to get bored.

Mostly, you will get up to 9 minutes of nonstop action in a hockey game. It is a unique feature of this game because most games will stop after every 3 or 4 minutes.

Goals and more Goals

Hockey is one of the sports that has many goals, and that is the main reason why it even features Judi poker. As a player, you get involved in many of them, and you enjoy the game even more. Fans also get involved in goals because of the emotions that come with them.

Although you get to witness many goals, you should not forget how amazing they are. This sport attracts new fans because of the kind of goals that players score. The goals make people appreciate this sport and coming for more.


If you want to see the most explosive hits in sport, hockey is the sport to play or watch. Yes, football has a lot of hitting too, but hockey hits are far much different. These hits are what get you going and glued at the playing surface.

Sometimes you get to see a clean pass from a teammate to another in the middle of the field. But an opposing defender catches up with him with his shoulder to saves their team.

The moves

Just before you see a goal, there are amazing moves in the field of play. What makes them even better is the speed at which players take them. The players move at full speed just like the overall pace of the game and pass quickly or also score.

Also, remember moves in hockey do not involve a single part of the body as you expect in football. Hockey includes over 15 different parts of a player’s body.


If you ask a hockey fan, playoffs will be the most exciting of all hockey games. Most of them keep predicting that their game will qualify for tournaments after participating in playoffs. That changes the atmosphere in arenas during the playoffs, primarily because of how competitive the games become. Every team plays for their fans.


As you have seen in this article, there are reasons why most diehard hockey fans will always love the sport. Even though you do not get to watch it, you can play it online, like on Judi Poker. It is still an exciting way to enjoy the game.

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