Countries Where Weed Is Legal, the Tour Paradise of Marijuana Buffs

Whether you’re a proud stoner or just want the occasional toke, marijuana tourism is something you keep an eye out for.

As more countries relax restrictions or completely legalize marijuana, many travelers are on the lookout for the new paradises for marijuana buffs.

So which are the countries where marijuana is legal?

Where should you book your next holiday?

The Countries Where Marijuana is Legal

While marijuana legalization is increasing worldwide, we want you to have a great time when you travel. We want you to visit the hotspots for marijuana buffs.

Here’s where we hope to see you:

1. Canada

Oh, Canada! You never fail to please us! Well, it was in 2018 when recreational marijuana was fully legalized in the Great White North.

The individual provinces of Canada determine how it is sold. As such, you will find marijuana more prevalent in some regions than others. As a rule, we suggest staying in big cities.

While the government has legalized marijuana, you may not see much promotion. Do your research on what are the best marijuana shops or cafes to head to – or you could even search for the best hash online Canada and get it delivered straight to your door!

2. Mexico

If you find yourself down in Mexico, you can smoke a joint in the privacy of your home. As long as you possess less than five grams of marijuana, you will be fine.

Any amount larger than this is, sadly, still illegal. And don’t think about cultivating or selling marijuana. But enjoying a spliff or two after munching on some delicious tacos is a great experience to have.

3. Belize

While Belize may not have marijuana shops to rival Amsterdam, you can smoke up to 10 grams of marijuana in your residence.

After a great swim at the beach, why not head back to your hotel or Airbnb and enjoy a nice joint?

4. Jamaica

No surprise here. Thanks to the Rastafari music, reggae music, and especially Bob Marley, the island of Jamaica has become synonymous with marijuana.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that it was decriminalized. And it is now in abundance as cultivating marijuana has become a more favorable practice. Whether you are walking on the beach or enjoying yourself at a music concert, you are sure to find someone wanting to sell you some weed.

But for the best experience, we recommend finding a village where the Rastafari followers live. If they welcome you to their village, you can enjoy a toke with them.

5. Cambodia

Asia, with a few exceptions, is not known for being tolerant toward marijuana consumption – or any drugs for that matter.

Cambodia is one notable exception. If you walk into a quaint Cambodian restaurant frequented by locals are foreigners alike, you may see a menu item described as “happy.”

This means that it is infused with weed. While weed is still illegal, it is culturally accepted and more prevalent than one would imagine.

6. Belgium

Great beer, delicious chocolate, and marijuana!

While Belgium may not be the most liberal place with regard to marijuana, it is perfectly legal to smoke up to 3 grams of marijuana for recreational use.

The only caveat is that it must be done discreetly. So don’t do it while you are exploring the city. Smoke your weed when you retreat back to your residence.

7. The Netherlands

Thanks for patiently waiting for this one! As you expected, The Netherlands remains one of the best places for marijuana buffs!

There are still a few restrictions regarding the cultivation of marijuana, but most likely that is not your concern when you are traveling!

Head on over to a coffee shop in Amsterdam to enjoy smoking marijuana or consuming it in the form of a cake, cookie, or brownie.

The whole of The Netherlands is not liberal so do not expect to find an openness to marijuana everywhere. We’d suggest sticking to Amsterdam.

8. United States of America

Okay, well the Land of the Free still needs to do a lot of catching up when it comes to marijuana legalization.

But there are some states that have legalized cannabis and especially in the medical arena, there is a growing tolerance.

But, of course, you can also shop for bongs online when in the United States, and enjoy a toke in your home.

If you need marijuana for medicinal purposes, you may find the United States as being one of the best places to find CBD Oil or THC Oil. Cooking with marijuana products such as hemp oil has also become increasingly popular.

9. Spain

Since 2017, Spain has liberalized the consumption of marijuana. But this is especially prevalent in the region of Catalonia.

If you walk through a busy street in Barcelona and you will surely find several shops where you can buy marijuana products. You can smoke in the shop, take it home, or take a stroll by the Port of Barcelona while smoking!

Spain is a hidden gem for marijuana lovers often overshadowed by European neighbors such as The Netherlands. But if you want to pair your marijuana smoking with a laid-back Meditteranean attitude, head on over to Spain!

10. Switzerland

While Switzerland is seen as a conservative country, it has surprisingly taken steps to liberalize marijuana use.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use has been allowed. You can also grow up to four hemp plants on your property.

There is a movement to create marijuana clubs. As Switzerland operates on having local laws for different cantons, you should do your research on which cantons are most favorable for marijuana use.

11. Czech Republic

Head on over to Prague and you will see that this city and most of the Czech Republic is among the freest countries you will ever have seen.

Marijuana can be expensive here, but you can possess up to 15 grams legally – much higher than many other countries. Marijuana for medical uses is also fully legal.

Marijuana use is also tolerated by society. While you may not be able to smoke it on the street, you can do so in your own home. And Prague has no shortage of pubs where you can enjoy a toke of weed along with their famous beer!

Enjoy Your Travels

Now that you know the countries where marijuana is legal, you are ready to book your flight. Whether you want it for recreational use or medical use, we know you’ll enjoy your travels!

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